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  1. Quick Question Can soul bound weapons use modal abilities and if so do they need the weapon proficiency specific to their weapon type, or do they become available if the character has any proficiency similar to how they received the bonus from any weapon focus in poe1? Couldn't find anything with a quick search, actually couldn't find much on what did or didn't change about soul bound weapons between games.
  2. I suppose what my problem is, and i don"t think I'm getting across very well is this: in the first game I could create a character that strongly identified with, say a poleaxe, I could pick abilities and accessories that would complement two handed weapon style, or crush damage, or slash damage, and i would be assured that I would have a weapon that was, if not great, than at least acceptable, to bring to the final boss fight, that would work with the abilities and items that had, over the course of the game, become a part of my characters identity. Instead I feel that I'm being forced to either: play part way through the game and realize that my chosen weapon type is not supported into the endgame, or having to radically redesign my character's play style to accommodate the only endgame capable version of the weapon i chose(all unknowing and innocent) at the beginning of the game. I Guess its just being forced to use a single end weapon for any character that uses the same(non sword because there is at least lots of those) weapon type no mater how different the character or their fighting style is, after having so much more choice in the previous game, just, kinda... sucks.
  3. Fair points on the summoned weapons, (witch i admittedly I don't really like, I'd rather have a cool real virtual weapon instead of a cool virtual virtual weapon, i'm a materialist like that) and monk fists, (witch I always found kinda meh) but i thought that soulbound weapons with their progressive growth based on achievements rather than deliberate chosen upgrades(as in generic enchantments or generic enchantments added to unique items) had a nice niche.
  4. Please this. Generic enchantments were usually weaker(as they should be, even making the unique versions of lash 5% stronger would have been enough to distinguish them) they allowed players to make usable(not necessarily good, but the game isnt a competition) characters that could finish the game with a weapon type that had no, or few uniques.
  5. Rheios"And the biggest loss of the ability to self enchant basic items was that now, without as much of the unique variation (there's almost 2 of every one, depending, but certain characters may just not make the right decisions/find them), you're often stuck with a basic lash-less/target-less weapon if you try and dual wield say - battleaxes. (Whether for rp or jut cosmetic appearance of some weapons). I mean, that's a contrived example for a me, but the point remains that in the old system if one of the particular uniques/soulbounds didn't work for you, you could just make your own. You'd miss out on some cool unqiue stuff, so you almost never wanted to - until you *did* and then in Deadfire its sorely missed. But maybe that's just me." Apparently there is already a post on this subject going on. So crap, I was hoping I had missed something, this really sucks for for dual wielding characters or any character that wanted to try something weird.
  6. is this list complete, or atleast completeish. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/List_of_unique_weapons_(Deadfire) If so it seems that there is a fairly limited selection of enchantments, although a large selection of items. For example I only found one fire enchantment in the melee weapons, were as in the first game every weapon type had the ability to have each elemental enchantment and i think one other as well. Also, thanks for the quick reply
  7. So I just downloaded the game (life happened and I've been busy) and i decided to have a look around to see what was available for magic weapons so i could make sure my character would have some OK end game gear, or if something cool caught my eye and helped me come up with a new idea for a character. Anyway the list of unique weapons (witch are the only magic weapons now?) seemed a little limited in both verity and effect. So i was wondering, now that they seem to have removed the ability to upgrade generic gear with things like burning lash ect, if there was any kind of generic magic weapons that turn up in the game, like at level 5 or whatever i have a X% chance of finding a Fine Burning sword in a chest or something (and hopeful upgrade it at least a bit?). If you cant tell the the fact that you could end the first game without being forced to use an item that was out of character for your character, and still be reasonably strong(or at least strong enough), was something I found really cool in the first game. The way you could become a weapon and have it keep up, more or less, with your character really made their sword seem like THEIR sword, like Thor's Mjölnir, King Arthur's Excalibur, Inuyasha's Tessaiga or frankly any hero's weapon that became a much a part of their story as the hero themselves.
  8. I'd like if you when you found the weapon it was broken and there is a quest to have it reforged like blade of endless paths or that spear from the dozens quest. As part of repairing the weapon you could chose what type of weapon you reforge it into
  9. Kinda like the old ford add, you can have it in any coulur you want as long as it's black
  10. I figured the reason would be that we were asleep or at dinner when eothas wakes up and all your stuff gets buried in the ruins well you run like hell
  11. for me it was Abydon's hammer, could you imagine how unbalanced that would be at level 1
  12. I cant seem to find the post, but one of the dev posts seemed to imply that you would lose all of your stuff from the first game but that the were considering carrying over a limited number of items or weapons. I became rather attached to some of my weapons in the first game, probably because it was possible to use a single weapon or weapon set for most of the game, do to the enchantment system. Now obviously many of these weapons would be unbalanced for the start of the game, being as we are starting back at level 1, rebalancing the soulbound weapons could be as easy as draining their levels and making releveling them difficult enough to prevent them from braking the game. The problem with this is it may take at least as much dev time for each soulbound item being carried over from the last game as it to make a new soulbound item. An easier way to include items from the first game would be allow the player to hire some one to excavate the ruins of Cad nue and ship the things they find to the deadfire. this could provide a useful money sink in the mid to late game.
  13. now that we know that the new stronghold will be a ship, and that we can customize the flag said ship flies, perhaps a good reward for backing the black bastards is to be able to use their flag on your own ship in game if there is no copyright concern the flag could be like the old black isle logo
  14. i have the sword, the dialog removes the sword from inventory, door doesn't open tried to attach save file to post but it said im not allowed also cant interact with the statue after i retrieve the sword from it
  15. its pretty handy if you happen to have one char that reliably gets low health before your tank or before your wizard runs out of spells, i found it useful with rouges and ciphers.
  16. is there a bug that places extra enemies if your on easy because i could swear that the room just before the anamancers lab in redrics hold only had four undead in it on a previous playthrough on normal but now that im on easy it has six
  17. i figured that the wheel of reincarnation was drawn from Buddhism
  18. it would be tough with out good gear but there is lots of items in the game that add deflection, resolve, or perception bonus. there are also a few items that add health, it wouldn't be a build to try on hard but i could be fun to rp on normal or easy. another thing to remember is that food can add some really op buffs, that stack with spells, gear, and rest bonus.
  19. how dose bronze rust anyway? rusty non ferris metal... sounds suspicious
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