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  1. Understanding the evil Avellone. Where does it say that he lacks accounting and financial qualifications? Chris repeatedly mentioned that curtain, which I interpret as he doesn't know much at all about that. Should I link Feargus' Linkdin profile (which he did himself) or you can find it yourself? He doesn't list any education regarding financies or accounting. Formal accounting skills alone for instance don't make great CEOs. In particular in a field such video games development. A CEO of such company should be be aware of the medium and understand more than just finance or accounting. He is leading the company and can always hire experts for accounting purposes. What he can't hire are experts to say where the company should take direction. I think in his critical function Urghart has more or less proved himself. Remember that he has been doing this since Black Isle days. I'd like to think that he has picked quite many skills and learned quite a lot during 20 + years as he has lead independent studio focused on rpgs.
  2. To be honest, my thoughts are mixed. Perhaps Obsidian leadership should take a hard look at the mirror and reflect this, since they obviously didn't handle this well, but at the same I can't say that I approve Avellone's actions. I just think his behaviour isn't professonal. First he keeps throwing mud at Obsdian with snarky myriad comments for months etc, then he fires the full salty load right before the launch of PoE 2. But maybe it all tells a lot about hurt feelings. In any case as a fan, I can't say this or that since i'm not privy to all the details. I just hope that Chris realizes that he is not coming clean out of this mess either.
  3. I should have probably not even replied in this thread since we're just outsiders debating about a very personal subject. At the end of day this is all speculation. But since I'm already here, I will just add that In general the reason for someone leaving a company can be a better offer, a personal reason of some kind, wanting to try something new or any number of other perfectly valid causes. As for Katrina (or any other developer who decides to leave Obsidian), we aren't privy of her personal life or even work life other than what she wants to share on social media. I get why you desire to wonder deeper since you care, but I think you're seeing smoke where there isn't. Secondly I think that there is nothing inherently improper or dirty in wanting to advance in one's career. When a long project ends, it is natural to begin thinking of one's options and place in life. Remaining in one place and in the same position many many years doesn't seem very beneficial to me. When your professional skills grow and you gain more experience, it is sensible to look for more senior level positions and even better salary. And by doing that, your expertise grows even further and you make room for someone else who wants to get his or her foot in the business. It is not showing lack of integrity for a person wanting to advance.
  4. Hmm that is an intresting question indeed. I quess there is not one specific answer for me. It is many number of things that contribute this choise. Lets say that I'm playing the game first time. How do I choose a specific class? From the pure gameplay perspective: I've always liked mixing magic with melee. I've enjoyed playing classes like battlemages, warlocks, fightermages, jedis and such. Then again I've also liked stealthty warrior types such as fighter-thieves, assasins, rangers etc. So these preferences guide me naturally to some extent. However more strongly I put emphasis on my idea of the main character. I try to visualise and imagine some part of my own persona to the game character. Like for example: I'm not a religious person and I tend to value intellect and reason over faith and strong convictions. That all being said, I have certain principles too like acting lawfully, defending weak against bullies, being mercifull and reasonable etc. I tend to build a character I can enjoy playing "naturally". Ofcourse I can play evil characters or zealot type characters if I put the effort, but it never feels as enjoyable to me. And I do detest "goody two shoes" type characters as well. I'm not any kind of saint in real life (although I try to become a better person every day like most humans) and I can't imagine my character ever being one. I like character flaws both in character persona and in statistical sense as well. Then I also try to imagine some kind of intresting backstory for this character which fits to the gameworld, the character class and race. Backrounds in PoE were really terrific as those helped my imaginations fly better. So my first character in PoE was an human cipher hailing from ixamitl plains. His backround was scholar. First of all the class concept of Cipher spoke to me very well. The concept felt so intriguing right from the begining of the orginal kickstarter campaign. I loved the idea of mixing psionic powers with swords. That was just cool as hell. Something truly unique and fresh. And it only helped when I learned that it also seemed like a perfect fit story wise. In addition since I'm one kind of a scholar in real life, I revered the description of that cultural backround which I quote here: "The Ixamitl culture is one of the oldest in the world, though one of the least imperialistic, having spread out little over the past several thousand years. Ixamitl society places a strong emphasis on learning and scholarship and honors their philosophers and literati." It fitted so perfectly to my character idea and it seems like a such an inspiring place to spend early years of one's life. Yet for several reasons my character left the safety of his home and joined that caravan. Maybe he wanted to discover the lost history of ancient cultures and maybe my character wanted to better understand the nature of these mental powers and understand the visions he was experienceing in his dreams... Ah, but sorry rambling this much. I'm afraid I cannot offer you one specific answer!
