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  1. I'd say it's plausible even with what we knew before. Just because something finite doesn't mean it won't last a long time. The limit could have been drawing close at the time of the Engwithans, or it could have been a long-term issue even then. For that matter, I don't recall the gods saying we'd run out of souls any time soon this time around either- just that it would happen eventually. As for the adra veins, I'd assume they're a natural resource that the Engwithans made use of as part of the Wheel.
  2. I don't remember if it explained exactly how things worked before the Wheel, but here's how I understood it: If the reincarnation cycle was created by the Engwithans, then there were no souls being reborn. You'd be born once, die, and move into the Beyond, where you'd remain for eternity- much like we heard would happen if the Wheel is destroyed. This would also imply that even births were finite before the Wheel- eventually, there would be no new souls to be born, and kith would simply die out. The Wheel allows for used souls to be recycled, draining a little bit for the gods in the pr
  3. "Thank" the players, actually. It only got added officially because it was the most commonly used addon for years. Was one of the few people who didn't use the addons- I enjoyed questing a bit up until they added the markers. Sadly, you couldn't even ignore it afterwards because many future quests didn't even get direction hints in the dialogue- and simply wandering around aimlessly just isn't fun in that game.
  4. Weeeeell, the sad part about Loghain (which I never recruited on my two complete playthroughs), is that he's one of those "Last moment"-companions. I can't say much more than that as I've never experienced playing with him but that's one of the reasons why I never got him... you get him "too late", but it's also depending on how the Player wants to experience their story.I dunno if this is canon or mod but there's a similar thing with Sarevok in Baldur's Gate... people talking about how they recruited him. Is this a mod or canon? Regardless, "Last moment"-companions is something I hope Obsidia
  5. Also, maybe something like Loghain from Dragon Age? Towards the end of the game, you're given the option to recruit him, but at the cost of a certain one of your existing companions getting mad and leaving. Because of this, most people don't end up getting him at all. A major choice like that would be great!
  6. Kind of funny that they say the game is coming out in Winter 2014. Winter 2014 could mean January or February, or the last 10 days of December. :DTrue, but December's the only real possibility there. The original planned date was in April, and it wouldn't be pushed forward. Not sure why they wouldn't just say December. Anyway, I'm more interested in when beta is starting. Added another $25 when the backer portal opens to get the beta addon because I didn't want to wait for the delay!
  7. My only concern is that the difficulty might spike up too quickly at points. Since I plan on starting with a Paths of Iron run, going in blind, I'm worried that instead of just a challenging fight to warn me that I need to come back later, I'll go down a level and have my whole run wiped out. And I certainly don't want to do everthing there overleveled.
  8. The title doesn't really describe it all that well- all that's decided is that they want to create more games in the Eternity engine to turn it into the new Infinity engine- basically, the Icewind Dale or Torment to Pillars of Eternity's Baldur's Gate. Which sounds awesome, really! The interviewer focused a bit too much on that particular dev's favorite idea- something more open world like Skyrim, but still using Eternity gameplay. And that's just one of many ideas, we'll know what they actually decide on in March or April.
  9. Hey, I think I'm getting more credit than I should for addons? I pledged $40, got the $20 early access tier, and still have $40 available for addons. Is this correct? I thought it would only be the extra money, and pledge $20 extra for the expansion. If I was wrong about this, I'd love to add another $5 for beta, but if not, wouldn't want to take extra from Obsidian.
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