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  1. I get the same bug, on Linux Mint 13.10, Steam release. Using dual monitors.
  2. A good point. Lying should be there when it is sensible. I think the game should make you emotionally invested enough in the stuff that goes on that anything worth lying about isn't going to make you just skip lying about it just to skip a bluff check. If it can't manage to do that, well, I don't expect it to have a particularly interesting story anyway.
  3. I agree that the distinction between lies and bluffs is important. Bluffs should obviously be marked (if an identical non-bluff answer exists.) However, I still support the ability to [lie] because, as I explained in the middle of page 3 of this thread, it could be used as a mechanism for letting you choose part of your character's history. Are you pro/against this mode of storytelling, and a follow-up question: do you have this opinion in general or just for this game?
  4. I wish there was a way to 'Like' entire threads, to signify that this is something I think the devs should look at. I'd like the hell out of this thread.
  5. There is nothing preventing them from omitting the [lie] marker when it doesn't make sense, i.e. in the case you just mentioned. This was never a problem in PS:T. You do have intelligent humans designing the dialogues, and they'll all have discussed guidelines for these things before they start writing dialogues.
  6. Amentep: I agree with your point with regard to veracity vs intent. When possible, intent should be tested rather than specified by the player. I still believe the [lie] tag can serve as a useful story telling mechanism, especially when talking about the past, but possibly also in other scenarios. Perhaps a more fitting example: - [lie] I served with the Rogue Banale in Dustham, your guild could use me. - I served with the Rogue Banale in Dustham, your guild could use me. Reiterating what I think is most important wrt lying: This type of dialogue can let the player dictate part of the
  7. (sorry for double post) Oh, also note that the example above does many things: - Use [lie] to tell the PC's history. - Use [lie] to effect change in the world. - Does not lock us into a moral choice yet, we might actually try to take good care of the temple with the help of knowledgeable scribes, much to the chagrin of the rouges in our party, who'd rather just loot the place.
  8. I hope to one day see a single conversation option that includes all of those :D (sometimes an option can both be a bluff and an intimidation, or a bluff and a seduction, though, this is harder to represent with colouring than tags!) Oh, sorry, I didn't make myself clear. Offending is the least of my concerns (the game must contain mature content with grey area morality to be interesting to an adult, imo.) What I'm saying is that while you may think red colour is obviously the violent intimidation option, that might not be so obvious to others. This can cause confusion if there are many o
  9. My excuses for not reading 21 pages of 4 reasonable guys and one stubborn guy arguing the same points over and over. I bet there was some good stuff in there, but it will have been lost to the noise. I would like to remind you all that fighting the trolls isn't useful. Their arguments fall on themselves, and if Obsidian are reading they will see this just as well as you. Let their flawed arguments speak for themselves and concern yourself with making valid arguments for your cause rather than demonstrating the faults in their cause. Otherwise we end up with too much noise for anyone from O
  10. I love that this is being discussed with such fervor. Back when I DMed D&D, the first thing I did was reform the monetary system. If a peasant makes approx 1 silver/day, does it make sense that adventurers can slay some level 1 thing and get 100 gold (or whatever it was a simple sword cost - 1000 days of work for a normal person)? Only if all adventurers refuse to spend their money. If, say, 5% of adventurers gave up after their 2nd looting round, to live life happily forever after (not at all unfeasible) gold would quickly lose its scarcity and become unusable as a monetary token. Only ra
  11. And for the love of god, if my unlock spell isn't working that should only be because "A wizard much greater than you has enhanced this lock" - and make damn sure there's such a wizard! There was a huge thread a week back where people raged over having their prepared spells / powers / ideas arbitrarily made irrelevant because a level designer didn't want to bother with that being possible.
  12. Wow, checking back after the next Update and y'all have had this great (and civil!) discussion! Certainly most important points of consideration have been covered, so this can hopefully be a good resource for Obsidian. There are a few more points waiting to be made: Having many colour codes is not just gaudy, it can also clash with cultures that ascribe different values to colours than our western culture (many asians connecting white and death, for example.) This could create confusion in some players. In the dialogue editor, there'll probably just be a checkbox for the designer/
  13. Lying is important. In Planescape, it was common that two or three of the dialogue options one had was marked with [Lie]. You could lie about many things, not simply quest things like "Did Leandro steal my things?" but lying about personal beliefs, intentions, etc. I've seen other RPGs incorporate lying, but only P:T would have the same identical lines available, one marked with [Lie] and the other without. I also understand it would be hard work to incorporate it into the game world, but the ability to spread false rumours, create arbitrary conflicts, and in general get factions, orga
  14. Excellent update, made me subscribe to the forums! Always happy to receive the weekly updates, but this one is really starting to get into the meat of the game. Woedica has a wonderful concept, and I'm certain your imagination will create a wonderful world for us to explore. Other forumers talked about polytheistic pantheons and how their worship differs from worshippers of monotheistic worship. It's an important distinction, and polytheists shouldn't be belittled. A large part of today's religions is polytheistic (hinduism, the amalgam of buddhism and traditional Taiwanese deities, etc).
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