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  1. Only if it was of the mundane kind. Magic rings and amulets that provide continual protection from disease require no upkeep, so by classifying the Censor as a magical (Wondrous) item, it also follows that logic.
  2. Cittern of Sonic Annihilation - 90° Large radius sonic blast. 10d6 damage. Fort save for half. 10d8 vs. Constructs, no save. - Deafness, no save. - Must be equipped in both hands. Use 1/Day.
  3. Sir Tanglewyrm's Tankard of Fine Foaming Ale - 1/Day, Immune to Fear. +4 Str/Con/Cha. 5 mins. - Then -4 Cha/Int/Concentration for 5 mins. - Courage! Followed by confusion and indecision. "Er...What was I saying?"
  4. In the IE games, ammo was plentiful, so you rarely ran out. And I agree that archers should do what they do best. But they're not limited to archery. And probably all characters in the party will have some form of ranged weapon. It makes tactical sense. But there should be times when it's obvious that ranged attacks are overkill, and by deciding to use ammo unnecessarily, you risk running low. It provides tactical choice to the player. I mentioned in the other Archery thread that the engine could discreetly adjudicate how much ammo is used by regular archers, and dynamically adjust the loo
  5. There's really no need for an arrow recovery system. If they design encounters and dungeons with ammo supplies in certain areas, it can solve the issue right there. I also prefer the fact that having a limited supply means I have to choose when and where to use ranged weapons. Otherwise the game just becomes six characters shooting bolts and arrows in every battle and removes/reduces tactical considerations. I think this is one area that should use more abstraction than realism to prevent exploitation. You certainly wouldn't be able to re-use firearm ammunition, so you'd have to apply ta
  6. What sort of rare magical items would you like to see in P:E? Here are some ideas. Lantern of Soothing Light - Regenerates HP over time. 10 ft. radius. Lantern of Searing Light - Harms Undead, as the spell. Lantern of Blinding - Medium range. Fort negates. Censer of Disease Protection - +4 Fort vs Airborne Disease. 10 ft. radius. Skull of Undead Detection - Long range. Emits creepy low frequency choral effect. Cube of Fiend Summoning (Hellraiser) - Requires Intelligence check and Will save to operate. (Some items must be equipped in either the main-hand or off-han
  7. What if there's a faction that's well funded and well organised that always buys weapons/armour/gear from merchants, to supply their own armies/workers/magical needs etc? So if you returned to a merchant hoping to buy back something you sold earlier, there's a chance it's already been sold on. It would solve the problem of cash flow and supply and demand. Plus it would provide an opportunity to design a credible faction to which the party must keep an eye on, i.e. if that faction becomes too powerful, it could be of political/military concern, and provide all kinds of quests and intrigue
  8. Maybe the higher your alchemy skill, the more info/lore you'd have available to you, so if there were certain potions brewed from the same alchemical base ingredients but with subtle and complementary effects, you could "tetris" them together like the invisi-lock example above. Or other potions brewed with highly opposing/reactive agents, like Haste and Stoneskin, for example, then you'd either know in advance, or make an alchemy check when mousing over a potion in your quick slot while another potion was in effect. And if there was a conflict, it'd tell you in a tool-tip the % chance of a ba
  9. Some potion combinations should work in harmony though. Potion of Invisibility and Potion of Master Thievery, for example. You shouldn't get sick or explode into goo if there's a reasonable link between the two. <-- hey, that rhymed. Potion of Fire Resistance and Potion of Cold Resistance, on the other hand, could cancel each other out, or create a black hole in your stomach, or both.
  10. Sometimes it's easier to describe it the old way, so most folks can see at a glimpse where they fit within a standard scale. Most factions would obey their own laws, so describing them as lawful is not necessary. But they could also obey the "laws of the land" to some extent, and if those laws clash with their own laws, then they might slide back on the standard scale into what used to be called neutral territory. Either way, it'd be useful to visually see where the party rates within each faction, with some sort of sliding scale, or thermometer.
