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  1. I am calling shenanigans on The Red Hand being a random drop from a scripted event: I am on my second playthough having done every random search event and have yet to find The Red Hand
  2. Not yet and it’s driving me crazy. At first I just wanted this gun in order to cross off its location on my list. Now it’s become some kind of obsessive quest of mine. I am traveling through a different play through and killing every NPC in the game in order to see if it drops off of someone we didn’t think of.
  3. I myself am still looking for clues as to the location of the Arquebus The Red Hand. Anyone find it yet?
  4. My favorite part of this whole affair was Atello Valera basically going “ oh woe is me! My son is such a horrible person for bringing us to this! By the way Player can you go next door and kill every man, woman, and child in the house? THANKS!”
  5. Was it the Black Isle Bastards?...ya it must have been. Honestly I wish those unique ships had a little more back story to them, like the flying hangman.
  6. Hearth’s Defender Scale Is the reward for finishing the Nemnok quest and saving the dwarf’s son, Kaali. At least that’s how I got mine if Kaali dies no idea if you get the scale. Kapana Taga I got from attacking a ship and taking its loot, I can’t remember what ship but I know it was cruising around the islands in the Far East. Only reason I remember this is that I was perplexed when I got as it didn’t come off a native ship, it dropped from either a Valian, Principi, or Royal Dreadfire company ship and I had no idea what it was doing there. The Sanguine blade is indeed in the Bent Bough Forest on the island with the ancient vampires. You need to go into the forest on the 16th day of the month and observe the ritual wait till they bust out the sword and go to town on the cultists holding it.
  7. If you can crack the vault of the Bardatto family there is a really nice rapier in there. I like to use it main hand and off hand the Scaredo Trophy pistol for the Errol Flynn dapper pirate look.
  8. To get the Devil of Caroc breastplate though I believe you needed to prevent the Devil of Caroc from killing and get the ending where she is torn apart by the villagers rather than the comfy ending where she finds peace and walks into the sea.
  9. You need Shark meat. It’s sold in a fish market in Royal Dread Fire outpost town on an island north of Neketara. Can’t remember the name
  10. I actually like all the Factions in the game. The main story itself while it starts out intriguing goes to trash once Eothas starts revealing his plan ( which doesn’t really jive with the first game). But the Factions, they were the stars of the game and I wish the story was more focused on them. None were wholly bad and none were wholly good. They all had flaws but each had a motive and reason that players could relate to.
  11. My crew won’t shut up and they are at 90 morale. I am honestly about to strangle them all for having to listen to the same shanties over and over again.
  12. You guys know you can just buy the tickets from him for a few thousand copper and be done with the quest?
  13. Ha, I had the same issue kept ringing the last bell and standing there like a fool. I final got tired of waiting and just kicked his door in and killed him.
  14. You mean the Godlike quest? You have to answer his stupid quiz exactly. Again a moment I find that the sword is the more satisfying response. Thanks, feliznav. I'll try to figure out the 100% and then see, what I do. I like to avoid violence, if possible. To answer correctly the philosophical stances you need to take are kinda counter intuitive: 1) it’s cool to kill Skaen babies/ abortion is good 2) unrestricted science is good/ it’s cool to be immoral in the name of science 3) it’s bad to kill people for doing science/ it’s uncool to blame the scientist for science
  15. Honestly though Pstone it’s worth it to just do a live and learn pass through the game to get a grasp on where things are and to build Tokens of Berath for another play through.
  16. You mean the Godlike quest? You have to answer his stupid quiz exactly. Again a moment I find that the sword is the more satisfying response.
  17. Nah not interested, playing a paladin (RP) and i don't want to kill a family over nothing. Guess i will have to restart the game Understandable, I am playing a rogue pirate in the vien of Flint from Black Sails, so all the military powers of Ratuai and Valeria I am killing to ensure a free and proud New Principi Brotherhood.
  18. But honestly the money you get from robbing the vault once the hiest goes sideways and the loot from killing either family are really good so it’s not a total loss.
  19. I discovered if you snitch on the Vault hiest and then wait too long to negotiate the peace then the idiot Valera son pulls off the hiest anyway and you get dragged into it. If you snitch you have to negotiate the peace really quick or it all goes to hell.
  20. If you are willing to commit wholly to the theme ( and I do not recommend this on your first play through) you can always go Devoted-Fighter and Ranger-Sharpshooter/Ranger-Ghost Heart. Focus your first couple of points in Mechanics and have The party support you in Mechanics by also dedicating a few points
  21. Don’t worry man I too thought that ability let you choose another weapon to be proficient in. Now I am stuck with a devoted, I am just doing a live and learn pass for my first play through and then do a serious pass when they have finished nerfing everything for post release balance.
  22. If you choose devoted just be aware of what weapon you choose and know that some weapons type are overwhelming represented in the unique items present.
  23. You know, I felt like I needed to come here and say: I'm absolutely cool with this choice by Obsidian. Wasn't really a fan of the way most RPG these days were turning into dating sims anyway.
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