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  1. This *almost* doesn't qualify as "news". We've been discussing it for weeks!
  2. Well, even if this results in games that are console optimized, and resemble nothing of what the Infinity Engine games are about, at least the last 10 years or so have had a good run for pumping out some additional content in that vain. I really just can't help but recall Bioware and how Dragon Age just went so downhill after the first title. These days it's Biowhat? for me, as I haven't paid attention to them in years. They so utterly lost me. We'll see if this time things shake out differently. Owlcat is another new bastion of hope, as their Pathfinder Kingmaker is even closer the the Infinity Engine than anything Obsidian or inXile have put out recently. Hopefully they can iron out bugs and show that they are capable of creating quality CRPGs. And if not, in another 10 - 15 there will likely be another resurgence of the Infinity Engine style. I certainly do wish the folks at both companies all the best, and all the success in their new relationship with MS.
  3. Does anyone know what the value of kingdom scores is, really? I mean, if my community score is 30, 60, or 90, do those numbers actually effect something? So far, nearing the end of chapter 2, they appear to have no particular impact. Even my economy score doesn't appear to affect how much BP I receive per week. I've watched the score rise significantly, while BP remains the same. Will these numbers become a factor later, or is this something of an unfleshed out feature at this point?
  4. Wha?! Tell my wife and children... I loved them.... And someone tell Mr. Chris Avellone, for his own good... to stop runnin' his mouth so much.... Time for me...………… To go.
  5. Well, based on having played around 50 hours in each game now, I'm feeling that the scales have tipped heavily in Pathfinder's favor. Both are great games, but I think it's really the more prevalent D&D tone of Pathfinder that I'm enjoying. This feels much closer to the Baldur's Gate successor. I hadn't realized it, but I missed the more obvious good vs. evil factions and decisions. I guess it's more satisfying sometimes to accomplish something that is clearly good. I'm playing a Paladin main character, by the way, so I'm going all out good. I also feel like character decisions and classes matter a lot more. PoE's "no bad builds" concept somewhat cheapens character decisions. The grognard in me likes that build and class decisions matter, and that I should take my time to make good ones. It's also great to see the more flexible multiclassing and prestige class options. It's a bit like going home! The travel mechanics and kingdom mechanics are a bit cumbersome at first, but as I'm getting used to them I'm liking them quite a lot as well. I'm finding a level of immersion that I haven't in a long time, and frankly, have gotten really hooked in by the game. I had a much harder time getting hooked in PoE 2, which is why I went back to Pathfinder. So for me, at this point, Pathfinder is the better game, and I really haven't encountered any bugs yet a good way into chapter 2. The 15 odd hotfixes have definitely made a dent. Another 1,000 fixes should hit soon in the first official full patch release. That an impressive and at the same time frightening number of bug fixes!
  6. I think they work pretty well in Pathfinder, at least based on what I've seen in chapter 1. There should be some uncertainty and danger on the road for a group of adventurers. Just make sure you have someone with Knowledge Nature, and you should be able to avoid most of them. In PoE II this is for the most part replaced with the risk of having your ship attacked at sea. I'm still not sure what I think about the naval combat system as I haven't engaged in it much yet, but I'm feeling that having a fast ship that can avoid combat is probably what I will want to do most often.
  7. One thing that PF:KM sorely lacks is a page to summarize character accomplishments. PoE is great in this regard, where you know how many kills each character has earned, how much damage they've dished out, largest single damage amount, etc. There's nothing at all along these lines tracked in PF.
  8. That has always been the primary point of this thread, actually. Just look at the thread title. Hmm ... am I missing the irony? It sounds like you are saying I co opted this thread to be a comparison of PoE to PF:KM, as if the thread originally had some other purpose. Otherwise I don't understand your use of "co opt (or co-op'd as you wrote it). So I don't think you are missing any irony as much as I seem to be missing your point. Oh shoot totally sorry didn't mean it as a negative, was actually pretty excited to discuss the topic, sorry didn't mean it to come off the wrong way I mean it is just a forum thread, and your thread!!! Edit: was making a pun on video games with co-op'd ... what's that rule in the web where no one knows your are being sarcastic etc etc It didn't come off as a negative, and you certainly don't have anything to apologize for. It was more of a situation where someone goes to McDonald's and thinks they are going to surprise everyone by ordering a hamburger. That's not surprising. That's exactly what you expect someone to do when they are at McDonald's. It was just a tad odd. Otherwise, I appreciated your post!
  9. That has always been the primary point of this thread, actually. Just look at the thread title. Hmm ... am I missing the irony? It sounds like you are saying I co opted this thread to be a comparison of PoE to PF:KM, as if the thread originally had some other purpose. Otherwise I don't understand your use of "co opt (or co-op'd as you wrote it). So I don't think you are missing any irony as much as I seem to be missing your point.
