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  1. Nice tidbits about grimoires. I interpret it like that: to cast a spell, you need some sort of spell focus. So, maybe you could use totems and hang your whole body full of items, or you can draw some kind of symbol on a sheet of paper and put it into your enchanted war-book, so you have a selection of spells ready to use without taking up a whole lot of space and weight. Extra bonus: the hide of the grimoire itself is enchanted with some kind of shockwave spell to get rid of pesky little melee fighters.
  2. Are you sure it's resistance? Maybe it's the Arrowcatchers, first and last line of defence.
  3. The first thing I thought about when I saw the emblem on his chest was this On deities: I'm really excited about the world building updates, as they are a bit more exciting at this early stage. The gods "power level" and where they get their powers from are interesting apsects. Do they gain their powers by the worship of their followers and consequently get weaker and die if there are no worshippers any more or are they natural (in the sense of being inherent to the world) manifestations? Are they essentially immortal or can they be killed, and if so, how? I can't wait for future upd
  4. Yeah, it seems Ubisoft has purchased the rights. I just hope they won't pull any always-online DRM stunts.
  5. It's really early in developement and I don't think any of the models are even remotely close to what they might look like in the finished game. We usually don't get an insight into game developement in such an early state, as there actually isn't much impressive stuff to show, except for some artwork. But with this crowdfund project (and some other devs with close community ties) we get to see some of the stuff they are working on, but we shouldn't forget what it is that we are seeing. On the other hand, I share your general sentiment. As superficial as it may sound, in my opinion the gre
  6. Great! I love this kind of developer who-is-who. Paradox did it in one of their Christmas calender specials and even though they are generally very close to the community, it was nice to have some faces and facts to put to the nicknames.
  7. Sorry, I don't want to make this thread a Steam/No-Steam debate. But what you describe is the very principle of digital distribution. Or is there a digital distribution service you don't need to register with? If gog, for some reason, deletes your account, I assume you loose access to your games as well. I haven't read their terms recently, so I'm not exactly sure if it is actually possible to get thrown out of gog, but as a business I'm fairly certain they have a clause like that in their terms. If you don't use "Steam DRM", Steam is nothing more than an elaborate download manager with s
  8. Well, an axe has nearly all of its mass in its head. A sword, if I'm not mistaken, is usually constructed to have a heavier hilt because the blade is longer and it is supposed to be balanced at or close to the crossguard or equivalent. It's all a matter of where your point of balance should be. We hold an axe and a sword at the hilt or at the bottom of the handle. Here, a sword is more balanced, as its point of balance is closer to where we hold it. If that is better or worse depends, as you say, on how we want to use it, of course. For chopping blocks of wood, you don't need much finesse
  9. Same here, but I guess for their first Kickstarter game and especially the first major attempt at isometric cRPG revival, they most likely wanted to do something a bit closer to the likes of BG or ID. Something the fans of these games feel right at home with. And that's probably why we have dwarves and elves and paladins. Personally, with a completely new IP, I had hoped they'd be a bit more innovative as well, but I'm still certain the game will come out great. On the matter at hand, I'm not sure. Vampires could work maybe more along the lines of soul vampires. As in, creatures, who f
  10. I just wanted to stress this. When Paradox started to use Steam as the primary distributor, there was a lot of discussions about it and how it would work. Turned out they were right. You can use Steam exclusively as a distribution platform. It is possible to start the downloaded game by the exe file from the game directory without even launching Steam. Of course, Steam features won't work if Steam isn't running. So, most people were all right with the move to Steam in the end.
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