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  1. I'll learn to live with the change, but I imagine that most of the people - like me - who are reacting negatively to the news, don't play a min-max game with their party composition, but pick parties of characters they think will be interesting for story purposes. This, it seems to limit the fun a freedom factor quite a bit, while at the same time I never noticed that the 6 man party setup would be bad in any way. I wouldn't mind a poll for backers for this issue, although generally speaking I think that dev should be deciding things, not backers.
  2. Found this on reddit when discussing the crowdfunding platform: https://youtu.be/hFX0f_YUn1I Personally I only knew that Fig exists and it looked like any other crowdfunding platform to me. I'd sort of expect Obsidian would have better conditions and less fees on Fig, at the same time Fig seems to be a lot more controversial and it seems like some people won't back the game just because of Fig. Anyway: seems like different backing options would be nice (so that people who don't like Fig could join), but maybe at the same time it could lower the total collected on Fig, which could mak
  3. Hi there. Sorry for reviving this ancient thread, but I'm not sure where else to ask. Just noticed that my Obsidian title probably wasn't applied, here's the old submission and confirmation. Do I have to do anything to make it visible, or is it just something that mods/admins do? Thanks and have a lovely day! PS: Any plans for doing this for PoE 2? We definitely should.
  4. Thanks! Makes me wonder whether we'll be able to import items, or just a few, or just pantalons in the sequel
  5. The Disappointer was touted as a powerful, reliable weapon, but it has consistently failed every one of its unfortunate owners. This is a terrible weapon that disappoints anyone who uses it. The gun appears well-made at first glance, but closer scrutiny reveals poor design and shoddy craftsmanship. Those who aren't fooled by its appearance still occasionally attempt to use it just to see if maybe the whole thing was made to look this way as an elaborate ruse, hoping that it is an artifact of extreme power, crafted by a master who desired to conceal its remarkable nature. It wasn't, and it isn
  6. They have holidays (it's also possibly the biggest/most significant christian holiday in predominantly catholic Poland). I talked to support and he told me they are volunteering to get the stuff done. And they did (released the patch <24hours), which is really great.
  7. Thanks guys, so far (54 hours in and far from the end) it's the best game I've played since VtMB. Huge thanks. Would definitely back again. (Also I hade a huge fear that I would dislike the game.. maybe not because it's bad, but I'd realise that I'm old fart who doesn't enjoy games anymore (had problem with numerous recent rpgs ("rpgs"?))..guess what! Didn't happen, I've been up til 2-3AM everyday, just can't get enough So thanks for saving my soul I guess
  8. It's worth noting that, for some reason, the site seems to be bugged if you use Chrome/Safari (or at least it was this morning), which resulted in me not being able to select my reward because my credits disappeared, which is both confusing and frustrating (I was basically asked to pay again the amount I payed during the KS campaign).
  9. Switching to Internet Explorer actually helped, but I ran to another problem, lost my credits and can't upgrade my old pledge, so I guess I'll have to wait.
  10. An error occurred processing your order. Please try again later. I keep getting this one, can't upgrade, tried both PP and credit card option. If I find a fix I'll let you know.
  11. Exactly the same reason brought me here, I´d love to see it soon. Ideally before Christmas, would be a nice gift for myself
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