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  1. My takeaway is that your core audience wants more story, more worlds, and a continued focus on quality RPGs, not superficial games or content. Obsidian stands for deep story-driven RPGs. That us what we come to you for, and why we love you. You guys are some of the best world builders and story tellers in the business, so don't lose focus of that.
  2. Thanks for the updates. Love everything you said here. Core classes with lots of customization. Looting without extreme inventory management issues. Scalable resolutions for larger displays. I love all the thought you guys are putting into it. Obviously you guys have tons of experience and insight into what works well, what doesn't, and what you want to try differently. Keep up the good work.
  3. Yes, I am all for no quest markers If and Only If, there is a good journal system. If the system can break down Main Quest and Side Quests, and further have an entry for each side quest which highlights the important information relevant to that side quest in a journal format, then that would be great. I don't think I have ever seen a system designed quite like that. Example: Main Quest --- Side Quests --- ---Find Lost Relic ------NPC1 mentioned that a Lost Relic could be used to forge superior weapons/armor ------NPC2 said relic was last seen in Forbidden Forest ------Relic may be
  4. I'm definitely in favor of Quest for XP. I liked the Witcher style where you did get some XP for killing monsters, but it was minuscule compared to the amount you got for questing. I like the XP for sub-quest objectives though. If the quest is to rescue a kidnapped victim, you should get the same amount of XP for sneaking in and picking the lock/pickpocketing the key, persuading the kidnappers to release the victim, or killing the kidnappers. Deus Ex: HR really turned me off because the game rewarded you for completing a level without killing anyone, and more rewards for going through undetect
  5. Hmmm... reading through all these comments, I was thinking that maybe the dungeon could be a quest to uncover some long lost ancient civilization. At the very bottom would be some new race, which would of course include an NPC ally option, and a small underground city with unique items/treasures. But to get there, you have to fight through "endless" levels of baddies and puzzles.
  6. I think if the mega 14 level dungeon was part of a side-quest, then that would be OK. 14 levels would be rather long, but if there are way points/warps/teleport stones to get in and out quickly then it would be OK. If you get tired of dungeon crawling for a bit, you could warp out, and then come back where you left off later. There has to be something to draw you there, and something to keep you going. If they are going with the Quest for XP instead of Kill for XP (which I prefer), then you would really need a reason to keep going besides loot and gore. But assuming that each level would t
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