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  1. Seeing as how you can ask some really derpy questions that you'd probably never ask in real life ("Hi person I just met, please tell me what you do and who you are and all about the gods you serve and please tell me who you are again so I can try the the other response option") and many NPCs serve as exposition dumps, an introduction to Dunryd Row and how it's headquartered at Hadret House isn't that out of place.
  2. It's really unfair to the backer to offhandedly refer to his silly little rhyme in a press release as "promoting hate" when the hate was all in the head of a reader. To have a CEO direct that at a fan (however round-about) is really disappointing, and as I said before, not proportional at all.
  3. This whole thing is basically someone blowing out of proportion their own misunderstanding of something, then some other people reacting out of proportion, which led to people reacting even more out of proportion in response, and then finally we end up here with a blown out of proportion response to the reaction of a reaction to a reaction.
  4. It's big bug, kill my lvl1 sorcerer, pls fix. Not gonna happen, seriously. For hobbyist modders this kind of undertaking would be seriously massive, 'cause using large amounts of assets from the games would easily get an instant lawyer brigade sent out, and remaking them from scratch would take a team years and it's just not worth it. I mean, I get where you're coming from, but except for some minor presentation issues the IE games are just fine as they are. The only enthusiasm I have for the idea stems from taking the good ideas the IE games had and porting them into PoE, really.
  5. The last thing the game needs is more voice-overs, let alone amateur attempts. Even the professional VO was terribly uneven (though the blame on that may lay on the recording producers.) The prologue's caravan master had me suspicious from the start of the VO quality, but I completely turned it off after the guy in Gilded Vale started talking, whose voice had the description of "dry croak" while the voice-over sounded like "dark elf from TES: Oblivion." Plus, with the heavy-use of descriptive text in many spots, the flow of dialogue is easily disrupted. Two voiced sentences bookending a paragraph of description doesn't make good voice-over material.
  6. That makes sense. Kind of out of your direct control anyway. Really, the only reason I wanted more tracks is because they're awesome.
  7. I feel bad for the backer; they get painted as a bad person because people looking for offense can't read.
  8. Enjoyed Eder and Grieving Mother a lot. GM especially because of the large amounts of descriptive text, which was my favourite part of PST. Aloth and Kana never really caught my interest; the former felt a bit forced and the latter played against type without much conflict. Sagani was just... there. Left Hiravias and the bird-lady for a second playthrough. Will probably enjoy Durance a bit more then too, because of understanding the plot and lore more.
  9. Agreed, it is very nice with a non-typical fantasy feel. Kinda short on variety though; a lot of tracks are reused. I was really hoping for a unique endboss battle track.
  10. Slow/fast mode is helpful, and the per-encounter spells and abilities are nice and wish there were a lot more of those. Resting restrictions and supplies make it a bit more strategic (though not too much because there's often camping supplies in each dungeon.) The multi-tooltip highlight is useful, too. On the fence about Endurance, because it makes HP a less-important stat but I see what they were going for with the system and it works well enough as it is. I do miss being able to shortcut frequently used stuff though (unless I missed something about that.)
  11. It was a silly kerfuffle over a misread bit of text, from people who probably weren't going to play the game anyways. You give perpetually offended people and inch and they'll take a mile, so I don't see the point of validating their misunderstandings. The new poem is a pretty funny jab at the situation, though.
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