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  1. Well, at least it doesn't take up so much space in the post itself. I wonder if the "edited" portion is clickable.
  2. Considering that I've been at this for 4 and a half years, it doesn't seem like such an outlandish ask. I mean, really.
  3. Oooh! When did this thread become "hot"? I bet I get an official reply now.... Any day....
  4. Yes, but sometimes what you really need is more than words. It seems no one got the reference. Extreme? More than words? Anybody?
  5. Yes, but sometimes what you really need is more than words.
  6. Then, to quote my favorite Devil May Cry character, "Where's your motivation?!" Well, it's certainly not because I think anything is going to change at this point. Really, it's just about seeing if anyone in charge will ever respond on this. Even if it's just to tell me to f*#k off. I would love to understand their reasoning for implementing such a policy in the first place, when pretty much no other web forum has the need for such a policy. When I encounter something weird, overtly draconian, and/or completely out of touch with most the rest of the world, I get curious and want to understand. As such, I'd like to understand the anomaly that is the edit function on these forums. I have little hope of a response, but that's no reason not to keep trying. Maybe I'll catch an admin on an "off day" when they actually feel like responding to a long standing community question. Most likely not, but these posts don't cost much for me to make every so often.
  7. And this is a problem because...? This thread continues to be an expression of insecurity. Oh em gee, someone might see an edit and think something! It doesn't matter, it won't be changed, and it isn't funny as a running gag. Let it go. I'll let it go when I either a) get a response from an administrator (which I don't believe exist at this point) or b) the forum gets shut down. And as far as insecurity goes... I suppose that's your guess as to my motivation. It happens to be wrong, at least mostly. But hey.
  8. Assuming I could find time in between my brisk schedule riding trains and pissing myself, maybe I could look into that! But a mod isn't required to remove posters from their view. You just have to put that poster on your ignore list. I have someone on mine.
  9. It was more the being compared to a bum who wets himself part, actually. But I actually thought it was funny, particularly that it was stated by a moderator, which was supposed to have been conveyed by the smiley face with the tongue hanging out. You did see the smiley, right? At any rate, I suppose this is where someone is supposed to come along and tell us to get back on topic. Oh wait, again! [uh oh, an edit?]
  10. Is this the point where someone is supposed to jump in and say something about avoiding personal attacks? Oh wait!
  11. I think the fact that it has been 4 1/2 years suggests that self-respect would be best expressed by avoiding this thread. If you're referring to my own self-respect, I never claimed to have any! So, there's that.
  12. That's odd, considering that essentially every forum I've ever used allows editing. I wonder what was so wrong with the community and/or the administrators that such a fundamental feature would be withheld or even considered for that. I mean, does this forum exist in some alternate universe, or something, where restrictions that aren't needed anywhere else are something required here? I wonder if anyone in charge ever steps back and asks such bigger picture questions. I mean, I love Obsidian, but really, this is just another web forum. Nothing truly abnormal or special about it. So I can only conclude that the folks in charge are the ones who are "special". And given that they are obviously above providing even the most benign or basic reply on this topic, this only further supports that conclusion. I'm not sure that it's going to matter for much longer, but after this long, I suppose I'm committed to my questioning on this. I mean, come on, it's been 4 1/2 years now. Seems like any self respecting forum administrator would have kicked in with some sort of reply by now. Sheesh!
  13. This would be a simple configuration change, not a development effort, to change. That's not the problem. The problem is that they basically run this forum as abandon-ware. And the thread is still going because it can.
  14. Yes, this is a story about holding out hope, even when they said 'twas folly. The Book of Marceror, Chapter 12, verse 18 - 19
  15. Thank you for acknowledging the greatness! At least someone around here is capable of acknowledging the thread! EDIT: CHANGED THE WORD IT TO THE THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AREN'T YOU GLAD THE BOARD CALLED THAT OUT!!!! WEEEEE!!!!
  16. Loyalty is hard to come by, and by no means guaranteed. They may indeed gain a lot of new customers, but whether or not there will be a remotely comparable loyalty... again, such is hard to come by.
  17. Agreed. Combat seems much more chaotic now compared to PoE. Limiting parties to 4 characters will make it even worse. Don’t worry, your first person perspective experience without a cumbersome party to manage will reduce a lot of that chaos. Just click and win!
  18. I feel like at best a mouse and keyboard version, if it happens at all, will play second fiddle to the XBox version. According to the MS annoucement, this merger is all about making XBox exclusive games. So, great for the folks at Obsidian who stand to profit. But the joke has always been that the games the CRPG fans really want are the games big publishers will never touch. So, most likely it's goodbye to Obs, like it was goodbye to Bioware. EDIT: Goodbye not good by.
  19. I may buy additional consoles, but that's just for my kids, and even they seem to be less and less interested in this platform. Other than occasional forays in Call of Duty, where the absolutely kick my butt, I have no interest in playing games on consoles. Mouse and keyboard for life, baby!
  20. As a consequence of this merger, can we expect any improvements to inquiries about your website? This sucker's been percolating for more than 4 years, and still not word one you Obsidianites: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66742-forum-edit-function-too-sensitive/ You could at least pop in and call me out for the loser I obviously am for not giving up on that thread/question. "You're a loser Marceror. Go get a real life." That would at least be something. Do the vast resources of MS maybe, possibly allow for someone to check in on forum questions once or twice a year? Just wondering?
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