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  1. Ah, well, seems like no Paypal option for the campaign then. The question is, will I be able to use my 5$ discount for backing previous part by backing PoE2 through backer portal later?
  2. So,where we are now? I expect they give us at least some word on this matter during Wednesday cause it's three days to the end of the campaign now.
  3. Well, their lack of willingness to do that before the campaign end is kinda obvious - they launched this project as promotion for Fig and that's also why they want the most of the money gathered there as opposed to gathering pledges through kickstarter or paypal/backer portal. There is a reason why half of the target amount of money is added by Fig (it's $1.32M right now). After huge success of PoE kickstarter campaign I bet they expected there would be even higher amount gathered for its second installment but so far they only gathered about third of this amount (yeah, people only donated about $1.39M as of now). There is also about third of kickstarter backers on Fig than it was on KS. Still, there is huge amount of people who are willing to back the game but only through backer portal or by Paypal (counting myself and at least three of my friends who already asked me about PoE2 paypal option several times). Not to mention the people who are unwilling to back the game through Fig site for whatever reason. Therefore it really baffles me why they don't want to make it happen. Considering Feargus involvement in a way Fig is their own portal and it would be no problem if they actually added money from existing backer portal and from paypal donations even during campaign on daily basis, right? One would expected they would think of those options prior to start of the campaign, preparing Paypal and backer portal option beforehand.. But it almost seems to me like they actually don't want our money.
  4. Really like the new update. I wonder what they can do with their new system. Really hope they'll show Bioware how romances and character relationships should be made.
  5. Still waiting for Paypal confirmation or for an option to back the game on eternity.obsidian.net portal (preferable). Please at least tell us if this would be an option before Fig campaign ends. Thanks.
  6. Have to say I kinda understand why people don't want to support anything where Tim Shafer has his say. On the other hand I absolutely love Obsidian folks and think only the best about Feargus Urquhart so it leaves me at stalemate because I would really want to support one and at the same time don't support the other.
  7. PoE1 did better though, 705k and 16,6k backers in the first day. http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/#chart-daily This is probably due to FIg as there are less people willng to back the game here and more would probably back it if it would be on Kickstarter. Still scratching my head thinking how Fig Funds actually works (which makes half of the PoE2 target number right now) and I wonder if they will be boosting the number even further. Well, it's kind of cheating a bit when you think about it as most people will perceive it as huge success while the actual numbers are lower but on the other hand it brings other people to pledge here faster and the word gets around which means more money to the game and that's always good.
  8. I hope so. Or after they actually reach the set goal. Would prefer the backer portal here but literally anything is better than Fig. Its SHADY! and everyone knows this much I guess cos no one explains sh**. Have you ever read their Terms of Use? (or SEC fillings, the most important part almost noone actually read?) I actually did. Aside from the fact that Tim Shaffer is member of the board for Loose Tooth Industries, Inc. who owns the site (yes, even Feargus or Brian Fargo are there but still) you also need to acknowledge the fact that you are basically paying the money to whole separate (sister) company - Fig Publishing, Inc. and the shady thing here is that noone really knows how the money transfer between those two companies actually works. Which means you are basically sending your money to Fig rather than to the game company and it is the Fig who uses the money however it pleases to fund the game afterwards, each game has it own contract. So there is absolutely no guarantee that all the money goes to the actual developer. The interesting part here is that just one week ago FIg Publishing got nearly 8 million boost from Spark Capital and Greycroft, the former being the owner of Twitter or Tumblr for example. The company has also some strange ties to Double Fine studio itself, including paying some strange compensation fees. All this should be perfectly enough to explain why I have no faith in such company and why I don't want to entrust any of my money to them. Also, they have this explicitly stated this: Fig is not an investment advisor, broker-dealer or crowdfunding portal and does not engage in any activities requiring any such registration. Pretty funny, eh? It's almost like the portal is actally not meant for any kind of crowdfunding in the first place. And it's very obvious they are putting PoE on the Fig just to promote the platform. But I orginally I didn't wanted to delve deep into this mess of why I don't belive in anything Tim Shafer has his nose in, I jusk kindly asked for an option to pre-purchase the game here, that's all.
  9. The thing is it seems the developement will go for another year or so (otherwise they won't be needing crowdfund in the first place) and they probably need the money right now. Also, every distributor - be it steam or gog - takes its percentage cut while they could take all the money from donations here. And why to back it elsewhere when they would direct you here to manage your pledges here anyway? I also like the idea of buying those addons directly. They already have the platform built here so it's only the question of setting it up.
  10. Really, for several reasons, I'm not fan of the Fig, and I certainly will not back up Pillars 2 there. But I definitely want to support you. I would very much welcome if there was an alternative to buy it here, directly from Obsidian site, the same way as we were confirming and buying addons for PoE before. You already have http://eternity.obsidian.net/ site for it so why not use it? Also, we already have our accounts set here. Would that be possible, pretty please?
  11. https://twitter.com/adam_brennecke/status/593292863082860544
  12. I don't, I just wait during opening intros till the steam overlay load and game switches to main manu by itself. Whenever I click during this initialization it crashes otherwise. Of course, you can try to run the game in windowed mode or turn steam overlay off.
  13. This occurs during initialization of Steam overlay while playing intro logos. Patch 1.04 fixes it. Meanwhile don't mouse-click before game gets to the menu, after that you should be ok.
  14. Please hotfix this in 1.04 if possible, my PC rogue's core ability is broken because of this and Reckless Assault icon never disappears from space next to his portrait (together with its effects). Maybe set this ability to reset everytime after fight is over? That could fix it pretty easily, am I wrong? I thought 1.03 would fix it but it's still the same as before:
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