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  1. Bruce, you are a very naive Bioware fanboy, unable to see that DA:I is just some generic action rpg where you spam ability with MMORPG quests. Even if we look beyond the game play, the game hasn't been received positively storywise according to most reviews. Basically a DA2 in a bigger world. I'm curious why you even backed POE. Dragon age is supposed to be the spiritual successor of the IE games, but Bioware is trying really hard to move away from the formula as far as possible and you support them. If more people like you support their games, then that means that Bioware will continue make crappy games and this is the reason why IE games are not made anymore. Thank you naive Fanboy.
  2. Thank you, at least now I know that you are a moron who's incapable of detecting sarcasm.
  3. Opinions that deviate from Obsidian fanboys = Troll Noticing a possible design flaw = Troll Criticizing their beloved Obsidian = Troll Talking about real world races without the intention of being a racist = racist = Troll I learned a lot from this forum about Obsidian members, thank you! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6520712844 (so many more of these topics when you search on google) None of these guys complained about racism, but somehow obsidian members do. This proves how close minded you guys are. I don't know why you guys immediately use the racist card. Does it feel good to be a keyboard white knight who fights "evil racist" people like me? Stop making yourself feel better by pointing every possible racist comment you see on the forum, it's embarrassing. It doesn't make you a better person.
  4. Thanks for your reasonable post. I was never trying to turn this into a fight, but the people here on Obsidian are apparently not mature enough to acknowledge opinions that deviate from theirs. I was just pointing out a small detail I've noticed looking at youtube video's of POE. What other people's thoughts are about this and whether Obsidian did that on purpose or it was just a design flaw. There is an inconsistency in the body size of the orlan (their muscles are not proportional to their length), so maybe it was a design flaw? These trolls have never even considered this might be true, instead they get all upset at me for mentioning that.
  5. They use real world biology/ideology/human nature to create POE. There is no real world equivalent of Orlans, Elves, Dwaves, Aumaua, or Godlike. Attempting to use real world logic to ascribe characteristics to these fantasy creatures is foolish. I meant to say as a reference. Human: Caucasian Elves: Asian (intelligent, feminine look, long life span) Dwarves: Scottish (accent) Aumaua: African-american (muscular, rougher skin) Trolls (warcraft): Jamaican (accent) yeeaaahh, it's really foolish for game companies to use real world biology as a reference to create fantasy creature...small minded peeps...
  6. That wasn't even my point..... And when did I use humanoid as a category???? You should really work on your reading comprehension. I guess that's not possible, if your IQ is not higher than a two digit number. ... ... ... ... I hope they come up with a cure for people like you, someday....I really do, for your sake... Anyways, I won't comment on your posts again. Too much stupidity for me to handle. They use real world biology/ideology/human nature to create POE.
  7. Humanoid means a generally human like bodybuild. There's nothing in that precluding females from being bigger, as long as they are roughly built like humans.(i.e. 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head, knees bend the same way etc.) Don't call others ignorant while showcasing your own lack of knowledge. For a perfectionist, you don't seem terribly concerned about perfection. Do I really need to spell everything out for people like you? Very well, I will explain: In POE, you pick a race in character creation and (humanoid) race is a category used for human beings in our real world, so all the (humanoid) races in POE are a reflection of the races in our real world (causasian, asian, african or even apes). I said humanoid, because in our world we expect the male to be bigger than the female for every human(oid) race in general. Name one race in our real world, where females are bigger than males. We tend to prefer to see familiar things in games, which we can relate to the real world. I don't think people would like it, if the color of the water was red or if females rule the world in a medieval setting for example. Now you know why you are being called ignorant. You lack the interpretation of other people's opinion. When I said it bothers me that female orlans are larger than male orlans, you immediately assume I lack the awareness of other species (when in fact, I'm talking about humanoid races).
  8. My initial answer is perfectly valid. There's so many things that are blatantly wrong in the current state of the game, and you complain about a race where females are taller than males, which IMO just serves to show your lack of imagination. Especially since that the game you're talking about takes place in a completely imaginary world... I just don't understand I guess. So just because it's an imaginary fantasy world, it's make OK for Lineage 2 to make male dwarves look like old pedophiles? So even if Obsidian made female elves much more muscular and taller (like an aumaua) than male elves, it's ok? Since, you know....it's an imaginary world. You see what I'm getting at? You may disagree with me, but don't use imaginary fantasy world as your argument. I'm pointing that out, because maybe it was a design flaw. My reason has nothing to do with feminism, if that's what you are thinking. I believe the Orlan males should be taller for consistency of their build, since they are muscular. I believe that should be proportional to their length.
