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  1. Hello blinkicide, Check the Beta tab in properties again and see if you're still opted in the Beta. If so, close out Steam completely and log back in. Thanks. Still not available for me, and I followed your suggestion.
  2. Before the game, during the game, after the game? If during the game, is it early game, middle game, or endgame? Thanks.
  3. I know how to join a beta branch of a game on Steam. I have restarted Steam about 10 times now. I have verified my cache, and found no files needed to be redownloaded. After all of this, I restarted Steam again, just to be sure. I still have no option under Properties>Betas, to join. Just "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" in the drop down selection. Current content BuildID: 794312
  4. Sorry for the double post, but I can't seem to see an "Edit Post" option. Another thing I thought of was that Chris Avellone within the past year said in a KOTOR interview that one of the big reasons that K3 never happened was because the engine that K1&2 were made on, would have to be remade to make K3 since it would have been made on new consoles. Due to the new generation of consoles that were being made. That is a huge issue with consoles, having to make and remake content over and over again. That is even ignoring the fact that even the PS4/XB1 hardware is already considered outdated as far as specs go. Even the AAA games are not being pushed out at 1080p with 60fps on the next-gen console hardware. (Not that it is being used to make PoE but) Unreal 4 Engine had some tech demos shown, and parts of the demos were not even able to be simulated on the PS4 hardware, and a lot of the parts that were able to be made were not reproduced to the same quality. Admittedly, it was missing somewhat minor things, but in other cases it was missing some important things. The PS4 wasn't producing fog nearly to the same caliper as the PC hardware, and for some games like Silent Hill, the fog is integral to creating the atmosphere of the entire series This ignores things like Microsoft's business practice with the Xbox 360 and charging $10,000 to do an update(not release an expansion, just a regular bugfix update). So consoles are held back "on their own terms" even.
  5. Some people on this site have a weird obsession with GoG. I'm all for DRM free, and I can understand why they like it, but these people fail to notice that many of the games on GoG are also DRM free on Steam as well. I just ran both Half Life and Divinity: Original Sin without steam running at all. It's not like I use Gog all that much anyhow even though I have a few games there; they doesn't support my main operating system at the moment. I use Steam more or less exclusively, but I'll point out that even games that don't require Stream to be loaded to play still require Stream to be running to install. With GOG you can take the downloaded file, burn it to a DVD(s), then reinstall it in the future even if GOG goes away altogether, which you can't do with a Stream title (Zipping up the application directory is very unlikely to work, as necessary changes to the registry and other dependencies wouldn't be included). Not a big deal for me, but I can see why some people would be attracted to GOG on this basis. You can backup your Steam games. And Steam has said that if they go away(which is laughably unlikely with the money they make from selling other people's games), they will have measures in place for us to still be able to play our games. Let's not spread misinformation now.
  6. Fallout 1 -> Fallout 2 - > Fallout: Tactics All 3 are very much cRPGs. And while Tactics breaks the lore, and isn't amazing like 1&2, it is still very much a cRPG. Notice how they all play like other cRPGs, with multiple buttons on the keyboard to do things. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Fallout 3 -> Fallout: New Vegas There is a HUGE difference between the first set of three, and the last 3. Even ignoring the odd one out(Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel), and just focusing on the main series. And for the record Fallout: New Vegas is my favorite one in the series, and I own them all. New Vegas had to have huge amounts of NPCs cut, and have Vegas sectioned off more(there are literally mods on the Nexus that restore the game to how it was originally planned). Why did this happen? Consoles couldn't handle having that many NPCs on the screen, or that much of Vegas loaded all at once. Then there are things like how New Vegas was praised for finding a good solution to party management(with the Companion Wheel) while using the controller. Or how all text/menus are designed around console controllers, and how they are tedious to use with a keyboard and mouse(also there are literally mods on the Nexus that fix this also). Just stop and count the number of buttons on the controller, and count the number of buttons on the keyboard. Notice how the range of motion is limited with joysticks(something Valve is so desperately trying to solve with their controller), compared to a mouse. It's not just RPGs that suffer from consoles. There was the Shadowrun FPS game in 2007 that had crossplay between consoles and PC, the PC players had to be nerfed to allow for a fair playing field. Even Gears of War 1 was going to have crossplay between the PC and console, but the same thing happened there. Only worse, Microsoft took really good console players and put them in the game against average PC players, and the PC players still dominated.
  7. The idea of the bottomless omnipresent stash is fine by me, if it is included or not. It being there, makes it easy to find what items I am wanting to use. Allowing me to quickly change something up, for an unexpected event. If it is not there, then that means I will end up keeping all the items I will use either on me, or in one location. Which means that I am just adding extra time walking my character around the map getting the items I need, rather than doing *anything* else. Inventory management shouldn't be the challenge you have to overcome, the rest of the game is supposed to be that. I would prefer if it was in the game, with an in-game explanation though. Doesn't need to be complex. A line or two of dialog would be enough. Like what they did with the Courier Transport System in Fallout: New Vegas. Put item in blue box here, comes out the other end there. Explained by another Courier running it to the location for you. Doesn't seem too tough to be able to think of something similar but with magic. If it doesn't have an in-game reason, then I hope it is not a physical box you can interact with. But just another window you open, like your character stats screen. No one is expecting an in-game explanation for saving/loading/modding, because they are not physical things in the universe that anyone can interact with. They are just features of the game that are there to make our lives simple/better. Even if they put it in, without an in-game reason, the simple solution to the people who dislike it is, just don't use it. Use one of the other storage options that are going to be everywhere.
  8. Planescape: Torment Fallout 2 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Fallout 1 In that order. The rest of the games are great, don't get me wrong, but these are the ones that I keep coming back to.
  9. They talked in interviews about having things they would like to have in the game ranked as Level A, B, or C. Level A stuff is a top priority to have in the game, Level B is important but less so than A. Level C is stuff that they do, if the time allows for it. Level C is the extra animations, sound effects, etc. We won't notice specifically that this was added or if it is missing, but the end result will be a better game. It's stuff that was talked about in pre-production, but is the first stuff cut for time/budget(aka the last stuff that gets worked on). The higher that last goal makes, the more of the Level B and C ends up in the game.
  10. Obsidian doesn't have to say anything. Valve's official stats say they are chasing a niche market. http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey Scroll down to "March 2014", Click "OS Version" Windows = 95.04% OSX = 3.62% Linux = 1.21%
  11. So sorry, CoryStarkiller, that's my bad. I'll put in on the list to have it revised tomorrow. No problem. Thanks.
  12. Thanks! But mine is missing the word Order at the end. What needs to be done to get the Kickstarter badge to appear?
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