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  1. I do, actually. I think that was a good feature in BG - particularly with how the game wouldn't let you access the inventory while paused, so you really needed to think about where all your ammo was in advance. I was very disappointed that every other IE game paused the in-game action when the inventory was open. Hopefully, you'll let us at least control whether the game pauses while accessing inventory. Agreed, it should always be an option. I also hope P:E Won't feature those horrid exclamation marks above quest givers, and if it does, I hope there's an option to turn it off.
  2. I read somewhere that it was confirmed that there won't be multi or dual classes.
  3. It could be me, but I don't think it was common practice to award XP on the spot during DnD sessions, usually exp was awarded after the session, and then exp was calculated per encounter, not "per monster", meaning you could get exp for avoiding or talking down an encounter. Could be me, but that's how I've always played it, and I found that satisfactory, and that's also how I'd like to see it in PE; you get experience per encounter, not per monster, I'd even be fine to receive it after quest completion, as long as it does reflect the challenge the quest presented.
  4. Damn you for mentioning that concept, because now I can't look at a good pantheon now without that being included. OT though; I'd love to see a rich and varied pantheon(or collection of gods, as I've just read that pantheons are supposed to be families, I guess that could be through some bigger "creator god"), with some gods interacting with mortals and other gods, while others are simply a force of nature, or the result of a common prayer.
  5. That's a big bummer, care to link to the quote where they mention it, or can you explain their reasoning behind it? multi/dual classing was one of my favorite thing of the IE games/PNP rpgs.
  6. I think the biggest flaw in the design was that it assumed that a player didn't hate imoen's guts, first thing I did in Baldur's Gate was have imoen be torn apart by the Ogrens on your way to Naskhel, or better yet, the gibberlings on your way to Friendly arms inn. I did however like the part where Irenicus stole "something" from you in spellhold, that I think was a good motivator for going after him after having freed imoen. I also agree that quest density was one of the better parts of BG2, aside from obvious journal issues it brought forth.
  7. Any reason why? is it the turn based element that turned you off, or the fact that it is(from what I've gathered) a pure dungeoncrawler? I'm leaning towards MoTB now, as ever since playing Throne of Baal with Ascension and SCSII I grew quite fond of epic level campaigns, only issue I have with it is the engine(not a big fan of the NWN2 engine, aurora I believe it is?), there's just something about having hundreds of spells at your disposal that just feels quite awesome.
  8. I am currently working my way through Icewind Dale, and after a bit of a bad start(I didn't care for the first two dungeons at all, and combat felt tedious), I am starting to like the game, and understand why it was hailed as such a great game. My question is what would be a logical next step after I finish IWD? I am currently torn between Icewind Dale 2, ToEE or Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer. I'm not sure if I can handle such an action oriented game after I finish the first Icewind Dale, so I might consider playing NWN2:MoB, or properly playing PS:T, as I haven't finished
  9. Personally I'd like it to have more in common with Baldur's Gate and PS:T than IWD. I much prefer a game with a big city that feels alive, with high quest density, IWD felt like an empty, shallow world.
  10. Yeah Syrim is a horrible RPG... and the game itself is just mediocre. But at least you are rewarded for combat in Skyrim, which will make it superior to PE in that respect. A horrible RPG will have a mechanic that is superior to the one found in PE. hehe. Funny how that works. It depends on how the experience system will end up working out, but I do agree that not learning anything(getting experience) from combat is a tad strange, I'd much prefer a hybrid between objective based exp and encounter exp(getting experience per encounter, wether you bypassed it or fought your way through
  11. A false sense of urgency while you spend weeks, months or even years on sidequests and other things. This might be moot as BG2 did this quite well with the first chapters being about gathering money to do dirty dealings with the shadow thieves, DAO also did solve this by having you recruit allies.
  12. Yeah, Josh Sawyer said in a nice way that he hates Baldur's Gate 2. But he loves Skyrim! (just check his twitter feed, lol) So maybe he should apply for a job @ Bethesda instead of trying to make a spiritual successor to a game that he hates. For real? skyrim might be a decent game, but I thought it was an absymal RPG, with little to no C&C and most importantly; no consequences to character choices; you can be guildmaster of every guild at the same time, rival or not. And you can excel in every field of skill. I doubt PE will be like skyrim, but I fail to see the merrits of t
  13. Care to elaborate why you think the combat in IWD is superior to that of BG2? currently giving IWD another shot as I hadn't finished it before and I find the combat quite tedious and frustrating, with enemies swarming you at every turn. Could be because my last playthrough of BG2 was with the SCSII mod, increasing difficulty a fair bit without feeling unfair.
  14. The game is also a spiritual successor to commandos (a game that Sawyer loves), so it was necessary. No combat xp. Reading that link was depressing and disappointing. By far and away the best games of those mentioned in the Kickstarter video were BG 1, 2, and PST. Those are the games mentioned that got me to back PE. While some of the other games mentioned were pretty good (I never played ToEE or Arcanum), I'd not have backed PE if it was only inspired by them. BG1&2 and PST were oodles better in so many ways than the IWD series in my opinion. No combat XP is a bad idea....
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