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  1. Well. for your typical cannon fodder you have some ruffians on the road, "Incompetent Soldiers of Evil Empire"® and so on. Just think of it: it is undead!!! You can not use tools designed to take life from target (e. g. weapons) against something which does not have life anymore (or never had it). It is only natural that undead should be nearly indestructible and this fact will not turn the game in some sort of stealth-game. To put it simple: if one want to deal with undead (s)he should prepare accordingly. Sword should not be an universal answer to anything (aka "if you meet Cthulhu -- kill Cthulhu").
  2. The most disgusting zombies I ever saw in a video game were gutted rabbits from "Phantasy Star II". It just needs to be looked at! The way they sit and move, their methods of attack (and the fact that they are rabbits' corpses, not humans') -- all make them truly frightening. And in power department: I heard undead/constructs in "Dwarf Fortress" are quite innovative (read: almost indestructible). How you think you can defeat "skeleton"? I mean, there is no physical matter holding its bones together. Even if it's limb is torn apart nothing prevents it from re-attaching even on it's own. The only way to deal with such thing is to completely disintegrate it's "body" (and even after that force animating it can reconstruct the "body"). So special means (not necessarily weapons) are mandatory.
  3. When I was under Widows I didn't see any reason to rescue program files. Many Windows applications (those from the Microsoft itself in the first place) just won't work without their registry entries even if all their files were saved on a separate HDD. So, IMO, there is no point to make separate partition or hardware disk for program files. Just let them die alongside OS in case of complete collapse and reinstall them later. And when placed on fast SSD they will load faster (maybe, I don't have one).
  4. When I was under Windows (some six years ago) I witnessed saves to be stored in: 1) ./SAVEGAME/ directory 2) C:/[game name] (yes, right in the root directory) 3) C:/Documents and Settings/[name]/[game name]/ directory 4) C:/Documents and Settings/[name]/Local Settings/[game name]/ directory 5) C:/Documents and Settings/[name]/Games/ directory (this is getting ridiculous) 6) C:/Documents and Settings/[name]/My Games/ directory 7) C:/Documents and Settings/[name]/Мои игры/ directory (yes, in russian. This thing does not know localization support.) etc And that was under XP. I believe Windows 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and so on introduced new places. Either guides on this matter do not exist or no one bothers reading them. Every programmer just designs things individually. There was no such place as "My documents" folder before. When XP (or was it 2000?) came out and all that "Documents and Settings" stuff was introduced I myself and all my friends just stored valuable data separately (on D: drive) so when (not "if") the need to reinstall Windows arises we could just sacrifice drive C: (reformat it) and move on. In other words there is no such thing as "windows conventions". Windows uses must accept their fate of living in this everchanging environment. But in UNIX nowadays every per-user config should be placed in ~/.config/ and ~/.local/ directories.
  5. until the game is out i don't really see the hurry though What?! But I want my backer badge, like, NOW!!! *looks at his posts counter* Well... maybe I can wait a little... :-P
  6. Couldn't get through either. I wonder: is it because of "NoScript" (I made sure every script was allowed) or the fact that I used cyrillic letters in my given/family name, or because I didn't provide telephone number (why should I)? Did anyone else try to register with symbols other than "main latin"? Any success without telephone numbers?
  7. Patience, my friend, patience! On the "order" page of the site a message "A to-be-announced platform for DRM-free distribution coming soon for Linux. Stay tuned!" is placed. I think it will not hurt to wait for a month or so before starting a riot provided Obsidian will change thier advertisement and will stop advertising GOG exclusively.
  8. I say NO to Steam. No matter how "unintrusive" it is, it still is 3rd-party software. And it can not be "unintrusive" enough for me: I'm using modem connection (GPRS) as my primary and only way to access internet. Those who knows what GPRS is can say that it is extremely slow and unreliable connection, prone to a lot of "disconnections". I tried to install Steam once and could not even download its own client -- restarted downloading the whole thing from the start every time the connection was severed! There is no way someone can use Steam with such connection (imagine multigigabyte automatic updates with the speed of 7 kbytes/sec! Good luck with that!). Needless to say, this is not an issue with standalone downloads. So, steam-only? No way!
  9. I see several options: Humble Store and Desura are both good and not contradict each other (albeit I have very little experience with Desura). And there is always one final way of self-distributing (not that it will be needed). As for GOG... well,, I commend their stubborness (or shall I say "firmness"?) regarding Linux support even for games which have native Linux support from developers. But I clearly see GOG can not be reasoned with because where is "ideology" there is no place for reason. As for formats: I find simple elegance in "*.tar.xz" archives. Every installer is a program and, as such, it adds probability of not running due to missing dependencies, wrong libraries versions etc... It is not uncommon when installer fails to run but the game itself is just fine. But for newbies archives can be a little harsh. So there is always Nixstaller, Mojo setup and others. As it was stated earlier, Humble Store supports multiple download options for different versions of OS-es (i686, x86_64).
  10. Regarding some simple mistakes found in the video: it is clear that the interface is awful. It is encumbered with needless decorations yet lacks any tips and clues for newbies. That part where you can not lower stats beyond basic level isn't explained and (as someone can remember) it was not the case in Fallout 1 and 2 (in fact there it was quite needed for character creation). Yes Chris made a lot of mistakes. But I still remember myself! I was acting the same way. It was long time before I finally managed to get accustomed to the interface. And yes, I also was running in circles and wanted to pick up every piece of junk and slay every mob because I had no clue that it will be useless for me (while playing a mage or fifgter you can basically forget about herbs and pieces of machinery and you can easily get to the 50 level in second city by visiting local sewers). Regarding combat: in Fallout combat automatically ends when there are no enemies around. That is not the case in this game. It seems Chris has no clue about stamina and how it works either. Too often he manages to faint in the middle of the fight. Anyone remembers where it was explained? In the manual, maybe? I don't see any clues in the game. Regarding the map: I almost forgot how it looks like. It is really hard to use. And no you technically can get from one location to the other without using of the map. I tried once. I became bored... I gave up inly to find out that I managed to walk 5 or so millimeters on the global map. And no, I'm against any fan-made patches. They will break all glory of this game. I personally want Chris to suffer^W enjoy original game. Regarding coding: as i said earlier it is not wise to encode to mp3. Ever . YouTube uses VP8 for video and Vorbis for audio. There is also MPEG4 part 10 format with H.264 for video and AAC for audio, but that only for fallback to Flash Payer version and it will be created if needed automatically by the YouTube itself. Mp3 is a bad choise. And native 800x600 should be enough, no need for higher sizes.
  11. I remember playing this game a long time ago. And I must say: it is completly unbalanced. I myself and two my friends chose different ways: I was playing tecno/magic neutral (and thus melee) human character, one of my friends created gun-wielding dwarf and the other preferred elf (of half-elf, I don't remember) mage. In the end I got to level 50 (maximum) and was unable to do real damage because there is no (apparently) good melee weapon (wind-sword is sold in the second city and it was the best I saw), dwarf ended up scavenging for bullets and permanently low on cash and elf was completely disintegrating ALL enemies in one strike without any resistance at all (the game says disintegration can be avoided but we hadn't found such creatures). So the path to the future is open, but be prepared you who deny the Eternal Glory of Elf-Mages! Your path will not be kind to you.
  12. Elf-hater detected! Seriously, my suggestion is to use native game resolution of 800x600 (instead of current 400x300) and to code directly to VP8 and Vorbis to avoid transcoding losses in time and quality. There is no good in 720p though - stretching of lesser original video will beef up volume and add blur to image. Good job so far!
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