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  1. resolve is fine where it is, constitution could use a small chance to completely resisting an affliction, say one or two percent per point invested over ten. malus if used as a dump stat.
  2. The Tactics system. Really well thought out system for priorities and ability queue for combat, based on enemy type, range or who they were attacking. Flexible and configured in relatively plain english, as far as menus went in the game it was also easy to use and not hideous. Like most pc/console games, it had uninspired menu and inventory systems. The Tactics part was really brilliant. The fact there were actual abilities melee classes could plug into those tactics slots was just icing on the cake. The fact the tactics system became useless when mages could combo ice and lightning aoes at th
  3. One mechanic I have always thought favoured the rogue class was the gambit and advantage system, a series of abilities that in combination unlock attack variants to a coup de grace then reset. Some of these would be +damage type abilities, others much more akin to your tanglefoot bag and choking dust. They could be resource based, but I think making a rogue character carry around inventory to unlock 'fun **** to do' compared to a whizzard who just needs to rest, isn't really a great mechanic. I can see limited number of uses per encounter being a useful balance mechanism however, cooldowns too
  4. I think it's been stated that companions are more or less one per class, so the only way to go about a five chanter or paladin party would be through the adventurer's hall. Sharing a character class with one shouldn't be a redundant exercise or really prohibit their part in the narrative due to game mechanics and that's really an issue that needs to be addressed. Where companions of similar class really open up hooks and dialogue, there's more often than not a real, screaming in your face gameplay reason not to bring them along. I think that's an important issue, whether or not a five cleric g
  5. As we're talking about rogues being able to open up alternative narrative paths and quest solutions through skill use, there is something else to consider. Rogues, or sub-types, often become to the go to class for access to those quest branches and skill checks, while other classes get left behind to a great extent. I think this is going to be solved by pairing the party system with more open-ended skill development to a great deal but it's an issue in crpgs, to access game content or to have options while accessing said content, play a rogue or rogue sub-type. Want to get the most out of
  6. I think they intend to go with more open-ended skill development, so mages and warriors and druids, oh my, will be able to lockpick and sneak around with the best of them. We don't really know much about feat, talent or perk development yet, or even what they'll be called, but the idea of being able to sub other classes development paths is interesting. I think it's safe to say we all consider the rogue something of a swiss army knife type class, a bit more liberal in development options and character concepts than most classes. Brawlers and thugs in heavy armor, sneakthieves with stealth and
  7. My favourite D&D spell is 'Summon Bag of Angry Cats'. I think it's a cantrip but may be a level one spell and it's purpose is fairly simple. You summon the bag and throw it at someone. Good fun and possibly lethal for the low level mage who fails their toss check, as your common D&D housecat is capable of damage in excess of level one wizard hit dice. And you just fumbled a bag of them. I also like the cliche of whimsical cursed objects. Nothing terribly damaging or disadvantageous to the player and fun, with a sense of self-aware humour. Most fantasy games have 'bags of holding' o
  8. As far as 'realism' goes, some people 'really' like playing light-fighters that stab people in the back for bonus damage. They like the playstyle and it's just a damage bonus modifier to regular combat rolls, so it's not complex or time consuming to add. If the character system allows for that as well as standing off to the side with some acid bombs and bags of glue for the rogue archetype, then it's a good system and both deserve to be there. If it also allows for a sword and board type rogue who yells nasty words at people to manage soft agro game mechanics, which add another level of comple
  9. As a background feat, it could be pretty cool. Say -5% chance to hit, since weapons aren't weighted for left-handed people, but gives a 2% to cause a random status effect (blind, bleed, cripple, knockdown etc) because people just aren't used to fighting southpaws.
  10. One of the ways to keep more archaic armors on a level playing field is through assigning damage reduction types to various materials, then raised or lowered based on cultural type. You can initially gate choices behind quest hubs for various cultures, allowing for item tier progression and storyline interaction. As an example, our human, pistols and sword skirmishing cipher uses a chain shirt at level one. It's slightly heavier than hide or leather, reducing stamina regeneration and movement speed somewhat, but offers another 5 points of damage reduction against slashing and piercing damage,
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