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  1. They were easily the best even if you didn't actually like the character's attitude or personality...**** most of the companions were boring, terrible, and/or had bad personalities(or were annoying). His loss will be felt sooner rather than later...no one on that team can touch him even if he isn't at the PST level he once was...**** they are getting taken over by Larian anyway. They are talking about making a TB game now...like PE wasn't...plus they are WELL behind the curve on the TB field...I mean they keep wanting so much to do it but I have no confidence it would even be as good as D:OS much less better than it.
  2. Wouldn't have backed this game if I'd realized the lead on it was saying he freaking hates and disagrees with the best parts of the games it was marketed as.... Also 4E ripoff.....just try to guess how much less money they would have made if they had come out and said it'd play like an even worse version of 4E DnD. I honestly don't expect PE2 to do as well as PE and it's not like PE hit it out of the park......boy I hope they have a real one coming with that Pathfinder team up.
  3. SelCircWidth 0.0 (example) SelCircWidth 0.03 (bigger) SelCircWidth 0.04 (default size) Dunno if it still works as I don't know If i can talk myself into playing this game again(2 part expo ;\)...Witcher 3 atm for me even though Witcher 3 is pretty overrated...clunky as **** IMO.
  4. Proper CC/counter spelling should have been in from the get go(alaBG2)...this game really suffers from the lack of it. D:OS(and 2) takes it to an even cooler level like they could freeze your hero but then you could use fire on your frozen guy to unfreeze him...stuff like that is much better than this +15 to w/e very specific ailment and -50% duration(but they spam it anyway so durr).
  5. The combat is really boring I'll give you that...but hard? Huh? We playing the same game? Moshpit Madness is what they should call it
  6. https://twitter.com/ChrisAvellone/status/637742423028838400 Hmmmmmmm. Yea....Divinity with MCA is going to eat the lunch of PoE anything...good god. How did they let this guy go? Donald Trump bought Obsidian and said "you're fired" to MCA before going on a four hour monologue about how his hair is natural and how he cares for it. Honestly it's going to be hilarious when he actually gets elected and somehow becomes one of the best presidents ever. All i see anymore is ****ty options when trying to elect an official anymore...Trump is so crazy it might work...like D:OS. Like it seriously makes less than 0 sense therefore it's gotta work compared to the BS the extreme left and right has been steering us.
  7. https://twitter.com/ChrisAvellone/status/637742423028838400 Hmmmmmmm. Yea....Divinity with MCA is going to eat the lunch of PoE anything...good god. How did they let this guy go?
  8. True I'll have to go check it out over there then. I see his point and it makes sense to some degree but I think they may have taken the descriptions from PoE and interpreted it the wrong way. Like it's totally fine to be like "you wipe the sweat off your brow as you approach the guard"... "let me in sir I belong to the royal family" rather than "tell the guard you are tired and you want in"(which is the way it currently is)
  9. I seriously hope it'll be changed. *threaten with bodily harm* is just not the same as "If you do not answer right now, your intestines will decorate that beautiful painting behind you." Also I kinda hate their XP system, especially this one area where you have to reach a certain stone (to keep it spoilerish). 3 paths: * Going through lava (requires good gear) * Stealthing (freakingly hard! Invernable enemies) * Straight out piss-easy combat Now guess which is the easiest (yup, combat) and which gives about 15x the XP reward of the other paths. You got it right, combat again. Really showed off the "you can finish it anyway you want" system has merid, except if you bind it to a crappy combat-XP system :/ Well it's good to see I wasn't going crazy with my thoughts and others have similar feelings. It looks like they are pretty stuck on this so it would take some feedback at the very least so they are aware that people have actually noticed the difference. But it looks like we are in total agreement here as I think this style would be less effective for me personally.
  10. Yea and even then I don't think a perfect camera would please everyone.
  11. I was thinking that myself...as in...did they accidentally hit a home run with D:OS. Like close your eyes and swing hard type of deal. (obviously the writing was poor) Maybe they are just so crazy it's smart...lol
  12. At least I wasn't the only one who was like that. In response to my NPC AI question he just said that "game play will take precedence" I don't think he understood what I was saying about overpowering NPCs and how that can ruin the point of a main character. NPC AI? What, you want the NPCs to pick from a pool of dialogue or something? No I meant like...did you see my example of playing with a DM in PnP who throws NPCs into the party and those NPCs are always better,smarter,stronger, etc. than any of the players....like the DM is trying to play and DM at the same time and his characters always outshine or 'own' the regular players.... If you don't play much PnP you might not know what I'm talking about but well traveled PnP players will have probably seen this from a GM before.(unless you've just always played with good DMs)
  13. Hey Volourn at least Dwarves are in the game...on the video Swen said he doesn't like Dwarves though...thought that was funny. Dwarves are my favorite non human race so i'll probably try one out.
  14. At least I wasn't the only one who was like that. In response to my NPC AI question he just said that "game play will take precedence" I don't think he understood what I was saying about overpowering NPCs and how that can ruin the point of a main character.