  10. That has always been the primary point of this thread, actually. Just look at the thread title.
  11. Yes, this is a lot like an Infinity Engine game, arguably more so than PoE is. You do have 6 second rounds, and the developers have tried hard to code the table top rules into the game (perhaps too hard?). Other than some instability, which has received around 15 hot fixes in a month or so!, it's a great game.
  12. Uh, correction, I just hit level FOUR. So I'm betting I don't hit level 5 before Stag Lord, or it will happen right around that time.
  13. I don't think I'm slamming the guy, just pointing out the obvious. Yeah, I get the clear sense that he's really hurt as well. I also get the sense that there are a lot of bad things going on behind the scenes at Obsidian, and that Chris needs to talk about it. I just think he should find a different, much more private audience. Possibly including a therapist in that mix. But the public forum thing is likely going to ultimately backfire on him in some way. It's just not smart, what he's doing. Regarding Feargus, when Obsidian had their backer invited launch party for PoE 1 several years back I dropped in for a bit. I went up to Feargus to thank him for making the game I had been waiting more than a decade for, and initially I felt pretty uncomfortable with him. He was polite on the surface, but I couldn't help but feel like he was put out that I *deigned* to interrupt the small group conversation he was having at his table. Even though he was right in the middle of the crowd, and presumably making himself accessible to the backers he had invited. When he saw that I had no intention of making it a long hello, he seemed to get a bit more friendly, and invited me to enjoy myself (but again, the sense was, just don't bother me). No idea if I read that correctly. I also chatted with Josh, and he seemed ready to sit down and have more of a conversation with me. I really had only meant to say a quick hello and express my gratitude for delivering the game, so I made it quick with him. But my feeling was that I was talking to a genuinely good dude.
  14. So I'm still comparing the games, and in order to better do it, I've restarted PF:KM as well. I remember struggling to reach level 5 before fighting the Stag Lord last time I tried, Yet, I just hit level 5 in my new game, and I've only done maybe 50 - 60% of the chapter 1 content. Does that sound like a bug? Or is XP more plentiful now? I'm happy to hear that Owlcat will be moving away from hotfixes in order to provide larger, better tested patches. That renewed my will to give their game another try. The bottom line for me so far, is that both are great games, and we are fortunate to have them added to the CRPG lexicon. I think in some ways I'm leaning toward Pathfinder, but I think that is somewhat because I really miss a more D&D centric game. It's great to see prestige classes, the more flexible multiclassing, and just so much that is familiar. Of course, Obsidian created something really special as well, and certainly, their more stable game gives them an overall edge at this point. I am also amazed at how far they have pushed the visual elements of painted 2D backgrounds. They have really brought their maps to life. Back in the late 90s I don't think I could have imagined such a style evolving so far. 3D really *isn't* everything. I would love to compare PoE II to a much more polished PF:KM, and see how they stack up then. Hopefully we'll all eventually get that chance!
  15. This is the way you talk to your spouse or your best friend over a beer after work, to blow off steam. It's not what one should be posting on a public internet forum for God's sake! He is MCA, I realize, but how good is this going to look on his (internet) resume. Hire me for your project. And after I leave, I might trash your company on public internet forums because that's just how I roll! :roll:
  16. The dude is seriously off the rails right now! So unprofesh! Entertaining, but definitely in bad form.
  17. Thanks for the explanation. I have absolutely no idea how I was otherwise supposed to understand this based on the patch notes. you would have had to use the context clue of the header "new berath's blessings" That "context clue" indicated that something was new, but did not indicate that these only pertained to subsequent play throughs. So not enough "context" to answer my question, hence me having to ask here.
  18. You can't. In Deadfire grimoires act rather as extensions to your spell repertoire instead. Thank you for confirming my suspicion. Now I don't have to click around on them like an idiot any longer.
  19. Ahh, I guess it's good to know I'm not losing it. I really remembered being able to do that. Thanks for the workaround suggestion. New question - How does one modify spells in a grimoire in PoE II? I'm half inclined to think it's no longer possible.
  20. The man is not dead. Cheer up. What? Who said anything about him being dead? The whole thread reads like a eulogy. Unless he's retiring from the industry chances are we will be able to enjoy his work in other titles. The eulogy, from my point of view, is more related to Obsidian. Again, assuming certain rumors out there turn out to be true. Seeing Justin moving on seems like a possible omen of things to come. I can't speak for others, but that would be my take on it.
  21. How does one tell what time it is in game? I thought I just had to hover my cursor over the clock in the bottom center of the UI, and it would show the time. But it's not coming up when I do that, so maybe I'm confusing this with another game. Can someone tell me how to tell what time it is?
  22. The man is not dead. Cheer up. What? Who said anything about him being dead?
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