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  1. This. I didn't learn that I missed out on this spear until after I let him go. I like talking my way out of fights with my Cypher. My eventual Bleak Walker play through might play out a bit differently
  2. i crafted 10 paralyze scrolls and pretty much locked them down
  3. So basically you want to punish people for using tactics? Btw, the AI does the samething to an extent. Caster never rush forward and let the front line fighters engage and the AI has a very nasty habit of targeting the weakest link if they can get a shot at them
  4. Just wanted to add no need to make a back up dsave as you can have multiple games going and each saves under that particular PC name
  5. There is no alignment in this game which is awesome, so Bleak Walkers aren't Evil they just believe in stopping conflict by any means necessary
  6. NO, the system is fine. You don't have to use the stash if you don't want too.
  7. While Steam offers offline support and I use it myself, but you can't beat GoG in this area
  8. Keys or game? Read the Topic: "Keys ? When ?" Yeah, it was more wishful thinking on my part Guess I'll continue my BG2 EE campaign while i wait for this
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