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  1. I think Torm51 was just making a joke that he had achieved the forum rank 'Necromancer' and I had just necro'ed a two month old thread with my suggestions. At least if I read into his response correctly. Hopefully he can correct me if that is not accurate.
  2. For my spell mastery spells on my Solo expert ToI PotD run I have been having great success with these 4 - many, many fights I don't even get touched: Lvl1 : Chill Fog. Blindness is awesome as they lose 25 accuracy, 20 deflection and 20 reflex which stacks with other debuffs. The movement speed penalty can also be a lifesaver, for example it can stop enemy blights and even slow-moving enemies like Adra Dragon dead in their tracks. All you need is the accuracy to land it. Lvl2 : Binding webs. I know, I know.... it does no damage and doesnt have the largest AoE or longest duration, plus
  3. Thaos was the one who flipped the switch to create the gods. I just wonder about the metaphysicas of the PoE setting, like how is the existence of souls and soul essence explained. What is the source? Void, Adra? The planet?
  4. Some musings on the story, not really looking for debate.... just curious how some of these questions could be explained, or if I maybe missed something - or if they were left unanswered on purpose. If Thaos created the gods out of harnessed soul essence, where did souls come from? What force or other entity ensured death/life/rebirth before the gods existed? If the gods were created, how did Abydon get a giant body (before he sacrificed himself)? If Wael continually wants knowledge concealed and hidden for people to seek it out, never letting anybody actually retain it, then
  5. I tend to agree with jojo on his characterization of the sailent points on this topic. I also agree with his workaround suggestion. I just found out that Iqali will not grant a buff from my stronghold on my PotD ToI Expert Solo playthrough.... rather irritated about it.
  6. That sounds quite reasonable, I just hope it can be patched. I was *really* starting to enjoy that arbalest and then all of a sudden it started sucking so hard I thought there was a problem with my installation or my system....
  7. That is not what is being proposed. The spells gained at level up currently are and should be lost during retraining, because they were *free* (and can be regained during the train without issue). The spells that were paid for should be retained because they were *purchased*. Also, considering it a bit, I think the potential for 'abuse' early game is so limited as to be nearly inconsequential. You only get 1 active grimoire, swapping takes over 10 seconds before you can cast, and you get 4 total spell slots per level - and your level restricts access to higher level spell slots. Maybe you
  8. So it appears that the level 5 "Upgrade" for the soulbound weapon mentioned in the title is in reality a huge *downgrade*. Instead of the weapon getting *faster*, it actually gets slower than the lower upgrades. Gaining attack speed of 25 or 50% only reduces recovery by between 18-38 frames (higher than 10 Dex means less frames saved by the attack speed boost). Losing 50% of reload speed costs upwards of 45 frames, effectively cancelling out the bonus and making the weapon *less* powerful. I suspect the final upgrade was supposed to be +50% attack speed and -50% reload *time*, but
  9. I would like to add my voice to this. The base cost of re-training is the same for all classes, as it should be. For Wizards, their primary class feature is spellcasting. The versatility of their repertoire of spells learned determines a great deal of their functional capabilities, and they have to *pay additional money* to expand this beyond what they gain at levelup (because levelups provide only a *fraction* of the total available spells for the class). Compare that to Priests as an example. They Level up, they don't have to carry a Grimoire, they don't have to pay extra, and th
  10. So PoE2 has slowed down casting, is that right? Also, am I to understand that Quick Switch + Coil allows one to swap weapons instantly after casting, and this totally skips the recovery time, allowing the nest spell immediately?
  11. Not only am I not seeing my "Weapon Focus: Noble" affect this soulbound Arbalest, I actually made the effort to upgrade it to level 5 and the last upgrade utterly *ruined* the weapon. It got +50% attack speed, which is nice (but only affects recovery but still saves between 18-35 animation frames depending on your Dex), but then it also got -50% reload speed which basically cranked the reload frames from 90 up to 135! Totally counter-productive, and no longer worth using.... it wouldn't matter if the thing got 0% recovery from the attack speed, the reload takes back all that gain and loses
  12. Glad to hear it. Seems that I motivated you to even make first post That was an oversight. Maces and Spears have 30 frames base attack duration, and 50 frames base recovery duration. Fixed and updated the calculator) Awesome, thank you again! And yes, you may totally take credit for me registering and participating in the forums. I admit that the mechanics and systems in PoE seemed initially very strange to me, and it took me until finding the Adra Dragon on Od Nua 15 with my level 10 party (and getting completely stomped a few times) to really begin to wrap my brain around
  13. Yes, maces ans spears should have the same speed as sabres - it was probably an oversight. Thanks for responding. I suspected it might be, but this also makes me wonder which value is the correct one. Should it be 50 recovery frames do you think? Do you know if MaxQuest is still active on this thread, or did I miss the boat?
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