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  1. You have the nerve to get pious about sources, then link to Fox News and Blogs for Bush? I'm at work right now, don't have the time to start Googling. I'm torn though. You threw a lot of text and quotes at me, so apparently I've been "pwned", so I should defend myself? On the other hand, you've shown yourself to be a complete and utter ass with the above quote. So defend myself and my viewpoint, or finish this conversation with a complete and utter ass now and have it look like you won? I've been doing this online argument thing long enough to walk away and not care what a complete and utter ass thinks of it.
  2. I reeaaaaaaaaally don't want to get into this argument again, and I knew I'd regret replying to you. I really just don't need people coming in and attacking me again like last time for giving an opinion. Let me just say I know damned well what a director does, and how a good director can take a poor script and sell it. Jackson didn't do that for me. I'd also like to say that Citizen Kane is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, but many many people can't stand sitting through it. Critical acclaim isn't a valid way to denounce someone's taste. That said, I'm done with this tangent. This will only go downhill and I will end up being attacked. Been there, done that, not interested in a repeat.
  3. Newsflash: Iraq has imploded, and it's in worse condition than when Bush started. Now on to the other stuff... I could copy and paste, but why not just click? Remember, we're talking about lies here, not whether or not Saddam Hussein was a murderous bastard. You can click again here, if you'd like. Of course, he may not have known he was lying. He's the monkey that dances for the organ grinder. Lies were being told, and he loved to believe them. Click again if you'd like. I haven't looked yet. Can someone let me know if Bush's pants are on fire? Oh, the humanity... Funny you brought up Clinton. Bush's puppeteers wanted him to invade Iraq too, but his administration didn't think it was necessary. See? Right here! Again, I'm not saying Hussein wasn't a murderous bastard, but of all the genocidal dictatorships that aren't friendly to US interests, it seems a little strange that a country was chosen that a) makes Israel happy to see toppled, and b) has oil (no, none was "stolen" but American oil companies will have access they didn't have previously, and the only thing slowing the looting down is that it's too dangerous right now). An administration that isn't telling whoppers doesn't need to keep changing its story. First, the invasion was part of the War on Terror (which seems to have disappeared, despite the fact that the invasion has had the effect of increasing terrorist activities and aiding in terrorist recruitment), but Iraq had nothing to do with Al Quada (who despised the mostly secular society Hussein ran) or the attacks on 9/11. Then it was about WMD, though none were found (you told me about all those people who said they were there before the invasion, but where are they now? And why didn't Hussein, a mass murderer, use any of them against US troops? If my country was being invaded, if I was running for my life, I wouldn't hesitate to use any WMD in my possession against the invaders). It was only at this point that it became about liberating Iraqis and introducing democracy (after imposing laws on them, very democratically). The one justification BushCo. had that could have possibly received wider acceptance, and it came after all the other crap.
  4. I'm interested in how this is anything more than a talking point. Other than wanting the rich to pay more in taxes than the poor because, well, they have more money, how is it they're going around punishing the rich? Keeping in mind of course that the gap between rich and poor is increasing while the middle class is slowly disappearing. The rich aren't hurting for money, and jobs are increasingly going overseas so shareholders can revel in higher profits. There is always the option of destroying unions and abolishing the minimum wage to go hand in hand with the disintegration of welfare. It'll certainly save transportation costs when instead of having factories in the Third World, a whole new Third World can be created here. I don't see the rich being punished at all, while the poor have less and less every day, especially as more and more of the middle class are laid off and join the ranks of the poor. That's family values for you. So other than people with the most money paying the most taxes (which can be rectified by putting more of the tax burden on the poor and middle class), how exactly are the rich being punished?
  5. How many thousands have died as a result of Kerry's lies? And how much integrity does it take to support a candidate whose team slandered you viciously and dragged you through the mud, like McCain did when he supported Team Rove?
  6. Bored of the Rings failed to entertain me, Desperate Housewives entertains me. I judge them on different standards as they are completely different pieces of work, just as I would judge, say, Meet Joe Black and The Simpsons with different standards. Boring and pretentious movie vs. intelligently written television satire. Apples and oranges. :D I just know I'm going to come to regret writing that...
  7. ::cough:: ::oprah:: ::cough:: Well, that one lady is really hot <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ::cough:: ::wwe:: ::cough::
  8. I actually think the problem is more that the show's primary audience is female, and consciously or not, to many men and sadly many women, that makes it "substandard" in some way.
  9. Those are a couple of the pyramids from the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you a bigger, better copy. That just doesn't look good stretched out like that.
  10. Er... I don't have red hair. It's a light brown, though it's been red in the past.
  11. Sure, but despite its popularity and the entertainment media feeding frenzy, it's still a damn fine show.
  12. And he was Hercules' greatest foe. But this is getting off track. Here's a little known fact... John Edwards of "Crossing Over" fame is a big, fat fraud.
  13. Egads! Think of the State of the Union Address! Damn, that would be one great speech! He HAS to run! (w00t)
  14. Of course it is, but damn it, he should run anyway!
  15. People, people. Please calm down and remember that Daedalus was a real scoundrel and would love this ruckus! And in case everyone forgets who we're talking about here...
  16. didn't you make fun of me for sliders <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, I made fun of you for giving Sliders as an answer. There's a difference.
  17. Desperate Housewives had a promising finale...
  18. Here's one of mine I took a while back...
  19. Well, yeah... But The Lost still rocks! (Dang, I love this thread's title!) Can't wait for the new season of on-topic marooned goodness to start! And Sayid. Oooooh, Sayid...
  20. Traveling through wormholes with their remote (could have been confoused with a ray gun....maybe) Anyways, I liked the show...... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey, so did I. Sliders rocked.
  21. Sliders. You're killing me here, kumquat. Metadigital, this is what you're looking for... The Fantastic Journey I do remember this, my first introduction to the hotness that was Jared Martin. Yes, I'm older than you all may think.
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