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  1. Lies, that game is really good. But you have a point that no RPG has really done combat justice. I want to see permanent wounds on enemies where they were struck, arrows stuck in them like a pin cushion, etc. It's gruesome, but that's the price you pay for being an adventurer... bloody boots.
  2. A bit late but I'm loving the concept of that village. Don't let the naysayers get you down guys, this game is looking awesome. Keep up that classic look, it's really amazing.
  3. It would be very nice to see more elaborate dialogue in RPGs. It's something we've been wanting for years, who can deny that? This is a good proposal, and with a little polishing up it could be a key to a great game. I would suggest an alternative model for most dialogue options like this: [Friendly] - the most obvious, a positive reaction which will harbor a good relationship with others of a friendly nature [indifferent] - a neutral response designed to keep tensions from flaring or a simple acknowledgement of another character [Aggressive] - a response intended to egg an enemy on, intimidate a weaker character, or an insult hurled at friendly characters [Hostile] - a threat or accusation which will undoubtedly create a conflict with all but the most cowardly or passive characters If the specific result of each option could change depending on the type of character being addressed (i.e. friend, enemy, citizen, soldier, lord) as well as modifiers from character stats there would be plenty of variety from as few as four options.
  4. What do you mean there's no such thing in real life? What do you think fantasy lore is based on? It is based mostly on Medieval lore which was in turn based on real events. It might have been romanticized but much of the conflict portrayed in mythology and in games took place in daily Medieval life. Quests can be seen as errands and common activities of Medieval existence and adventure is exactly what I would expect an errant knight would have been up to. Besides, have you ever stopped playing games for five minutes and gone out back? There's plenty of adventure to be had in real life. All of that aside I certainly have no idea what you mean bringing up verisimilitude* but I feel you're distracting from -my- point. There had better be a good reason I can't rest because text flashing across my screen saying I can't is an immersion breaker. There are ways to discourage it as discussed above which are much more convincing. I don't agree with a simple difficulty slider as it implies that for me to even -attempt- to rest when I want I will have to sacrifice enemy AI and a proper challenge. Am I to be labeled a novice player because I want the game to have a rational feel? When you fight you often get injured, and when you get injured you stop fighting and take rest. So about that difficulty slider, this is not something to be lumped in with that... include it as its own option or forget it. Players can rest as rarely as they want, that was never an issue. Also I wanted to add to that, if you're a masochist and want to torture yourself with a game come to my house and I'll give you my copy of Dark Souls. There are games for people like you, but you don't have to punish people like me who want a well paced challenge just so you can say you beat the hardest game on the hardest setting. Come on now...
  5. What madness is this?? Limiting resting? What would possibly limit you resting in real life, and would you really be so quick to run back in the dungeon with open wounds? Sometimes you get beat bloody in these games and some down time is a necessity, much like adventuring in real life would be. I don't understand why this should be limited in any sense, though unsafe areas are obviously unsafe and prone to ambushes and attacks. Keep the challenges elsewhere and let people play the game at whatever pace they want to.
  6. Excellent description and idea - a vote of confidence from me for certain.
  7. Certain aspects carry more weight with me. An immersive game world comes well before graphics in an RPG, but nothing should be purposely ignored for the benefit of anything else in my opinion. In that respect I had to vote for 50 shades of grey. Besides, having seen update 49 I know these guys have nailed the graphics.
  8. I just have to say after reading the original post and a few comments, the OP's idea is very similar to one I've considered. I'm sure it won't occur to everyone but a system similar to the one he has attempted to describe is undoubtedly a stepping stone to the future of RPGs and will be included in a groundbreaking game. I really hope it's this one. Such a system is the basis for a more in depth character experience and a more realistic game world. This really has my support and should be on the list of potential additions.
  9. Some of my favorite concepts from movies: I find the more simple, dark fantasy designs fairly ideal as well as historical mail and other armors. I would also suggest a system of layering the characters' attire so that things like customizable tabbards and cloaks could be worn over armor, etc. The more options the better. Also boots with spurs look really cool, you might want to consider such small, frequently overlooked cosmetic features.
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