  9. @Azrael, the prodigy explorer: Except I'm talking about humanoid species and what makes you think I'm not aware of that. Ignorant people bother me, but that doesn't mean I'm not aware of your existence. @Quantics: Hence, I'm not posting this in the bug section and have I mentioned the word bug? Oh wait, I just did that now for the first time! @Sedrefilos: If it doesn't bother you, then it doesn't bother you. It's not that difficult to understand. Obsidian forum, such a nice place to have a discussion!
  10. Why is the Orlan the only race where the female model is taller than the male model? A small detail that bothers me as a perfectionist.
  11. Well, you can't really compare it to the older isometric RPGs (BG2): 1. POE has more competition, especially the big budget RPGs. While there weren't a lot of big games produced 15 years ago. 2. Nowadays, people prefer 3D graphics, while there weren't a lot of fully 3D games 15 years ago. 3. Isometric RPG doesn't appeal to today's standards. BG2 for example was a high end game in its time. The genre has now shifted towards a niche. Just because a product used to sell well, doesn't mean it will do the same 10 years later. It's like saying: Walkman used to be a huge succes, so if we reintroduce walkman with upgraded features, we should expect approximately the same salesfigure.
  12. Is it me or are people at Obsidian forum all white knights who never pirate software? (and it doesn't make sense when you justify it by saying you only download music or movies, but not games , pirate = pirate) Because, I don't know a single person in my life who doesn't download illegaly. None of my relatives, friends or colleagues watch Game of thrones on HBO. Even a friend of mine, who is a software developer doesn't think twice before downloading music, series, movies or games. None of the students at my university mind sharing PDF version of a book for free. So I find it really hard to believe. If people pirate, let them. There is nothing you can do to stop them. This simply means that you need to accept that the world is changing. Companies/artist have already accepted that by adapting to it (online gamplay modes/concerts). My question to the people on their horses: Have you never pirated something in your life? Because I find it hard to believe that you have never even downloaded a song illegaly. But don't worry though, I am planning to back POE (haven't done it yet, because I'm still considering whether to buy the physical or digital edition). Obsidian is the only company who is trying to revive the classic isometric RPGs, so I would totally support them by buying their games and I really hope that they continue doing this. Can't say the same for companies like EA though .
  13. Nice update, these two classes sounds very interesting, especially the chanter class Don't like the Aumauau chanter though, can't tell whether it's a male or a female (leaning more towards a female). I hope (s)he is not a companion though.
  14. I don't post a lot (only here for the PoE updates), but dear God, how small-minded can you and Bryy be? Yes It's an kickstarter only item, but maybe (maayybbeee, Just maaaayyyybeeeee) some players want to collect all the items ingame? Is it that hard to comprehend?? Come on, I thought you at least had a 3-digit IQ to understand that. Well, as I see it, for those who are not Kickstarter backers the item efficiently doesn't exist in-game (in-their-copy-of-game). Compare with, say, games where different editions have different content (such as Final Fantasy X). And ~50% people have IQ not greater than 100 (by the very nature of IQ), you know? Well there you have it, the explanation for the rising popularity of shows like Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore or any other fake reality MTV shows. I don't mind though, because I need these people (when I become the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company) to clean my toilets (bry interested?).
  15. I don't post a lot (only here for the PoE updates), but dear God, how small-minded can you and Bryy be? Yes It's an kickstarter only item, but maybe (maayybbeee, Just maaaayyyybeeeee) some players want to collect all the items ingame? Is it that hard to comprehend?? Come on, I thought you at least had a 3-digit IQ to understand that.
  16. its already implemented. If you look at the gameplay trailer, you can see different scenes where they have their weapons sheathed.
  17. Its my first acc :dancing: and looking forward to PE I was just telling the truth, not trying to harass you But....we are gamers, we aren't supposed to have a life
  18. If you actually watch the video, you can maybe see some workout tips. How is he trolling? Then, I could also say you are trolling for having a bad taste and posting ugly manly women in ''hopefully attractive women'' thread. Boring thread anyways XD
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