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  1. Beyond the general quality improvements, it seems that a main focus of this patch was to make the game a little more challenging overall. Which is good! Thanks for all of your hard work!!
  2. Post them here, but start your post saying that it's not a request for watercolor. Others can ask for those later. Alrighty, dumping some of the more thematically fitting portraits (in my opinion, anyway) that I've got. Again, these aren't ones I necessarily need watercolored, just sharing what I have found just in case someone else needs any of them for their characters. Turns out Pinterest is a surprisingly useful source of a wide variety of high quality fantasy art. Kinda wish I knew this back when I was digging through the internet for PoE1 portraits, heh.
  3. Perfect for this game. Thanks, I thought so too! In fact, I've got a decent handful of other portraits compiled that fit the swashbuckling tone of PoE2 and will gladly share those as well if people would like them. Just didn't want to request too many watercolors right off the bat.
  4. Would like to humbly request a watercolor edit of this portrait set:
  5. The newest batch of character portraits are fantastic as always, and the voice acting sounds great so far. Can't wait to hear more. And I gotta say, reading that the game is so huge that the majority of the devs playing through it haven't even come close to finishing it, let alone get to the first major city, fills me with excitement; so much content! So much to explore, discover, and experience!
  6. Pledge management is a four step process that will display "Your order is complete and will be shipped later this year. Stay tuned for a future backer update with more details." when you have completed the final step. If done correctly you will also see the amount you pledged and below that you should see "Total credit available: $0.00" If you do not see these results you may not have completed the pledge management process. If you feel you have finished the pledge management process then please send a PM to Fionavar and they will get you straightened out. Thanks for the reply; it
  7. My badges are listed in my profile but don't show up on the side. My status is listed as "OK" on the pledge management page.
  8. Really enjoying the lore behind all of these. The tortured soul aspect makes Blights more than just elemental enemies and the Xaurips' cult/tribal-like devotion to their chosen dragons makes them more than just kobolds. And the Vithrack are nightmare fuel; hostile psionic spider people? Thanks, won't be sleeping much tonight! Jokes aside though, their low birth-rate in combination with their general hostility towards other races makes me wonder if it'll tie into a quest in some way. Finish them off or help them prosper? Either way, will be looking forward to encountering Vithrack (and
  9. I myself have gone through BG2 multiple times over the years to the point that I've lost track of just how many playthroughs I've had, so I'm with ya' there; I don't mind waiting on the off chance that there is a delay, because I know it'll all be worth it in the end.
  10. Damn, prior to reading this update I was pretty set on having a Fighter over a Barbarian in my theorized party but now I'm torn. Still leaning towards a Fighter as my go-to front-line man/woman, but those Barbarian skills sure sound fantastic. I guess this is what multiple playthroughs are for (aside from seeing the story in different ways of course); different party setups! Great stuff as always, Pillars of Eternity is easily still my #1 most anticipated game right now. EDIT: 99% certain that there are no gender limitations for classes. Same deal with stats.
  11. Fantastic read, been waiting on an in-depth post about Rogues and Rangers for a while now. Great stuff!!
  12. For this game, I think a BG/ID style UI would be best. It would add to that classic Iso RPG feeling that this game is trying to bring back!
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