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  1. I had the same thing happen to me. It actually started bugging out after respeccing my main character, random abilities and item abilities would go missing after respec.
  2. Running into a similar issue. I also can't repair the wards because the wards get destroyed in battle but the fight stops when he's near dead. It then tells me their fate is up to me, despite the fact it technically freed himself.
  3. So I'm at the dragon but I can only either free the dragon or kill it. Unfortunately for some reason I can't free it's soul and I can't strengthened the ward. Everytime I try to strengthen the ward the dragon brings out tentacles and destroys the wards, leaving me with no option but to kill it. This happens even after he gives up and leaves it's fate to me. Is there any solution to this ? Also is there a way to manipulate the wards to free his soul and store power into the wards? It keeps telling me it was way more complicated than thought..
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