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  1. I just started a new game on turn based mode, when you come back to life you are wearing clothes but can pick up some armor and weapons before heading up to the fight. I switched to armor and then back to clothes and that caused my character to change her look, the hair became white, the skin color became either white or just very bright and my character got taller. I tried it a few times and it seemed to happen every 3rd or 4th time I switched to clothes. I was unable to make the bug happen again after the boat fight or after reloading the game.
  2. Did a search and didn't see it reported before, encountered a couple of missing strings in The Oratory of Wael.
  3. Maybe the DLC changes things, but in the core game I did most of the content in the game and I was still only level 18 when I got to the final boss, and I found the difficulty level to be perfectly fine on normal mode. Though I realize that some people have an easier time.
  4. I found Classic to be a good difficulty level, and when I play the game again I don't intend on setting the difficulty higher, there were plenty of hard fights even towards the end. I understand that they need to make PotD harder, but also remember that not everyone wants a super hard game, and that there are difficulty options for a reason.
  5. I think many people vastly underestimate how difficult it is to bugfix this kind of game. There are probably hundreds of different processors, graphics cards, sounds cards and so on, combine that with a 50+ hour game and you can have a bug where if you have X processor with X graphic card, with a certain group of companions and you click on something while an npc is going a specific thing, then there is a bug. It is literally impossible to find all those bugs in a studio. At some point you just need to release the game and let the audience find the bugs that you couldn't do. That doesn't mean that you can't criticize Obsidian or think that they perhaps should spend more time on bugfixing, but I very much doubt that they just throw games out there without bugfixing. Also regarding DLC, it is important to note that things like White March is a bit of an abnormality, the days of large significant expansions to games is over and small DLC is what sells. I loved White March and I would much prefer that to shorter DLC's, but for all I know Obsidian has done the math and it might show that large DLC loses them money. Personally I beat the game on classic and I found the difficulty fine, the end boss was by far the toughest thing I have fought, and it actually wiped my party the first time I met it (I hit level 18 just before the encounter, and I have done almost all the story missions). But I don't make any claims of being great at the game.
  6. All the places related to main story and factions are about the same length as PoE1, so all the small islands are really just extra content. While it is true that many of them are just a single area or dungeon, there are plenty others that have interesting stories, like the foggy island to the southeast, the village worshipping a new god, or Wael's maze. All those are things you only find if you explore.
  7. On classic difficulty i would say it is a little harder than PoE1 and Tyranny, I find the difficulty level to be quite good for my tastes.
  8. I played the game right when it was released and only encountered a few minor bugs, there is really nothing to be scared of.
  9. Mods for a story based single player rpg is a bit of an odd thing in my opinion, the option is nice but i personally never really find a use for them in any of the games i play. As i understand it, there really isn't much Obsidian can do without spendig a lot of money, and i would rather they spend that money on the game.
  10. He started posting in the thread over at the SA forums again recently, so i assume he just came back from a vacation.
  11. 4.5/5. I have played through it twice, and the only thing stopping me from doing it a third time, is the lack of time.
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