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  1. Good / evil is great and everything, but what I want to see are more lawful / chaotic choices. Neverwinter Nights 2 had a great example of this. Early on you could choose to either be part of the thieves guild or the militia. I never played through the thieves guild part, but in the militia path you had good and evil choices still. I thought that was great because if I rolled a lawful evil character I wouldn't have to go through the thieve's guild because it was the 'evil' path. That is what I want to see more of. I don't like having a 'good' and 'evil' path so much as I like multiple paths that each have their own 'good' and 'evil' choices within them.
  2. I think there should be a way to fail casting the spell, like heavy armor spell failure and such. I also think you should be able to miss, but it should be dependent on the individual spells. If you've got a spell that shoots out an energy bolt like a gun or an arrow, then it should be dodged like a gun or an arrow (but potentially pierce armor or something, it depends on the spell). Some spells, though, would be much more difficult to avoid. If you turn a football field patch of ground into lava, it is going to be very difficult for that to miss. My point is, whether you use reflex saves, fortitude saves, will saves, dodge bonus, armor class, or whatever to dodge a spell it should be different for each spell. You could also have some sort of anti magic field or armor that works against all spells if you wanted, but against a normal, non magical person or creature it should be spell dependent.
  3. Food is fine as an item. It could heal or give buffs or whatever. Hunger as a mechanic isn't that much fun, to me anyway. I would be all for having a survival mode though, for people that would want that. It can be a fun thing to do for a while, just not fun to be FORCED to do.
  4. DEFINITELY one of a kind stuff. But I would like to add that I preferred the way Baldur's Gate did it to the way Icewind Dale did. In Icewind Dale, if I remember correctly, you would have a bunch of static, one of a kind items that all had a chance to drop from a particular chest or location. This was a little aggravating for me because I would just look up the loot tables and save and reload until I got what I needed the most (unless I'm thinking of something else, its been a while). I liked it in Baldur's Gate better, where every item had a specific place it could be found without any randomization.
  5. I'm all for more race choices as long as they have an interesting back story. Even better if those race choices had an impact in the way different people reacted to you.
  6. I think the timed responses are awesome, I really enjoyed them in Alpha Protocol. That said, I don't think this game is going to have them. They limit the number of responses you can give and I don't think that would be good at all for something like this.
  7. I would really prefer there were no scaling at all. This also depends on the type of experience system that is in play. If there is no combat experience then this becomes something of a non issue because you will always be a certain level at a certain point, with some variation depending on how many side quests you completed. If that were the case then there would be no need for scaling anyway.
  8. Quality for sure. The main quest should be well written, of course, but as for side quests I would prefer there to be fewer, well crafted side quests. I want as many to do as I can, but I wouldn't want the quality to suffer just to throw some in. A few little side quests here and there aren't bad; maybe you get to a town and there is a kid that wants you to save their pet or something, but if EVERY NPC has some inane quest for you then it is just going to feel tedious. I also like the idea of at least one side quest that spans the entire game. Those are usually really fun.
  9. I think, given the type of game this is and the type of nostalgia it is trying to convey, static portraits would be best.
  10. I don't really care. I've seen games done both ways and both ways are fun. As for combat experience, if it is in, it depends on how the game is structured. If you have just your group, like in Baldur's Gate, then I think the combat experience should be split so a smaller group levels faster. If it is more like Neverwinter Nights, where you have different party members that you can freely pick and choose from, then it should be spread. Non combat experience should be spread no matter what, though.
  11. I am fine with a level cap. What I DON'T want is an experience cap like Baldur's Gate. In that game, the system had a level cap that we were artificially cut off from it. I don't think that would happen in this situation because this is a brand new IP. I don't even mind a leveling curve like the old .hack games had, where there was a level cap but each game had the soft cap get progressively higher and higher. I just don't like seeing 'level 30 out of 100' and not being able to do anything because I'm 'capped'
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