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  1. It does not take add-ons into account. There is no easy way for us to map those keys. If you have add-ons you will have to download them from the Backer Portal. I was just wondering the same thing. I backed for the regular boxed eddition + expansion and just spent time comparing the GOG editions to what is included in the retail pack. I noticed the only difference between the retail pack and the royal edition was the strategy guide and was wondering what would happen if I bought the strategy guide addon. I could have saved myself a lot of time had I checked the forum first. I wish there was a way to map them, but oh well. During the Kickstarter I was back and forth on whether to go for a collectors edition box, but I couldn't make up my mind before the Kickstarter ended. I later regretted not going for the collectors edition, so I sent an email when the backer portal went up asking if I could upgrade my pledge and this was the response: I never got an update. I saw the ability to purchas addons, but I never saw the ability to upgrade pledges. Did I just miss it and if so is it too late to upgrade?
  2. I'm only getting the regular box, and honestly I don't care about the disk as I'll be using the digital version (GOG). I'd be happy if you sent a nice jewel case and printed blank disks for us to burn our own DRM free backup disk. After the Kickstarter ended, I kicked myself for not going in on the CE. They said there would be an option to upgrade pledges once the backer site went live, but I never saw the option to do so. If it ever was added, it's no longer there, so I suppose it's too late now.
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