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  1. Currently BG2 has hundreds of interesting NPC mods which I would like to play, but I don't have 10 life-times to play them all. And I keep thinking "if only there was a cheating mod which would let me have 20 characters in a party at a time." I'm actually just hoping the PE will be more mod friendly, so I can apply this cheat 10 years down the line when there are hundreds of interesting fanmade NPCs to try out.
  2. I'm open to this idea. And the opposite. A "hunting" skill, increasing the likelihood of being attacked while camping in the countryside. Hunting for pelts, ingredients, experience, stuff like that.
  3. I want there to be impossible opponents like Kuroisan. I want to be scared out of my mind and flee from the terror. But when the time comes and I actually manage to defeat them, I would want whatever awesome weapon they were wielding. Because that feeling of such grand rewards is just plain nice.
  4. Didn't know what that was so I just looked up some videos. Man those old types of guns are cool as heck. Kind of like throwing axes in BG2? Those weapons were impractical to manage in the old infinity engine games. We had to go into the inventory and right click the weapon and then activate melee mode. It was much easier to simply switch to a two-handed sword in the middle of the fight. Most importantly, it's probably a matter of game balancing. I prefer guns to be balanced rather than game breaking. Then our real world is one thing, the engineers in PE might not have
  5. Just as a reference point to see what we're up against. This is the old BG2 formation behavior for party+summons. As we can see the summoned creatures are in a straight line behind the party. This is neither a useful formation (why should the meatshield be behind the party...?), nor is it realistic as per rjshae's disciplined/undisciplined argument. (although skeletons might be the exception here). I think we can all agree that this needs massive improvement one way or another if there is any sort of summoner play style in PE. I love this idea. It's even better than my suggestio
  6. We can play with that idea too. While normal party members have small fixed points, summoned animals might have larger random space. Perhaps like this? This would be expanding on the idea of that green field. Since animals aren't so orderly they might be anywhere in their big circle.
  7. In update #3, we had some info about formation and party management. Something I think is worth discussing. Maybe we can give the developers some more ideas to play with. Say, if the player character is focusing on Summoner play style. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to customize formation for your summoned creatures? This was something older games like lacked. I remember in BG1 when I walked into a greater basilisk with petrifying gaze and my animated skeletons with stone immunity was walking behind my party due to the way the default formation was hardcoded. So I had to manually man
  8. They also implemented scaling in Baldur's Gate 2 as far as I remember. It had reasonable scaling. If you were a high level party, some of the creatures would be replaced by some other creatures, kobold->orc for example (Or maybe I remember wrong)
  9. Scouting perhaps? It could be in disguise somehow so the A.I. thinks it's a neutral creature, maybe. I remember in BG2 where I always wanted to explore each inch of the map to remove the black fog. Some places weren't accessible, so a flying pet could be nice. But it doesn't really matter much to me.
  10. Do you know that feel when you come home from a journey and have 20 full plate armors and 20 two-handed swords +1 from some unfortunate enemies who were in your path? Would be nice if the player character could upgrade his guards with those plate armors and weapons.
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