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  1. What about roll20.net? awesome page for gaming over the net!
  2. Icewind dale for now, going for the epic planescape afterwards!
  3. I have backed the project with an additional $8! Open the gates to your guild house! I formally apply to your noble Order. http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/46594181
  4. i upped from $20 to $110 today, wondering about going up to $168 to get the $140 tier and joining the Order! **EDIT** done!
  5. I must say that this was one of the reasons I love nwn hordes of the underdark! SPOILER! Being able to win the game without even fighting Mephy, and making him your slave forever is much more memorable than killing him. In my humble opinion :D
  6. While I like the flexibility this system provides, creating a Deep Gnome Monk(5)/Rogue(1)/Dreadmaster of Bane(12)/Conjurer(12) in IWD2 makes me question it nevertheless. What is wrong with creating a Deep Gnome Monk(5)/Rogue(1)/Dreadmaster of Bane(12)/Conjurer(12)? Making those kind of crazy characters is part of whats fun with a system that gives you so much flexibility and freedom! I would even like to see templates you could get in addition to your race. For example the standard "undead" template, in case you find a way to become undead. Freedom in RPGs is something I am a big su
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