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  1. If they add a chainmail bikini I hope they do something comical with it like the quest in the Borderlands 2 DLC. Or make some reference to the art for Alias on the cover of Curse of the Azure Bonds for those who remember that story.
  2. I don't see any harm in having stretch goals, if backers are going to buy extras or new backers take an interest after seeing the trailer then it doesn't hurt to have goals for further development. If we hit them then it's awesome and we get shiny new toys, if not then we get what we originally expected (which after the trailer I'm really pumped about). On a side note I haven't browsed the forums in a while but how many companions and how large a wilderness is already planned for Pillars of Eternity?
  3. This update is full of awesome sauce, I'm just a little disappointed that I read it on Kotaku first because I never got an e-mail about it.
  4. Excellent thread with some really good points. I really like suggestion 2 of having a point man who if we have to walk up and talk if need be while others remain positioned back. Off topic: A Lannister always pays his debts. For everyone else, there's Mastercard. Had me burst out laughing while reading this thread.
  5. Something I've always wondered in RPGs is 'why do we always just leave the corpses to rot where they are?'. It seems awfully unsanitary of us to leave corpses all over the place and sometimes maybe our opponent was some annoying bandit but someone with honour who we happened to best. I'm assuming this game, nor any other RPG for the foreseeable future, won't allow us to bury or cremate corpses?
  6. Signed. My wife plays on a TV from bed most of the time and she has issues with any game without UI scaling. The other thing worth mentioning is making sure all text scales too, some games allow chat text to increase in size but when a quest window pops up it retains it's default (and thus unreadable) size.
  7. I don't think any encounter should be "Unwinnable" but I'm not against being incredibly difficult and has a different result depending on how you do win or lose rather than a game over. One of my old favourite classic D&D games was Curse of the Azure Bonds on the Atari ST. You had a Dracolich talk to you and as you to come with him, if you chose to fight him instead it was crazy hard but for winning you got a ton of xp and some loot and you ended up getting to where he was taking you to, but through exploration. If your party fell instead of game over he just carried you to his master.
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