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  1. I think I'll go with no new stretch goals. Not that I don't want them. More wilderness to explore would be nice. It's just that they have too many consequences (as stated throughout this thread). This vote doesn't really matter. If you decide to add them it will be up to the backers to vote with their wallets. Anyway, how much more money are you expecting to get? Also, how much will be enough for the added content?
  2. I actually don't really like fantasy settings but, as you suggested, most RPGs have a fantasy setting. I tolerated the fantasy and I like SF more. I think the reason for this is that I'm a bit tired of orcs, goblins, elves, wizards, etc. You may find these archetypes in a SF setting too, but in SF there's a bit more freedom. You can add other characteristics and so on. So in a sense I'm not really fond of the fantasy setting presented by Tolkien, but that's the basis for many other ones. Even the South Park one. THAT I can't wait to play!
  3. I say Go Digital! But Go Digital in style . And by style I mean the 200+ pages manuals. I know that half of the BG one had to explain 2nd Ed. AD&D but for someone who hadn't the inkling of idea what a THAC0 was it was pretty helpful. This game will probably not have to go into such detail. I do like big manuals but I think I would rather pay to print mine than to have money allocated to printing something only some gamers will read. I'm probably biased on this because I backed for digital rewards only.
  4. We still need uplay but not always online, after activating the game we can play offline forever and ever. Played Assassins Creed 3 and Farcry 3 without problems this way. I only allowed Uplay to go online to see if there is a patch. I can advice to not buy it via steam to avoid runing 2 programs simultanously (even they are offline) Seeing as, if Uplay is used, there won't be any other way: This is a great solution. Thanks!
  5. I have some mixed feelings about this now. I want to buy it but I don't want Uplay. What to do ... what to do?
  6. Funny thing how the Hermit wants to meet everybody. Are you really a hermit? Anyway, I'm Alex. Nice to meet you. Thanks OEI and backers.
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