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  1. I'm very confident on kickstarter. I don't play too much like ten years ago, but in 2013 almost all games I've played are kickstarter games: - Expeditions Conquistador: A masterpiece in my opinion. - Banner Saga Factions (the multiplayer combat game): I enjoyed a lot to play combats against people on the net. I haven't played yet the singleplayer history. - Faeria: Nice card game (like Magic) to play on the net. - FTL: The reference of rogue-like games For the future (I backed all those and more): - Pillars of Eternity is the Queen - Tides of Numenera. If i had knew that it was turnbased, I wouldn't have bought it. - Stoneheart - The Last Door - Legends of Eisenwald - RimWorld - Sunless Sea - Confederate Express - RiverCity Ramson: Underground LONG LIFE TO KICKSTARTER!!!
  2. Perhaps another member of the team can answer those questions. While we are waiting for the game release, it would be nice to read previously the almanac, the novel, etc...
  3. Hello. I'd like to ask some questions about the novella: 1- It will be released in several languages or only in english? 2- It will be released before, during or after the release of the game? It would be nice to read it before the release of the game, in order to get familiarized with the setting. thanks in advance.
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