  15. FWIW Swen replied to me in a PM on the kickstarter. Hi, Thanks for your question, it's a good one. We've been trying a new form of dialog for player input, and although it looks a little strange to begin with, we we've actually found that it makes it more immersive, rather than less so. If we gave your character a pre-made style of speaking, then you can only play in that one style, whereas if you have more general text, it's much easier to project yourself onto the character. It's something that we're trying out for now, and may change depending on player feedback, but for now it seems to be working well. I'm asking him about NPC AI a bit more see if he says anything.
  16. That's nothing new for dialogue in RPGs. Gameplay Magazine: What about RPG fans who don't like to read? Oh journalists, don't ever change. Except do. Please do. I don't think you understood me but it could be placeholder anyway. Instead of saying "Tell the guard you come from a royal family" I am used to "I am from the royal family let me in" The amount of replies/text is clearly not the point.
  17. I got my info from this: http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=10045 It's a really indepth interview/preview/inside look at what they are doing/thinking.
  18. I don't think I like that new dialogue system either...its like I'm telling the computer what to say to the person I'm interacting with instead of just interacting with the person....wat. https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/004/382/119/80205c5b6981d3c77148c5bf4ad7c681_original.png?v=1440593398&w=680&fit=max&auto=format&lossless=true&s=fe24ad29ac684e71a0d3d1ad21b07a7c
  19. Backed with a little hesitation. I am curious to see how that MP/AI NPC **** is going to go down...if my bitchass NPCs just start running around and being asshats and jackwagons I'm going to be extremely pissed. The game (for me at least) should be about my character and his/her journey I don't want the NPCs to start stealing the lime light or the thunder... It's like everyone whose played PnP has played with that DM/GM who inputs his NPCs and they are god like, do all the damage, know everything, and make it totally stupid to even bother showing up to play because the DM/GMs NPCs are just going to dictate **** and run the show so why am I here? Hope it doesn't turn out like that but I could tell Bubbles and some RPGcodex guys having some similar thoughts/reservations...I unno man...this one is like either the best or worst idea/implementation ever...it could go WAY bad.
  20. I remember importing from BG1 into BG2. Dont remember being able to start over with my previous end game character. Yea you just export your character....start a new game....import x level character...try it out with the EE or modded versions of those games...still works. Same as you can turn BG into IWD by making a multiplayer game...creating your whole party...then moving that MP saved file into your SP save folder.
  21. You used to be able to export your character in BG/IWD etc. for this type of thing....
  22. Luckmann...if the character creation system was good or worthwhile it wouldn't need respeccing. You are arguing that it cheapens character creation but most of the options are cheap and menial anyway so with a system like this is hard to fault people for wanting to respec... A player may think having +1 weapon sets is worthwhile only find out that lulz no. or that your squishy would benefit from +5 deflection only to find out that...lulz no. Or you took extra knockdown before finding another melee character but now you got 3 melee people later on in the game and you aren't knocking down 3 mobs in a fight.(or in POTD that it just doesn't work much) It's mostly "best" to go offensive abilities/modals unless for RP purposes you just want other random talents. Perhaps respecs could be a limited use item like Camping Supplies...like a soul husk or something.
  23. Usually I'm not down with respecing but for this game why not...it plays like other action RPGs that have respecs. Also few talents are cool and some seem like they are better than they are...so I wouldn't fault someone for wanting to get rid of "body control" when their character still gets held every fight. That's assuming the +10 even works at all...or if that is even high enough...hell the +50 spell doesn't make much difference that I can tell so +10...yea. Would also like to use Watcher powers for something other than reading backer NPC stories...or for very few convenient story moving pieces(what are the exact powers anyway)(and why couldn't I act during the trial even though I saw dude man clearly)...perhaps it just wasn't that strong a main story arc. We sure needed other Cipher's help quite a bit for someone who can read/see/manipulate souls...all that Dunryd Row stuff made me feel like Watchers were just horrible Ciphers.
  24. IF they tune down talents then why have them at all..they barely do anything to begin with. **** I feel like most talents need to be buffed....+15 to ranger companion defense vs mind control affects...ok I'll pick that one! (cept not) +10 Will instead of a straight up break mind affects 1per rest(or encounter) type thing...boring.
  25. Yea I guess I'm usually not a fan of scaling but maybe now.... I think the game was probably close to being on point difficulty wise but a lot of the first play testers and beta testers were getting destroyed and they over nerfed a lot of things....I never ran into the insane poison from the beetles for example...never noticed any DOTs on my play through actually. AI has a lot to do with it and with more time to implement a more dangerous AI it could get better but some of it is numbers for sure. My rogue just hits for like 45 damage on each swing...now maybe that'd change if I didn't have the pally accuracy aura and the priest aoe ability to give +5 and his spell to give another +5....so with crazy high accuracy a duel wield rogue just mops up the place...Imagine multiple rogues...sheesh. I think adding potions to the AI and more healing reflexes for them would help...like add a cleric to some of the bigger fights(where it makes sense to) and have them support their own group....and have some of the beefy guys take potions. Lord knows they debuff your party it just doesn't seem to matter...I've had like literally 10 negative effects on me and I still functioned like normal didn't notice much difference...while they are casting their 10 debuffs I'm slapping them down.....gotta get over that or make the debuffs more hard counter like BG.
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