  11. The Unmakers [Lawful/Neutral Faction] Formed exclusively from godlike lineage, this secretive band of brothers devote their lives to the eternal crusade of dismantling powerful artifacts and scattering them throughout the land. Ever concealing their identity, The Unmakers tirelessly thwart those who would seek the abuse of power, be they heroes and villains alike. Many a relic-hunter, ambushed and stripped bare, has experienced first hand, the terrifying enigma of...The Unmakers. Adventure Hook: Reforging constituent parts into a powerful weapon may lead The Unmakers to seek you out. And
  12. Dart of the Hornets’ Nest These darts are a great addition to any D&D flavoured RPG. I remember them from the early SSI games like Curse of the Azure Bonds. They're perfect for disrupting spells, and the more that spawn, the longer they distract. It'd be awesome if we could craft these too. (hint hint). Description taken from AD&D 1st edition "Unearthed Arcana". While appearing to be nothing more than a magic dart, this missile weapon is of far greater power. Once it is hurled, the dart multiplies in the air, even as it speeds toward its target, all the while making an angry buzzing
  13. Maybe your end-game lead character is auto-exported and used as a boss villain or deputy in the NewGame+ final encounter? History repeating, in which you yourself played a huge part.
  14. Hey Raz, (*waves back*) My curiosity is piqued by the extra story possibilities, and if handled properly could provide that extra gaming experience for the persevering player. Reading your thread gave me another idea though, which is simply to "unlock" a limited supply of new and/or magic items available from merchants. Instead of just powerful weapons, maybe additional components, scrolls, potions, maps(?), books and so on. Maybe the NewGame+ always nets you a +10% deal on buying and selling items?
  15. - Double or triple (or 10 times) the starting gold. - Wizards begin with a scroll case with all level one spells. - Rogues begin with multiple sets of masterwork lockpicks. I'd go along these lines, of providing useful class-related items, rather than bonus skills or feats etc. They're effectively still level one PCs. Just in a better starting position. And Lephys beat me to it!
  16. I would love to experiment with this at some point; a sequel maybe, where it's polished with a "woohoo!" factor, and also made backwards compatible. In the meantime, spells in P:E should provide a wealth of entertainment, for IIRC more spells will scale with level and be reusable throughout. For example, I hope we can have a measure of success casting Sleep at a group of 10th level enemies, and other spells that generally get discarded after a few level-ups.
  17. I suggested almost the same thing above, in case you missed it. Only, with a spherical area that could be placed around the door (basically to trap sound), rather than an effect specifically targeting the door. *shrug* Ah, ok. It's been a long week. It always seemed strange to me that Wizards didn't have the same level Silence spell in IE games. Some notes from the NWN2 Wiki: Casting Silence on yourself in NWN1 created a mobile Silence aura that followed you around, silencing anything that penetrated the circle of white dots. This was especially useful for negating people using the l
  18. Magic and magic weapons are a legacy of the old PnP era though, where adventures were designed from the top down, rather than the bottom up. Meaning, a DM would place creatures and obstacles in a setting, with one or more goals for the players to achieve. And eventually, magic was needed to overcome mid-to-high level enemies with supernatural resistances, like trolls, constructs, and demons for example. So the acquisition of magic and magic weaponry became more of a design necessity than a simple reward scheme. If P:E is designed from the bottom up, with characters and their journeys in mind,
  19. Maybe we could cast Silence on locked doors and chests before attempting to axe or kung-fu our way through?
  20. A being who arrives in a celestial ark. It's like Astro-naut, but with baggage. And btw, are you ever gonna add anything useful to Project Eternity? I've read your posts, and all you seem to do is crap on about how lame or inaccurate everything is. You're an intelligent person. Why not show some initiative and suggest something new and inventive. It might even improve your tact.
  21. If P:E has guns, that means it also has gunpowder. And what else can gunpowder be used for? Crafting traps and explosives. Maybe a thrown glass phial containing gunpowder and an oxygen-reactive agent that explodes like a skull trap. And similar ingredients for setting floor area traps. Usual skill checks for crafting and setting apply, and a world of pain for critical failures.
  22. ^ I'm also picturing a Swamp Hag.....in the swamp.....summoning swampy things.
  23. Famine - Subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the ecosystem have caused a chain reaction, inducing food shortages, and your quest is to discover the source of the change. Maybe a complex moral dilemma? Peaceful Trade Negotiations - An old enemy resurfaces, but wants to initiate a trade agreement that will help them survive in challenging times. But someone, somewhere has spread rumours of ulterior motives. Investigate and quell a culturally-sensitive uprising.
  24. There is an Archery thread already, with suggestions on how to not run out of ammo on page 2. I don't really see a need to auto-refill your quiver with "free" arrows unless you've *earned* the requisite magical item. Resource management is all part of the strategy, after all.
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