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  1. The strategy guide and several walkthroughs suggest that if you side with Alarhî it should be possible to get Rinatto to leave Twin Elms by choosing cage + dexterity/constitution/resolve option, but the only way I manage to accomplish that is with lie + might option, which doesn't fit my character in the least. And yet, every other combination leaves him dead. As far as I can tell there is no conversation choice that mentions being a Watcher at all.
  2. .... Not limiting cipher to enemies could have lots of interesting consequences -- and I bet the allies might have a thing or two to say about being used as spare batteries! Yes, attacking the monk pre-battle would buff up both of them. Hmmmm. Hmm, I must admit I forgot that about the monks, but it wouldn't necessarily be a problem if you would in any case have to use that route very sparingly lest the recovery times and side effects become a bigger problem than any gain you might get (I'm assuming here that damage to soul heals differently from damage to body), especial
  3. Seems that way. But I would consider that a good thing as powerful abilities should have weaknesses you have to tactically circumvent. If you go against a powerful enemy and minions the cipher will have to attack the minions first and save his focus for the boss. If that is not possible the cipher might have to use an ally, in which case a strategic thinker could hopefully level up a designated focus battery ally by making sure that that ally is not hindered much by that soul whip. Oh, I didn't mean to sound like it was a negative aspect of cipher! I merely wanted to get confirmation f
  4. Perhaps there are some grazing animals that keep it that way? The flowers and the longer grass and the bushes might taste bad or be thorny, which is why they are left, and the existing trees would be too tall and woody to eat, but any saplings would be nice and yummy, which would keep the area from growing more forest-y...
  5. Alas, I don't have time to read this whole thread right now, so I apologize if I'm repeating someone's question, but... In battles against enemies too powerful or resistant to be harmed by the soul whip, cipher is either unable to use advanced techniques (or even repeatedly use minor powers), or is perhaps left with the option of attacking allies to gather the necessary Focus? All in all, interesting update This class probably won't be my first choice, but I'm looking forward to this in a companion and/or replay character.
  6. Broke, huh? I guess the World Economic Forum and the credit rating agencies are doing something wrong since they keep listing them pretty high. Then again I was never in the least interested in economics so what do I know, it just goes against my logic somehow. Personally I don't mind one way or another what economical model the stronghold taxation is or will be based on, I'm willing to accept the high prestige -> rich people want to move in -> more money from taxes explanation that was offered earlier.
  7. Very promising! Much more detailed and varied than I dared to hope, even I don't have much experience with strongholds in general, the only one I remember off the top of my head is the BG2 one (and didn't even remember that there were other options than d'Arnise Keep before reading this thread, I really should find some time for yet another replay), but this sounds leagues of better than any such place I've even heard of.
  8. Before reading any of the comments -- very nice update, I hadn't quite realized you were this far in the process Very much looking forward to the final product!
  9. I for one backed PE because I loved BGs and PST, and liked IWDs well enough, and haven't been able to play much of anything in the ways of RPG after them since they all give me a hell of a motion sickness. I mean, Witcher is nice enough and everything, as long as I choose the highest camera angle, never ever run, only play for an hour or two at a time, and keep my eyes closed whenever I can when navigating city areas, but that really doesn't compare to the fun I had (and still have) with the old IE games. This far I'm quite satisfied with what we've been promised, and I don't think that ha
  10. I must admit I'm not even halfway through reading this thread since my time is very limited (but not too limited to write this monster of a post, it seems), so it's quite possible someone has suggested this already, but how about limiting your incentive to sell your unusable loot or making the loot more of a story item than just a source of money? Below some completely random examples. -- For example you could see these little scraps of blue silk strewn around the whole world, and sometimes turquoise, and very occasionally green. When you collect them they all go to this one pile that mere
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