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  1. Well, in order, In this setting souls are a natural force like gravity Nobody ensured life death and rebirth before the gods came along, and the gods don't ensure them now The gods are extremely powerful, and presumably able to incarnate. Wael is basically the god of ignorance, yeah. Or really, the god of always asking questions The Engwithans were already gone, all Ondra planned to destroy was their ruins. Thaos probably would consider that a necessary sacrifice to keep the big secret, but whether he approved or not he's not the boss of the gods One thing I like about the portrayal of Ondra as extremely stupid and unpleasant is that it adds to the final reveal of the gods being creations. People frequently say "what does it matter where they came from, they're still gods" and the answer is, well, they're **** I don't think the natural laws of the setting would allow someone to absorb all that energy and gain power. If they do, then I'd expect them to save "become a god" for the big ending of a trilogy or something
  2. Remember the big glowing rock in the middle of the inn in Twin Elms?
  3. Play order: 1: Main game up until it's almost time for the animancy hearings at the end of act 2 2: White March 1 3: Back to main game, finish act 2 and go through every area EXCEPT Elms' Reach 4: White March 2 5: Elms' Reach(make sure to bring Aloth! He's the only party member who has a completely unique one-time bit of dialogue here when you talk to the tree women) to endgame Average challenge level (and quality) is higher in WM so it makes sense to save it for after you've done most of the stuff in the Dyrwood. Optional stuff like bounties and Endless Paths can be done whenever you like, though you may want to save them for later too, once you've got some soulbound items which need some enemies to level up with. Taking the Unlabored Blade down the Endless Paths starting with the top floor was a great feel last time I played. At the start of the game go to Caed Nua first before doing any side quests, it's tough but the more questing you do after getting Caed Nua the more events you'll get which give you cool stuff.
  4. As I recall, the description means "a vessel will be destroyed if it is your level or lower, or will take raw damage if it is higher than your level"
  5. It'll depend on what you think of the characters, really. My team of Ultimate Bros is Eder Aloth Durance Hiravias Zahua The first four are most closely tied to the setting, lore, and core conflict, and Zahua is my favourite character. He's expansion-only so if you just have the base game, sub in Grieving Mother. She's a... divisive character, but she also has a very personal interest in the main quest so it makes good sense to bring her along. This is talking about the final dungeon, btw. For the rest of the game, feel free to swap characters out and see who you like. Some general tips to enhance your story experience: Grieving Mother is also tied somewhat to the area where you find her; keep her around when you're doing quests related to, or close to, that area, and you might find you have some extra options. At one point the main quest will direct you to a place called Elms' Reach. Take Aloth with you the first time you go. Also bring along Durance and Pallegina when you go there. Doesn't have to be the first time, but at some point you'll want to have them with you when you talk to certain plot-critical NPCs at that location. SPOILER WARNING: at one point you will have to leave Defiance Bay and not be able to go back until you have reached Twin Elms. Try and arrange to have Pallegina in your party as soon as possible after leaving Defiance Bay; and don't forget to bring her back to the city as soon as you're able to.
  6. Oh yeah, here's one that might be too late: There are three main factions in Defiance Bay: The Crucible Knights, the Dozens, and the Doemenels. Each of these factions will offer you one quest; complete that quest and they will offer you a second. Taking the second quest automatically means that you side with the faction, so be careful accepting any quests at the headquarters of any of these factions.
  7. Maegfolc are a legendary race of creatures in the game who are much bigger than people. In Defiance Bay you can hear the play actors saying "I saw it- the mighty Maegfolc!!" The dwarves at the White Forge thought the things attacking them were Maegfolc because of their size. Anyway, yes, White March 2 will explain who exactly attacked them and why.
  8. Eh, they're expensive at least. Money's never really an issue in the game, but 57 grand still isn't chump change.
  9. I'm thrilled to hear about companions! Hopefully we'll get to find out what races/classes they all are so I can pick one that isn't already spoken for. Not because I'm worried about redundancy or anything, I can just see myself getting paralysed with indecision at character creation and this would be a way of narrowing down my choices to start off with. I'm hoping the party members you pick will make at least a little bit of story difference in whatever endgame they have planned. KOTOR2's climax- with the restoration mod especially, but even without- was great because there were climactic moments for party members all through it. Mass Effect 2 was good too; it had the bits where you have to pick certain people to perform certain tasks, with their life depending on you picking the right person and having secured that person's loyalty. Even who you took to the final boss made a difference in terms of the dialogue you got. But then in New Vegas it didn't matter whether I brought Boone, Lily, Raul or whoever to the final battle, they were just there to fight, which was a shame. At least they got ending slides though
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