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  1. Funny, there are several people who "reproduce" the bug in differnt ways. On my third game, I saved after killing some constructs and azo. After killing Azo, I sneaked upstairs without any fight. No one was hostile. I reloaded, attacked a construct which hit a guard(I think this was the trigger for the people upstairs going hostile), killed the construct, went upstairs and everyone was hostile. Oh and I avoided the central room.
  2. I had no wichts when i got the bug, but wichts when nothing bad happened. The wichts are in the center and when I tried to avoid resting(as possible bug cause) and fighting constructs, I took the shortest way up. But I also saw a construct attacking a guard. Maybe attacking or killing a guard makes the nobles upstaris upset :D
  3. After the first fight with constructs I rested(my group was half dead), killed Azo, another construct and went up to see the people gone hostile. The second time I didnt rest, just killed the Wichts(!?) and went up. No one was hostile. The third time, I didnt rest, killed Azo and I think no other construct, went up to see that no one was hostile. I started a new game. I will keep my save after the first fight and try to reproduce this issue.
  4. Same here. Maybe its important that I camped in the lower level?
  5. I'm also no beta backer, but the text on kickstarter sais "early access beta key", so I hope I will get the chance to play the beta a little bit later
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