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  1. I think all classes SHOULD be able to focus on combat-related skills, but they don't have to be equal in a damage-per-round (DPR) measurement. Different types of damage are useful, but crowd control and debuffing mechanics are also useful and impact the overall fighting prowess of a class.
  2. I think the distinction between backstab and sneak attack is important to this discussion. Sneak attack implies that the stealthiness the rogue has practiced gives her the element of surprise, and so she is able to make an attack on an unaware opponent, whereas backstab is simply an attack from behind. Anyone should be able to attack from behind, but it should be easier for a rogue to catch someone from behind unawares because of her skill at sneaking. I think "flank-style backstab" should always confer a melee damage bonus, but fighters shouldn't necessarily be able to get behind someone t
  3. Roleplaying a hidden mastermind is also very appealing (think Darth Sidious), especially for an evil-tilted party.
  4. A great game compels the player to immerse himself in both the narrative and mechanical aspects of the experience, intertwining the two in such a way that he becomes a passionate fan of each.
  5. This encapsulates my preferences very succinctly. Additionally, I also loved the music from IWD1, especially the Kuldahar theme. Little things about the artwork in IWD like the grainy wood on the main menu and loading screens were atmospheric touches that impacted the feel of the game. My biggest hope for PE is to surpass all the IE games by creating more lively, interactive cities, where I can sandbox around as a thief or priest or something doing class-oriented activities that aren't necessarily quest/main story driven.
  6. I don't think you can take AC to that high level and not include HP in the abstraction. If what you said is true, and AC is only responsible for preventing damaging contact to the physical body, then it should be possible for me to do HP damage without hitting the target's Armour Class. Which we know is impossible because AC is the target number for an attack roll. Why should I be able to do HP damage? Hit Points, as we know, are not isoalted to a measure of one's health, they are also a measure of one's combat training and fighting ability. Which is why they increase with level, the chara
  7. Tracking reputation with multiple parameters is something I would also love to see in PE. I think actions like slaying a village and having it known would be engaging. Also, since the setting is not the communication era (i.e. cell phones, and nearly ubiquitous internet access) I think it would be great if my PC could have more or less defining character features that make him easier/more difficult to recognize to an unknown NPC. If I had a face tattoo of a dragon, and I slaughtered all but one witness, people would fear the "man with the dragon tattoo." If I looked like a pig farmer, peop
  8. I like the concept of AC, but it's not favored here apparently. Everyone is trying to explain AC in terms of "to hit" chance, but it isn't a measure of making contact, it's a measure of making damaging contact. anybody will gain some protection against a body blow by putting armor on, which is why heavy armor boosts more than light armor. However, someone in light armor can benefit from an unusually high agility, if they are so gifted, which also contributes to AC. AC is more of an abstraction than hit chance/damage reduction, but it is a legitimate, effective game mechanic and has be
  9. What if, rather than specific tags popping up, you could select a social skill (e.g. bluff, diplo, intimidate), then select the line of dialogue you wanted to use that skill with? That way there would not be tags, but you could choose to use your skills as much or as little as you like, giving more control to your character's personality and relationships with different individuals. Furthermore, the game could keep track of the number of times you choose to be intimidating, lie, diplomatic, etc., and you could get a reputation in different towns/regions (for lying, you would get a reputation
  10. While I prefer a single physical damage defense score as I said earlier in the thread (due to its simplicity and me not having an issue imagining why someone didn't cause damage on any particular attack), I agree this discussion could benefit from fewer anecdotal examples and more clear suggestions. Here are my thoughts on a (martial) defense system in terms of game mechanics. This only pertains to armor, not shields/weapons that could be used for block/parry. I'll leave that to others. I support these 3 variables for a given piece of armor: +X damage reduction -Y stamina/round of
  11. I agree about "straight nostalgia" because nostalgia isn't what it used to be But, for example, we are all looking forward to the isometric view and the beautifully painted landscapes, right? Nostalgia has definitely helped to fuel the excitement with backing this game. I doubt most people are looking for a strict repeat mechanically, but we all hope that it can improve on what was done before while still reminding us of the good ol' days.
  12. Well if it's LEGENDARY, I agree that most people would have common knowledge of an item, but what about a UNIQUE magic item created by some crazy hermit or mad sorcerer that was buried hundreds to thousands of years ago in some forgotten cave or lair? Why would anybody, even scholars, have detailed knowledge of the item?
  13. I agree that making a game that is true to original IE games is important for the backers who have jumped in two-feet first to see this game made, but I don't think the issue of "hardcoreness" is determined by HP vs. HP + stamina. It's not going to be inherently easier if it uses this different mechanic, but it could definitely lose some of the viscous nostalgia that is oozing from the project right now if it meanders too far from what everyone remembers.
  14. From the way you described it I certainly hope your right. If at anytime I ever read a review that says.. "I survived and my other party members got up after the fight was over", then I'm not buying it. that is not baldur's gate, planescape, or IWD. That's dumbed down nonsense. What if a party member went unconscious, but your opponent didn't have time to deliver a killing blow because he was immediately attacked by another of your party members? Are you saying nobody should ever fall in combat unless they are dead?
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