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  1. I'm not a game developer, but I've had a hand in plenty of long-term projects and my experience is that you can't really schedule progress. I'm happy hearing from the devs as frequently as they want, but I think setting artificial schedules for communication is the wrong way to go. If things continue like they have been - they'll want to keep us informed. They're even more excited about this project than we are (or at least AS excited) - and I suspect that will translate to regular contact. Let the info flow as it may. I'll be here to lap it up regardless.
  2. Yeah. In regards to the underlined bit: That's the problem I, myself, see in my own idea. I was hoping that by posting it, someone would have a brilliant idea to fix it; we have many brilliant minds on this forum, after all. Well if it's ideas you want, I can think of a couple (which isn't to say I like 'em): 1) The second city exists on a separate plane. It is not built, but is instead transported to this realm. 2) The second city is conquered, and you get access to its areas/resources after invading each individual section and capturing it. (This could actually be pretty cool if, for example, one section of the city contained a Mage's college and you had to work your way through the school defeating various challenges. Big challenge, big reward.) 3) The second city is run by Protoss, and they phase it in bit by bit. 4) The city is a psychic projection of all your past lives. It doesn't exist in a material sense, and all its inhabitants are you (from previous (and perhaps future?) lives). It grows via meditation (represented by quests), and since it's all in your mind it bypasses the contradictions of growing a city overnight. (What can I say, I'm a solipsist, remember?) *Edited because I left off an ').' Yeah, I'm a little anal.
  3. I'd rather there be no voice acting outside of background ambiance. SWTOR proved pretty well that the cost of expanding fully-voiced games is just astronomical, and I don't want this to become a game that can never be more than its original form. Let Project Eternity live! Live! Live and Grow!
  4. You know it's bad when the devil doesn't think things are friendly enough! (get it? because he's a devil? anybody? anybody? ...oh, go soak your head.)
  5. Hear hear! The spirit of the thing is that we all love the premise of this game and want to support it in whatever small we can. Given the spontaneous generosity inherent in such an idea it only seems reasonable to assume that everyone here is of the honorable sort. Otherwise, what's the point? Whatever your eventual status with respect to the Order, you're all jolly good fellows in my book. Be welcome, friends!
  6. As a matter of narrative integrity I don't see how you could design a mega city as though it were an upgradable Stronghold and maintain any sense of plausiblity. Cities don't just spring into being; so unless your character is nigh unto immortal there isn't a reasonable timeframe in which this kind of design decision would make sense. Unless the city was a refugee camp or something, but that would be something else entirely. As I see it, one of the benefits of having a city in the first place is the excitement of discovering a place to which you are a stranger. There needs to be a sense of stepping into something that had existence antecedent to your arrival, and which will endure after you leave. Strongholds are a somewhat opposite proposition- they are extensions of yourself. Microcosms of your own growth as it were. You don't just inhabit a stronghold - you define it. Cities are NOT defined by you. You should feel like you're just one drop is a sea of stories. That said, I fully support the implication in your idea that this game should be unrighteously massive. The more (excellent) content it contains, the better. I want PE to be the cRPG to end all cRPGS. Or, rather, the cRPG to convince all the naysayers our there that this is still one of the best damn genres gaming has ever seen, for which reason they need to make more.
  7. What about sisters? I'm sure Henry originally said 'Brothers and Sisters.' The bards probably just didn't hear him very well through all that armor. You know those bards, they'll do anything for a catchy phrase.
  8. Isn't it amazing how people will spontaneously give of their time and talents to help out a cause in which they believe? Thanks to all of those who set this thing up. I realize it's but a tiny spec in the geologic/metaphysical sense of things - but I've been playing games long enough to know they can be a window into powerful experiences, and I'm proud to be part of a group commited to making more such experiences possible. I look foward to lurking around the forums over the next couple of years and geeking out with ya'll. P.S. You all sure are a lively bunch, considering none of you really exist. <<<<Solipsist
  9. What a great way to increase community support. I have heard the call and responded by upping my pledge. If I may, I would like to be known as: 'Solipsist of the Obsidian Order'
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