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  1. From Alpha 9 (with nearly no content) to v1.0 (with almost no content) in a blink of an eye. Double Fine makes it possible. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/18/double-fine-early-access-spacebase-df9/
  2. The german version also has no description for the animal companions of the ranger
  3. Does every Dev has to sign every box? Maybe Josh can sign 500 and Adam signs some and Kaz ... And in the end you have all boxes signed by three or four team members.
  4. John Carmack' monetisation idea on QuakeWorld (back in the 90's) Never been a big FPS / Quake fan myself, but kind a glad this didn't happened.
  5. StarCrawlers a SciFi Dungeon Crawler from Juggernaut Games: StarCrawlers features randomly generated maps, missions, events and loot combined with deep character customization and a tactical time-unit based combat system to create an endless dungeon crawling experience. You’ll be running missions on the hulks of abandoned ships, fighting the remnants of security systems (and who knows what else…?!), all while venturing deeper and deeper in search of a big score.
  6. All I got at this sale was FTL for a friend.
  7. http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-one/games/halo-the-master-chief-collection/115398#bonusFeatures Don't know if this is normal nowadays.
  8. You can play any class as male or female. Our character creation screens briefly describe the different roles men and women play in various societies of Eora, but they do not inherently differ in stats or capability. Sounds great, thank you!
  9. It might be already answered, but I could not find it. Can I play every class as male and female? Do they have different stats for battle? And while the fighter sounds nice, I think I'm still going with a Ranger as my first PC.
  10. Thre were no robots in HL. Of course there were robots. If you don't remember them, you obviously never played the German version of Half Life.
  11. I think the most demanding of this 3 regarding GPU power will be WL2 because its completely 3D. Maybe there is someone out there with your desired HW setup who already played the Beta of WL2 and can tell how smooth it runs.
  12. Star Crawlers pre-Alpha v02 AmorousAntelope
  13. For our money, Obsidian promised us to make a game they want, the way they want (including marketing). Back then, this promise was enough for you. Why have you lost confidence in Obsidian now? Because Obsidian shows a video to the press and not to you? There are KS where you can pledge to get all the press releases, created builds and so on. But Obsidian never promised this. They promised insights in to the development process, and with 80 Updates and hundreds of forum posts by the developers they delivered this (in my view, you may think otherwise).
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