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  1. I don't want recognition as someone who funded during the original Kickstarter campaign. I don't want an achievement that says I did. I didn't get in until too late and that is fine with me. I would like to have the opportunity to receive the in-game item at some point in the future, even though I know it won't be a super powerful item. I don't want it to be a super powerful item. I just like all the random extra items game companies give out for RPG's. The money I'm putting toward this game now goes directly towards funding the original game to make it better. The way I see it, my money is just a little less relevant than an original Kickstarter contributor. I don't think the game was ever in any danger of not getting funded in some form so I'm contributing to it also.
  2. Geez Bryy, chill out. You've had attitude about this from the start. I don't need a "Kickstarter Backer Only" achievement, I'd like to have the item if possible sometime down the road, be it in the form of a patch or obtaining it some other way. If you don't like completionists, fine. You have a right to your opinion. I'll continue doing what I enjoy.
  3. Hopefully, there is some way for me to obtain this. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  4. I would be incredibly happy to receive the in-game achievement and item as a gift from someone! I think I have hoarding tendencies. Does anyone know what it is yet?
  5. I figured as much. Hopefully, it's something I can purchase on eBay in the future. I like to have all the pre-order bonuses for games, especially RPG's. I'm glad I was able to get in on the initial funding for Torment and Wasteland 2 and I'm especially glad that I can still purchase a Collector's Edition box for Pillars of Eternity.
  6. I didn't hear about Pillars of Eternity until after the Kickstarter funding period was over. I'm going to make a late pledge to the $140.00 tier with the physical Collector's Edition box or possibly the $250.00 tier with the signed Collector's Edition box. Can anyone tell me if late backers also get the special Kickstarter only in-game achievement and item? Thanks.
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