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  1. To tie it in with another request that generated a lot of conversation... I just consider 'stealth' to be 'walk mode'. It's not so much that everyone's sneaking around, it's just that everyone's walking and paying attention to their surroundings rather than just crashing around like a herd of elephants.
  2. I actually just remapped Tab to the interactable toggle. That way I just have to hit it once per play session and not worry about missing anything obvious or having to hold down a button as I run around.
  3. Alright, thanks. Wasn't sure if the forum title thing was rolled into any of pledge levels, so just wanted to check
  4. I remember the DA:O and NWN2 scripts for companion characters as being something I enjoyed having. I actually think it's a better option than having no true scripts in a RTWP system... I either want full control of my characters in a turn based environement, or I want to be able to have my companions at least behave predictably and in a semi-intelligent way in real-time scenarios. As it currently stands, I basically play with pause on for most major combat events to try to simulate as close to turn-based combat as possible.
  5. I started with a cipher. Enjoying it for the feel of a spell sword that it has. Though I have been playing it so far with the intention of being a backrow fighter with a bow and support spells.
  6. Agreed that having a way to consider mobs is a good thing. Since almost every other 'difficulty' setting is a toggle, just implement it as such so those who don't want it can have it turned off. Even make it one of those permanent choice per game toggles. Then everyone's happy as they can play their single player game exactly the way that they want to. But even just a simple 3 levels of 'way over your head', 'you may or may not live', and 'you would crush it' set of buckets would be good. The bear you get some warning from the nearby NPC, though you don't have a frame of reference yet to know whether you're 'special' and therefore much stronger than standard NPCs in the world. The temple in Gilded Vale though very quickly gets significantly more difficult, so it sucks you into thinking that you're capable of it and then smacks you upside the head suddenly.
  7. I'm assuming if you have the cloak in game, you are part of this? If that's the case, I'd like Goalkeeper of the Obsidian Order Also, how do you get your Kickstarter forum badge to show up?
  8. I've had issues with Mind Blades in that it seems to bounce from enemy onto my own companions? Been scared to use it as a result unless I can alpha strike with it and know there's a larger number of enemies around.
  9. Stick with the current plan, get things out on time and polished. More stretch goals, means more time required and more integration. I don't want to see this turn into a re-funding drive like Star Citizen where you start wondering if the funding drive ever actually stops and the game starts to be worked on to completion.
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