  5. I don't get all this conspiracy nonsense. Gamebiz is like this: Projects end, some people remain while other people move on and start new chapters in their lives. If you get a good offer, you take it. That is how you build your carreer. That is perfectly normal behaviour in any business. I just want to say big thanks to Katrina Garsten for helping PoE2 to become such a sucess. As a loyal Obsidian fan and their long time consumer, I think her input on PoE2 campaign was awesome. Putting a shipped game like PoE2 in a resume should be a great achievement.
  6. Forcing player to buff constantly is kind of chore. It's one aspect of baldur's gates which I find a bit taxing. Sure it brings some strategy, but near TOB campaign, things went to the extreme. Or those dragon fights which were won by using perfect protections. Then again PoE went to the other extreme by allowing almost no pre-buffing at all which I found a bit artificial at times. I knew I was about to face bunch of enemies, but I could not cast protective spells before the fight. I don't have a perfect solution, but one thing I'd do is limit the ammount of positive buffs / protections player can cast on each character... Lets say that you can cast: -only 1 elemental protection per character or 1 elemental damage buff, -only 1 physical protection per character or 1 physical damage buff -only 1 mental/magic protection per character or 1 mental/magic damage buff So 3 protection/buff spells max per character. If you tried casting more, the spells would start cancelling eachother.
  7. Its nice to notice that almost all of those points have been fullfilled. Encounters during sea voages? check, although not random, but designed encounters. Naval warfare and capturing enemy ships? check Extra maps? check (uncharted islands) More potential companions? check Hiring ship crew? (check if we get 4,5 million and with slacker backers we likely will., so check) Gambling, drinking and side activities? Didn't they say that they are going to have some side activities? And there is that fishing scretch goal, so... ps. damn typos, been drinking here as well
  8. To improve rogue and to make him more intresting class to play, they need to improve the stealth mechanics. Rogue should be the assassin who dissapears during the heat of battle and pops behind the next enemy to slice his troath. He should be the party scout who sneaks behind enemy lines and takes out the enemy leader even before the battle starts with few precise strikes. And he is the guy who disables and criples the enemy tanks with ease and dances to the safety underneath their blades. I quess I'm saying, make rogue awesome again. In pillars he was really lackluster class. Rogue should be the stealth expert who deals massive damage with grace and skill. He should be able to put bombs in enemy enemy pockets, place the most crippling traps and deploy the deadliest poisons.
