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  1. My favorite part: "X feature sucks." Compared to what? Compare Pillars of Eternity to whatever comes next not what came out 15 years ago because everything sucks compared to Baldur's Gate. Good thing is you can always go back and enjoy Baldur's Gate for the 40th time.
  2. Oh no, they are static. The only spell you need to boost your deflection is Llengrath's Displaced Image and you only use it on hardest encounters, by level 7 a Wizard can cast it 6 times and each time lasts 63 seconds with 18 int. I think resting once every 6 hard encounters is quite reasonable, I wouldn't consider it spamming. I'm loving playing on Hard difficulty with just 2 resting supplies.
  3. You sacrifice lots offensive potential for this, though. Getting to 21 CON is not trivial and comes at a huge cost. What do you mean? http://i.imgur.com/erC68ol.jpg +24% action speed from dex? Can't say my wizard misses that 24%, barely uses couple spells at hardest encounters. Tanky wizard with a robe is quite fast for any encounter and extremely, extremely durable.
  4. You sacrifice lots offensive potential for this, though. Getting to 21 CON is not trivial and comes at a huge cost. What do you mean? http://i.imgur.com/erC68ol.jpg
  5. Can't say co-cky in these forums? (????) Censorship is out of hand and far deep into the realm of stupidity when you enforced this kind of silliness.
  6. I have my human Wizard with 21 CON at lvl 7, gave him a dope shield, a dope weapon, a dope robe and not only can he hold the line on his own with 130 endurance and 70 deflection... he can also cast on himself that lvl 3 spell Llengrath's Displaced Image that makes him EXTREMELY hard to be hit by the enemy. Is like those buffs from BG mirror image and what not, all combined in 1 spell. My best tank? Wizard. hands down, up and around. Far better than standing on the back just doing auto-attack. My Wizard tank has so many defenses when buffed up that enemies outright ignore him allowing him to cast as many spells as he wants while on the front line or surrounded when there are not chokepoints to take advantage of. And if you feeling ****y, cast on yourself : Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff – Creates a quarterstaff, with a bonus chance to hit and gives the wizard endurance with each successful strike Deleterious Alacrity of Motion – The wizard will attack faster Enjoy your tanking Wizard.
  7. Too many idiots who won't take the game for what it offers. They expected something else. Preferably "my idea of how this should be which is FAR better than this ****".
  8. No fix for the intelligence stat decreasing damage over time in spells instead of increasing it?
  9. I've reported you to the moderators for being a clown. Nothing personal. Just trying to help here... it is my goal to improve the community as a whole with your removal from these forums.
  10. You are correct. Some people go as far as to say that "this is a great mechanic, you have to choose carefully when to use your limited spells". Well, guess what, if you aren't using your spells your Wizard is just doing auto-attack... Watching your character do that animation over and over without any input from the player for a laughable damage. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? If you want to play a caster, Cipher does far more damage, has higher utility debuffs and you can use the spells per encounter not per rest. You playing on Hard? Cipher is even more power than a Wizard since the Cipher spells are not limited by just 2 camping supplies.
  11. I have yet to run out of spells on my wizard before I rest. Don't just casually sling them. Use them strategically so they do the most damage to enemy they can. Like using fireball on 2-3 enemies is a total waste. Don;t also use them in fights you know you will win and without problem. I use a lot of Aloth's 2p Encounter aoe with Raw dmg and gave his attack Blast upgrades. Exactly. Wizards in a party are forced to just use auto-attack until a challenging encounter comes up so you can use your spells without "wasting them". Other classes can use their spells in all encounters without being limited by camp supplies therefore being more engaging for the player.
  12. If you enjoy a spell casting class, I recommend a Cipher with ranged weapon, blunderbuss preferably. Squishy but deals a lot of damage and it is far more engaging than a Wizard requiring the player to be more focused into playing the class than a Wizard where all you can do is watch auto-attack until a challenging encounter comes up so you can use your spells.
  13. The biggest oversight for me from the developers regarding the Wizard class is their lack of thought towards how camping supplies determine the power of the class itself. By playing on Hard difficulty, you are massively dampening your Wizard potential by having only 2 rest supplies. A Wizard capability in combat shouldn't be stopped by resting supplies. I think that is extremely silly. Having to wait for lvl9 to unlock per encounter spells is quite over kill for a class that is supposed to be the Master of the Arcane. Your Wizard is quite the lackluster class as it is, increasing the difficulty makes the Wizard class even more useless due to the limited camping supplies while other spell casting classes with overall better spells, remain unaffected due to their ability to cast spells per encounter. Even with 20 Int , the bonus to duration of spells is lacking and with 20 might the damage is extremely low compared to other classes even while taking AoE damage into account.
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