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  1. Having your own fortress/stronghold in a rpg game sounds interesting, also in dragon age 3 you probably have a stronghold. Games like NWN 2 or Spellforce 2 made it before, in Spellforce 2 you had to gather resources for your persistent estate, I really loved it to see it growing!
  2. Too bad that the chanter doesn't use musical instruments like an bard, I really like the class and the flair of it.
  3. I say "yes!" to crafting, yes to more realistic crafting (not like in WoW). I mean that you have to do something before you learn (more challenging). No easy teacher-recipe-learn concept. You can't learn blacksmithing or mining of ore by one click. And also ores are often in mines and not at flowerfields.
  4. Gods in style of D&D would help to make project eternity to a complete rpg, but they should have more sense/ usefulness.
  5. Well, I think project eternity should have the possibility to play and explore it together. Coop or lan playable games are motivating (for eg. on lan partys 10+ years old games are still played, no surprise if you ask me). RPG means more than fight, loot and level! It takes you into another world and this world should be gregarious, alive and likeable. I don't want a game that I only can play alone, I want to play it with friends and have joint adventures!
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