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  1. This has been done to death, unfortunately there's a serious disconnect between the reality of the situation and peoples perceived reality of the situation, I've named names in the past, but I'm over that. It's pretty obvious who we are talking about here though. It really boils down to one point at the end of the day, why is there going to be a distinct lack of one facet of social interaction between characters when all others will exist? It makes it feel more akward, not less (Here's where people try and pin you for wanting some dating sim, or pointing at you as if you are some sexual de
  2. The OP clearly isn't enough of a history nerd to understand such a broad statement about the effectiveness and application of Leather armor is incredibly ignorant. The effectiveness of Leather armor was derived from many, many factors, just like all armor, how skilled and knowledgeable the craftsman making it was, where the material came from (In this case, what animal it came from), if there was any other material used in combination with it, or used in it, such as metal rivets, underpadding/overpadding, etc. Then, it had to be kept in mind the budget/value of the person wearing the armor
  3. Should there be spells that mechanically work as, "if you don't save versus this, you die", not in my opinion. I much rather the game just control Hit Point inflation and have regular spells (as long as they are equal level spells, cast by equal level spellcasters) be that dangerous. I think protection against magic should be something invested into via character traits/feats/training and equipment just like you need to do to be more durable against physical attacks. To me, that opens up more build options and expands the gameplay. Sure, you can have some ridiculously armored fellow who is
  4. I'm okay with pretty much whatever they do if it isn't based around what skills you use. Sure, it makes more logical sense (lol, logical sense in world full of magic, gods, etc), but most sane people who experienced how that can play out in Elder Scrolls IV understand just how god awful such a system can be. Oh man, I didn't jump enough this level, so I get gimped stats, or oh man I didn't run in circles for five hours (hold down forward while watching a movie), I get gimped stats, etc, etc. Basically, it encouraged masochism and anything but sensible and enjoyable play from the player to not
  5. See, it's funny, because I almost yelled, "Please, for the love of God, nothing as retarded as Isabella." but then, I, unlike apparently half the people still in this thread realized that Obsidian isn't Bioware and therefore won't completely fail at writing. Seriously, anyone who is mentioning Bioware at this point is either entirely new to this threads (in which case, run while you can), or missing the point. Very few people have said love has to explicitly mean sexual intercourse between two characters and if it's explained in a well written way why there can't be then I'm all for it. Ho
  6. Gender identity is something you clearly don't understand. Giving children options is important, and shunning a little boy who may want to play with ponies or a barbie doll is no different from shunning some random gay guy. It's pretty clear by your, frankly, quite offensive statement regarding having to, "mix your play time", that you are a very rigid, person, unwilling to expand their view of their beliefs, let alone change them. It's no wonder you want a shallow experience devoid of emotions which scare or bother you in some fashion. News flash, you don't have to enjoy taking it up the
  7. How many times are you going to complain about this same subject? You've clearly been explained that it's going to be this way as far as they know and they believe it to be a good mechanic and idea. Gameplay wise you have absolutely no right to say how it'll work, because, well, the game doesn't even really have gameplay now. Lore wise, they can make the lore whatever they want, it doesn't have to be logical. Maybe Soul magic can't be explicitly controlled for healing because the Gods deem it so, but it does reach a sort of recuperative state that accelerates healing while someone slee
  8. Next up: Pushing a boulder around in real life to facilitate the in-game Strength check required for something. Doing double backflips to facilitate agility/dexterity checks. Just saying, that's exactly what you are asking for. It should be shown by default on ALL difficulties, that, or dialogue should never, ever, ever be the least bit vague, at all. Which directly impacts the writing, which is bad.
  9. Not everything has to be a dice roll to be fun, interesting and replayable. I mean, if we are going to start adding random chance to quest outcomes, how about we add random chance that your character contracts a terminal illness and you don't notice it till you're dead two days later. Then, unless the player is really diligent they can't even save scum out of it! Yay! I mean, hell, this even fits in with the theme of this game world not having developed medicine. The only games that need random outcomes on events/quests are Roguelikes, FTL being a prime example of where it's okay, beca
  10. I absolutely hate the idea of critical failures both on paper and in practice. A real swordsman doesn't swing his sword around into his own torso on average one of of every twenty attacks. He likewise doesn't fling it 50 ft away because he misses his target. I can more reliably swing a sword than that. Even having to roll a one twice in a row on a D20 to get any real dangerous critical failures is still bothersome. I like critical hits, but I think that chance to crit should be more based on armor than it has traditionally been in the past. AKA: Full Platemail should have an innate critica
  11. HAHAHAHAHA. You think gambling is a poor gold sink, but crafting is a good one. I really, honest to god hope you are joking. As for upgrades to a stronghold/housing, we are lucky to even have those as an option, so a game that wouldn't have these would then have absolutely no potential gold sinks besides crafting then according to you? Gambling isn't about net making gold. You could easily make items that you can only get from gambling that have near to no vendor value but that are incredibly unique or powerful. Much more fun than, "Gather 5 purple flowers, 5 Xander Roots, combine!
  12. While people may not like gold sinks, it's the most reasonable answer. If you look at it from a logical sense, when an adventurer is doing a quest that risks his life he is going to want the reward to be worth potentially losing his life, for anyone but an extremely selfless character this could easily mean earning more than a peasant earns in a year for a few hours worth of work. On top of that, when you kill a person, unless you are in some ridiculous hurry you gain access to all they carry on them and chances are if they are a challenging foe they have valuable loot, and if they aren't
  13. Money sink options: - Gamblng mechanic - Wages for hireable party members every "X" amount of hours played within the game - Wages for people within your fortress, whether they be merchants, farmers, servants, guards, trainers, etc. - Having some sort of system where you can hire mercenaries or guards from within your fortress or taverns to do certain acts depending on if you are good or evil, making these tacts endlessly rewarding for being repeated would be somewhat difficult though. - Items having a durability and needing to be periodically repaired and maintained. -
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