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  1. Bah! Look at Gladiator, perfect example. I'd rather be a general than an emperor. The emperor/"leader", is never as strong as the General. The general is the guy out in the field getting his hands dirty, the "leader" simply signs the paychecks from behind a desk. Its only natural that the Exile would come out on top in a fight. But running an army does require a man with a good handle on paperwork, I'm sure Revan is an unholy terror wielding a pen.
  2. In ROTJ, I didn't want to see Han, Leia, and Chewie die, with Luke the only survivor. Why? Because this is Star Wars. Vader dieing was good. If my girls had gotten whacked that wouldn't have gone over very well. And I sort of saw Atton as a kid brother, a few rough spots and a few mistakes in the past, but no reason he couldn't get another chance. Theres also the cut materail itself. Is that actually complete? I rather doubt it. I'd bet there were options to let them live and/or avoid the death completely. If the cut material had been finished it would've been put in. Time constraints just made sure that portion of it never even made it to disk. Afterall, in Planescape, EVERYone dies but the Nameless One, but you get to rez them before the finale. This probably would've been like that, if not for being rushed.
  3. Sorry, but this game has made way too much money for there not to be a third. I wouldn't be surprised if it is "in the works" already. Everybody wants a payday, and the sooner the game is done, the sooner that day arrives. I just hope Lucas Arts' "want" doesn't overpower their common sense(what little there is of it) and have them force production scedules, again.
  4. Gah! Why did I watch that trailer?!?!? Now, when I see the movie I'll find that the trailer had all the good parts, taken out of context, and I'll be hideously let down. Just like the last two movies. Ah well, I guess I can always hope that George woke up and did something to make up for jarjar. Hope springs eternal...
  5. Normally, I don't say I like someones art, or that I dislike it. This isn't normally. I hope you get paid for drawing, you have too much talent to let it go to waste. Good job.
  6. Vrook is no Jedi, pure and simple. You want proof? Talk to the droid on Dantooine at the landing pad. Get it to play back the episode of Vrook's hatred towards the Exile while the Exile was still only a padawan. Require more proof? Ask the Council why you were exiled. What does Vrook do? He lies! If not for Zez-Kai El speaking up, old Vrooky boy would head off on another "you fought the Mandalorians while I cowered on Couruscant" tirade. He makes me puke. The only good Vrook, is a dead Vrook. Truly the most satisfying moment in the game is when you laughingly tell him your analyzing his style and have mastered it. The fear in his response, oh yeah, its swEEt. Come to think of it, you get DS points for killing the mercenaries in the cave, but no DS points for attacking Vrook, even though you have the option to avoid combat with him. Clearly a sign...
  7. Try Tales of the Jedi, Golden Age of the Sith, Redemption, they're comic books. Long out of print, but the graphic novels "may" still be around, not sure. Theres always ebay if they're out of print. Those stories center on the time of KoTOR, or more precisely, 40 years before with Exar Kun and Cel Droma's war.
  8. It looks like I would've enjoyed fighting Dark Atris rather than Kreia. The more I see, the more let down I am that this thing got rushed. Ah well, maybe K3 in a couple years will be different.
  9. The real irony here is that Lucas Arts caused an unfinished product. Its been almost thirty years since Star Wars was released, and George Lucas still screams and cries that his producers forced him to release his movie before he was done. Now, his own company does the very same thing, and he still has the unmitigated gaul to point the finger at others. Hypocrisy at its worse. I didn't know they were actually considering a content patch. It would be in Obsidian's best interests to produce one, but I doubt Lucas will allow it. Not their style.
  10. I'm on playthrough five at the moment. With all the class combinations there always seems to be a different angle to take. Add in the LS/DS and you have a lot of combinations to look at. Besides, I've been off work with back problems for a couple weeks. Without this game, daytime TV would've driven me mad...
  11. The eyes of the Miraluka seem to be an EU discrepancy. In the time of KoTOR, they have sightless eyes. Milky white and unable to see. Apparently, at some later point in time they lose the eyes all together. I guess a lot can happen in 4000 years.
  12. I just want to say thank you to the original poster for bringing this up. It validates every suspiscion I ever had of Vrook. I really do think he forms bonds like the Exile but not as strong, and he's afraid of the Exile taking the council from him. Vandar and Zhar were strong enough to resist him, but Kavar and Zez obviously weren't. They seem to be your friends when you talk to them, definetly in your camp. Then along comes Vrook and they're convinced you need your eyes gouged out, err, I mean the force stripped from you. Oh yeah, same thing. Truly a satisfying moment when I killed him on Darkside.
  13. Something rather small that I don't think anyones commented on yet. The badguy of the moment, i.e. the Sith Lord your gunning for, is always at the start of the game on the load page. It changes as you progress through the game. But, when you play darkside and win, it puts up a picture of YOUR character. One of the many little things this game did right that few folks notice... Gotta say, having NPCs only in your party was good twist as well. People may complain the game is too easy, but on my first run through my npc only party died a few times. It also adds yet another touch of realism.
  14. Killing Vrook was the only reason I played a darkside game. And it was worth every second. Never enjoyed killing a video character like I enjoyed killing Vrook. Good times! Anyway, you got the LS end, if you have a prior save, maybe try going back before Onderron and redoing the Vaklu/Talia issue.
  15. I've got an ATI X800, had one crash in three playthroughs. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in what you hear on forums. People are far more likely to cry about something than praise it. End result, negativity is always a "popular" trend. Buy the game.
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