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  1. Again, so you know what condoms, the Pill, the morning after pill and even what a contraceptive method is?
  2. Is my country the only one with condoms, pill, morning after pill and Sperm Banks? Do you people reproduce asexually? Because unless you're spliced with frog DNA, people have to have sex to reproduce unless they pay large amounts of money to use high technology--which isn't available to everybody for obvious reasons. The vast majority of human beings are the product of sexual intercourse, man. And yet not all sexual intercourse ends in pregnancy, in fact I dare say MOST sexual intercourse going around all over the world doesn't end in pregnancy. So no, saying "I saw their birthrates so I know how much they hump each other" is an infantile facetious statement. I was going to ask how do you know, but I prefer not to...
  3. Is my country the only one with condoms, pill, morning after pill and Sperm Banks?
  4. You are seriously equating Birth rates with having sex? Are you Roman Catholic?
  5. You are comparing a society where pretty much any kind of fetish we know, and a lot we do not, is legalized and can be purchased for the propper prize, and another where even talking about Regulating Prostitution creates uproar in some States...from BOTH sides of the political spectrum... Next time try not to compare sex statistics to a country descended from Puritan Fundamentalists, please...
  6. But but but...it'll be NEW BUGS! Amazing New Bugs! We'll call the SPUSHIAL FEATIURS THAT I ENJOYED!
  7. Then I'm afraid you'll be using words without knowing their meaning I'm being sarcastic I assumed as much And then there's Rapelay. That fits into the horrible category. Had you said Sengoku Rance on the other hand...
  8. What ingrates me a bit is when it says stuff like "he exhales, he whimpers, he snoozes" and the Voice Actor/Actress doesn't actually do it...it's kinda lazy
  9. Japanese games are horrible... If Japanese games are horrible how would you classify the hipster pretentious turds we see on the indie market? Because it's ageist? I dunno it's late in this side of the world
  10. When the game is an interactive 2 hour long text only book like Depression Quest?
  11. TBH I would not be able to recognize "Good Romance" from "Bad Romance" because to me all of the romances in these games are offensively simplistic...I have so many Celibate Characters that one day they'll build a monastery and mock me with the name. But hey, dunno, maybe I'm the one with the problem here, I just feel that most game devs don't really get human interaction at that level, which on the other hand is a cliche in itself I would not indulge in, or that I should see them as One night stands and that's it. I understand that people ask for them as optional, but even then they'll either do it half assedly like in NWN2 or they'll put effort into it like, well, nobody has to this point, and then it will be taking resources from improving other areas. The way I see it at least.
  12. May be wrong in this but didn't Obsidian chose Unity so they could swap assets with inXile and stuff?
  13. But but...what will she play after "Gone Home"?...she can only play games that have compelling storytelling and long intricate 4 hours of gameplay... Oh Firedorn WHAT HAVE YOU DOOOONEEEE TO THIS POOR CREATURE?! OHH THE WHITE CIS -MANITYYYY!!!!
  14. Wasn't the 8chan threads like, hijacked by ****posters (I mean, worse ones) like a couple of days ago or something? He is already unfeeling, to him this is just another day, he is not human anymore, just a machine, dealing with this, dreaming with this, breathing this... Sometimes during the night hours he still sees the eco chambers around, he hears them WK and Trolls fighting in the background for "strong independent damsels who no need no men"... Until one day, one day he will snap, he doesn't know if he is going to point the blaze at him or at others, he only knows he'll pull the trigger...
  15. Stalin a ****. Mao did everything Stalin did, but better. Mao for eternal leader. **** you. HOXHA!!!!!!! Someone has been dwelling too long on /leftypol/ I can't help it, seeing black nationalists argue with an-commies is hilarious to me. And I got banned from /polpol/. He meant "Moscow's Metro Golden"
  16. Gods I'm glad there is none, nor that it would have mattered since I create my parties but after being forced with the bloody pedo Elven hobo in NWN2 I really think we dodged a bullet here. And besides "dialogue minigame" with "****scene at the end"...well you said we shouldn't say anything about people who like it so I'll leave at that...tbh I don't thinkl any game can really do that kind of relationships right, not even eroges.
  17. The game is Real Time with Pause, meaning you are supposed to pause every X number of actions and select the orders, doing some micromanagement. About the rest of the post, I agree with most of it so no issues there. You get used to the Magic and skills system, but it is obscure as ****, at least to me...completely unintuitive compared to AD&D or 3.5e (Which is what I played back in the day)...
  18. They all look the same to me *spits tobacco* Well then make it Old Valia and yell "Skaen Akbar!" Problem solved.
  19. Ahh sorry, well I know there is a Paladin hability that does it, but I don't know it anything else does.
  20. Depends, if they have still Health (the bar beside the character portrait) then they do themselves, if they don't have health, well, that character is dead. Forever. Health is spent primarly recovering your endurance after fights, although I believe some enemy AoE spells can kill your unconscious characters. You restore health by resting.
  21. So if instead of saying "Kill that child" he says "Late Abort that Child" would SJW be OK with the Quest? Maybe it's just a semantic problem. Have we established that he kid is male and Meadow Folk already?
  22. This, however, is not fake. Weee didn't staaart theee fireee No we didn't light it but we tried to fight it
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