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  1. Few days back I was going mad till I got Half-Life 2, Vampire: Bloodlines, NFS: Undergound 2, and Nexus (as I heared it will be released on 2005 Febuary, but i'm playing it today ) I love internet You can get so meny things and for free Don't get me wrong i never steel. But having network with 5000 people in it, and were everyone is sharing type you can get everyting (FOR FREE). But how someone got NEXUS i can only gues. Magic (w00t) So having a PC sometimes isn't so bad. Even if you have to wait longer for most of the games most of them I get for free. KOTOR was one of five game I bought, and the last to this date. P.S. Obisidian can relax. Atleast *one* person from my network will by the game
  2. hmm... They can put whole story. I don't care. <_< Why? Becose I will have to wait till f****** Febuary until I will get the game. And I will know whole story long before that. Why the hell can't they release X-box and PC versions at the same time (don't answer that) And NO!!! I'm not that strong not to visit this forum for WHOLE 3 months. BLET SUDAS APSIKTAS IR SUDU APTEPTAS! SIKAU IR TAPSNOJAU!! GAYDZIAI!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see for your self i'm not very happy. I need to kill somebody (And no. Sadly, not the publishers) I think i'l go and kill off whole city in HL2 . I'm out of here...
  3. Demo must have been preaty good if they couldn't stop playing it to write a preview. I want the demo.
  4. From a place you never been, never will be, (and maybe even never heard of ) Only one in this forum (I think) form Lithuania.
  5. I'm one and only here from Lithuania. :cool: Probably noone knows where it is. Depresing really.
  6. You just anwered yourself. We know absolutely nothing about her. This makes her the most misterious character in the game :ph34r: (I like misterious women )
  7. I respect people of any nation too. But sometimes i just can't stop myself from loughting of certain thing. Thing's like reasent USA statistic (it was made by USA scientists): Only 40% of yought living in USA know that sun is a star. Soooorryyyyyy , but when i saw some of your coments i just couln't stop myself from remembering this. The smaller the nation the more it's people value the knowlage. Like my self (I'm only 16 but speak 3 languages and i't only the begining ) I gues we wount have to waith for maderators for long now...
  8. Talking about subtitles. I read them meny times in KOTOR game, and if i'm not mistaking you read them too, unless you understand all alien languages
  9. I hope the green color is sill on. It maches my eyes But what conserns the color i would love too not only to be able to choose colors like (green, blue, pink..) but have a posibility to choose custom colors. (light, dark - blue....) But hilt choices would be lovely too.
  10. Whell dev's said the sotry will be more focused on Jedi/Sith. Bud don't underestimate the power of simplisity ... or the rocket launcher??... hmm...
  11. I would like a mysterois quest. Like: Your lightsaber was taken by Jedi cousile and was given to quard to one of the Jedi Masters, but he fell to the dark side and become a Sithlord... rest you can imagine your selfs. Just one of meny ideas
  12. I like Biowares policy: They create games with both SP and MP. Maybe the MP isn't made for 1000+ players but atleast it's free. Lovely... I buy MMO game and then have to pay the server every month just to get the PERMISION to play the game I payed money for. :angry: And what happens when I decide to pay god damn money for this permision? <_< I start playing the game and see that I am the lamest player in the server . But then again it no suprise. I dont have time nor wish to play game 72 h. nonstop. So I doubt I will ever learn to kill the enemy without even touching the keybord or the mouse.
  13. Somewere, someone, aready told that you will start as a jedi with NO lightsaber, and nobody, never told when and what lightsaber you get. Only thing is for shure that LucasArts whanted that KOTOR2 would more consentrate on JEDI character, that means you wount need to run half of the game with blasters until you finaly find a lightsaber.
  14. personal, not personal, but you ARE a jedi and you get a lightsaber in the begining
  15. The publishers demanded that the game would have you as a jedi character form the begining of the game. So that means you will get you lightsaber in the begining of the game too.
  16. I vote for Atris and Mysterious Sith Lady I like mysterious women
  17. I'm form Eupore but I always try to get american versions becose they always coming out sooner. And I always get
  18. I used General Grevous style, when runing around I coulnd stop pushing X (keybord), the animation was awsom, much beter, fun, and sound better to than using single blade of two-bladed. I like the sound of lighrsabers in action so General Grevous NR1
  19. I wonder will ending of KOTOR1 have the conection with ending of KOTOR2, I mean we all know that the begining of KOTOR2 is the ending of KOTOR1 (whell only 5 year diference ) but still . KOTOR1: If Raven won (the LS ending) then what hapened to all the Jedi? Souldn't Jedi spreed? And if Raven won (DS ending) shouldn't he be the leader of the Sith now trying to destroy the Respublic? Will the ending be connected with how you answer the questions in the begining of the game? The game won't have eney flashbacks or future visions so Raven won't comeback as your character ( I think )
  20. I liked voices in english KOTOR1, but I didn't heard russian. Personaly to me the best company is Golden Games (they make only english versions) and all movies and sound are in the game they never cut them like some other "buisnismen" do trying to earn more money in lover number of the cd's. But most of the sellers (at least of thous I now) always tell me witch copy is full and witch has some things cut out. But I couldn't even by KOTOR1 TODAY :angry: not to mension KOTOR2 becose nobody is shiping this game to my country. If you want original you must order it personaly from other europe companyes, but then you better get ready 250$ for the game becose most europe put very high prices on the games. To them it low but not from where I'm from Prated Copy> Release date 1 week around the official release date. Mostly before the the official release date Only 5$ No bugs, and if there are you can go and change the game into bugfree, and it only takes 1 h.
  21. Personaly I doubt that they going to release offical Russian version. So if theres going to be one (offical I men) than you will have to waith a little longer after the release date. But why wait when you can get more cheaper and more quicker But I always download games from frends using ftp, even more cheaper, only buy when I find noone who has the game I need, But becose pirates are using dvd copyes now such games cost only 2$
  22. Does enybody now when are they going to release the information abouth the characters with they'r portraits. Game is going to be out soon now (atleast on Xbox) so I see no problem in doing so, unles the publishers are going to start protesting against it again :angry: Cha!!! :D Come to think of it the publishers should take the role of the Sith. They'r perfect for this role
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