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  1. I reiterate my point. If a single party member goes down and then gets up at the end of battle, its a no buy from me. Going in head strong, one guy survives, and we all do is NOT good. That is Mass Effect Garbage... If your going to use legendary names from RPG era's gone by, the lest you can do is live up to the vast immersion they brought. Seemingly immortal party members is not part of immersion. It's part of newb play that has affected every RPG sence. And it needs to end.
  2. A perfect example would be George Lucas re-releasing star wars, but getting all the extra special effects that weren't what you remember as a kid. re-release a classic and make it as close to what people loved and remembered from years gone by... I'm a purist on this kind of stuff
  3. I'm saying a company should not be introducing modern life death mechanics into a game that is clearly marketed to old school gamers using brands that were the pinnicle of the rpg genre... What it effectively does is pull on the nostalgia strings of gamers like me who long for a past time where things were a certain way, and then muck it up with modern stuff that has nothing to do with the past. It bugs me to no end. You wanna remake a classic and bring back that old school feel? Don't insert crap that reminds us of modern day gaming... It would be no different than if they ma
  4. Why they have this system at all when they are using names like baldur's gate and iwd to market this kickstarter to get attention and money is beyond me. You want the classics to come back and people are excited, yet you introduce modern easy mode crap that this particular segment of the market didn't have from those very same classics. it makes 0 sense.
  5. From the way you described it I certainly hope your right. If at anytime I ever read a review that says.. "I survived and my other party members got up after the fight was over", then I'm not buying it. that is not baldur's gate, planescape, or IWD. That's dumbed down nonsense.
  6. I fight monster... Lose stamina down to 0, and some health along the way.. My character passes out... (lol) Monster switches target... Monster gets killed... I get up... Re-Tar-Ded. As opposed to.. I fight monster... Lose health (stamina being independent mechanic for swinging of sword or casting of spells) I lose stamina down to 0 (become very ineffective for fighting) Continue fighting health goes to 0 I die. No going to sleep on the battle field. No having one party member survive encounter and everyone wakes from their nice little na
  7. Yea sorry... As soon as I saw the word "unconscious" I lost all interest. If I wanted that crap I'd play ME or Dragon Age. I saw baldur's gate in the video, of people who are making this and got overly excited. I'll know better next time not to expect game mechanics that make sense from an immersion and realistic point of view. Getting stabbed in the chest doesn't mean you lose "stamina" it means you lose a thing called "blood" All I can hope for is this game being modifiable to a point where I can play it without feeling like an x-man.
  8. Bargain bin it is then... Oh well.... So much for this game. Guess I'm doomed to reminisce on titles that don't have wolverine style party members.
  9. I perfer the pause system of Baldur's gate and Planescape myself. As long as there's no stupid crap like regenerating health and injury kits like in dragon age, this game is a must buy for me. My party members getting up and brushing themselves off after having a sword thru the head, completely breaks immersion for me.
  10. I just found out about this game, and have been dying to finally play another isometric rpg (as I absolutely hate the constant trend of everything either being fps, 3rd person, or 3d in general) I'm still hoping another fallout game goes back to the classic style, I'm in love with it so much. That being said... I was totally let down by the regenerating health and lack of immersion involved in games like Dragon Age... Raise Dead.. Healing spells, and having to keep your party members alive adds so much to the experience for me. so I implore you.. Please.. for the love
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