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  1. I'm happy to see the art direction leans more heavily on IWD series rather than any other IE game. Torment would have been fine too.
  2. So you stipulate that the only thing going on in the entire world is what the PC is doing. If they're off-camera, how do you know what they've been doing? For all you know they went and killed 4,000 dragons and they rightfully ought to be level 50 by now. too funny. very good point.
  3. IF P:E is as long as I think it'll be (100+ hours for a single play through) than I'm more than OK with non-party companions leveling up with your party. When I play through a second time I'll use different party members if I wish.
  4. i'm not worried about fetch quests being a prevelant occurance in PE at all. OE knows they want to make an RPG that harkens back to the old IE games. This primarily means better combat tactics compared to modern day RPGs AS WELL AS avoiding lackluster writing and uncreative feth quests everywhere you turn. As stated above... the older IE game's "fetch quests" weren't called fetch quests back then because they had a story behind them and didn't entail killing # of creatures just to level up.
  5. Well I hope the landing didn't hurt then. Shrug. Give it a try: what fresh and unique ideas have you got? It did hurt! lol I don't know... I wasn't thinking so creatively... I think we can agree most of us think of personal artifacts in RPG's (esp D&D style RPG's) as buffs to stats... so maybe these stronghold artifacts can be buffs to your stronghold?? Extra storage for items? Different banners/artifacts you can earn and hang up outside that can bolster your fame in town for better prices on gear? dunno lol you can be my DM anytime! I do like your ideas I just don't think sieges/dragons or even thieving is going to be implemented on your stronghold. Have the devs said anything about this? If they implemented thieves robbing your stronghold (if you stay away too long lets say) I think having a pet you can have at your stronghold for security would be cool... You come home and your 4 hellhounds have mauled 4 thieves and all their gear is laying about.
  6. not a fan of the feature BUT if it's an option the devs put in to appease the fans that want it it won't hurt anyone. All of us that wouldn't use it, don't have to.
  7. lol I was on board with you but you've thrown me off your train... Though I do think there can definitely be some fresh and unique uses for non-weapon artifacts on your PC or in your stronghold.
  8. Interesting opinion rjshae.... What do you imagine an artifact that you stored/displayed in stronghold do for you while questing? or do you think there could be other uses to it?
  9. As this IS a FAN funded game. I'd love it if they could throw us small updates once a week... even if it's to talk about what they've worked on or which direction they've decided to take on areas of the game not yet decided. But I know I'm dreaming.
  10. 2D portraits for sure. However whether they should be BG style or the darker IWD style shoudl depend ont he atmosphere of PE right? I mean IWD had a much darker feel to it and the portraits fit the game's atmosphere. Either way I feel OE should allow custom PC and companion portraits to be uploaded so each gamer is happy.
  11. I agree that would be a great idea!!! XCOM EU does this with dice rolls per mission and I would think would be pretty easy to implement... but then again I'm not a dev lol
  12. agree with OP. I do hope the dev team will keep many of these issues in mind over some of the other wishes/demands I've seen so far in these forums.
  13. seems 6 one way, 1/2 dozen the other. Either way a % will hit and a % will miss.
  14. whether 4M is enough or not I do know that many others INCLUDING myself didn't find out about the Kickstarter until after it had already ended and I wish I could have contributed. I personally feel 4M is more than enough for them to build the project they want to build for us and that's enough peace of mind for me.
  15. I feel the closer they stay to the IE games, regarding loot, the better. I do agree that there should be some variation of loot for normal items and gear but hand placed unique gear.
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