  9. Top three? wow thats a tough ask. Well I'll try. 1. Baldur's gate saga aka Bg1 + TosC + Bg 2 + TOB. Can't separate these games anymore. I just love the whole saga. I happen to do a yearly replay and nowdays with the brand new EE editions. Heck I may have to actually add the siege of dragonspear dlc to that list so its actually: bg1+tosc -> SoD -> Bg2 -> Tob. Hundreds of hours of party based d&d content with RtwP combat can't get any better... Yes i am a baldur's gate nut. 2. Witcher trilogy. The saga gets just better by each game. Witcher 3 itself may be the best rpg i've played in 10 years or so, but previous games are 5/5 for me as well. Great setting, wonderfull main character, awesome storyline... 3. Morrowind + bloodmoon + Tribunal. Its just one of those games I never get bored of. Its so rich and complex in every possible way. One of the most epic rpgs I've played. Larger than life. And the mods just take it to the next level. If I had more slots... 4. Both kotor games. I'm an huge star wars fan, so I do think they're both almost equally wonderfull. The first one is a more traditional star wars tale with a big story twist. However the sequel gives a whole new spin to star wars universe which is why it is actually quite brilliant. Maybe even better than the orginal game. Just be sure to download the the restoration patch for kotor 2. 5. Planescape Torment. You just have to play this game to understand why it is loved. Best storytelling i've seen in rpgs. A very text heavy game though, but the narrative is so well crafted and its quite well writen. I don't think it is a game which people replay often, but it really blows your mind when you play it first time. I have great expectations for the spiritual sequel, Numenera. 6. Gothic saga aka gothic 1 + gothic 2 gold. First two gothics are definite classics which everyone should play atleast once in their lifetime. Gothic 3 is quite different as it is an openworld game and definitely not same quality, but even it has become quite enjoyable with the community patch 1.75. Besides gothic 3 gameworld is an explorer's dream. 7. Dragon Age orgins (+dlcs). I don't really care that much about the sequels (I haven't yet played the inquisition though, so who knows how much I like it), but the first dragon age game was just awesome. The writing was top notch. In particular those great characters such as Alistar, Morrigan, leliana, wynne, oghren, Sten... And the gameplay is just darn well designed. Fun combat, good level design, wonderfull music score and awesome setting. I can't fault this game. And there is tons of mods available as well. 8. Skyrim + dlcs. I have just logged hunderds of hours for Skyrim. I know rpg purists tend to laugh at skyrim, but I just enjoy it. And the modding just takes it to the next level. So well crafted setting and gameworld. Fun gameplay. Open world exploration can't get any better. 9. Deus ex 1. I've replayed this game dozen times though. It is bloody amazing how reactive the gameworld is even if the main story remains quite linear. I recommand downloading the revision mod which fixes many bugs and updates the visuals, enchants the level design etc without changing the gameplay much. 10. Pillars of the eternity is nodoubt a great game. It gave me same kind of joy when I'm playing baldur's gates. I just can't wait to import my character to the sequel. I have great expectations Obsdian!
  10. Paladin + fighter = Cavalier Paladin + priest = Templar Paladin + chanter = Seeker Paladin + druid = Liberator Paladin + cipher = Inquisitor Paladin + ranger = Protector Paladin + Wizzard = Crusader Paladin + monk = Champion Paladin + rogue = Justiciar Paladin + barbarian = Berseker
  11. Random encounters! More potential companions for the party roster. Naval warfare and even capturing enemy ships like true pirates! Arrrrr! Hireing crew for your ship (perhaps even former companions). Extra maps like dungeons, villages and wilderness areas is always welcomed. Gambling, drinking and all kinds of sideactivities.
  12. Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully they upload the twitch stream soon. All that sounds really intresting. However I wonder how does it work thematically. Something like a druid-paladin or a monk-barbarian feels slightly weird. Weird can be good ofcourse and it will certainly allow us to create all kinds of crazy builds and write somewhat exotic backstories for our characters...
  13. Can we multiclass every character? Like can the multiclasses be any combination of the possible eleven base classes? Can kits (subclasses) be multiclassed?
  14. Well six is the magic number. Very unfortunate to hear that they have decided to decrease party size. I wasn't expecting that. To even have so called balanced classic party you're forced to have atleast a tank, a dps class, an healer and an offensive caster which leaves you only 1 extra slot. With six people party you have more room to experiment than with five people party. Its just basic mathematics. Also with six person party, you get to experience more party content at the same time. So having larger party seems like a no-brainer to me. Lastly six people party forces devs to design these big massive enemy encounters and I love that stuff. With five person parties encounters tend to become smaller... So I think they obviously did this to make development easier and maybe to cater newer players. I can understand the rationale, but it still feels somewhat dissapointing. Kind of weakens the classic baldur's gate feeling... All being said, obviously it is a choise which is pretty much set in stone at this point, so not much point complaining anymore I quess. The game seems really cool otherwise though. ps. Would be nice if they allowed modders to increase the party size.
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