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  1. The documentary was wonderfully put together. The part that struck me was just how lean and undermanned they were through its development. People wore many hats, and the place was almost vacant... And yet they created such a marvelous game with wide acclaim. The game got some of their highest scores ever, and both the studio and customers both seem thrilled with the result. It just feels like how games should be made. I bet it was terribly stressful at times with workload but it seems to have worked out. They keep their team together, the revenue and francise is under their guardianship, and the feeling is the sky is the limit. The best part is, they left it clearly open to expanisons or sequels. Will they even have to do another kickstarter or can they do direct preorder sales from their site? I know I will be there wherever it is!
  2. Felt so good to pledge to this kickstarter. You knew their heart was in the right place and it saved the studio.
  3. It feels really strange to be wondering about keys. It has not sunk in for me that i will be playing this in three days!
  4. Uh, wow. Great looking screenshot! Keep on trucking guys, right on track from this backers perspective. Looks awesome.
  5. A bit weird that we have to reconfirm through the portal how our pledges are managed and distrubted after the kickstarter. But for me it was the simple $20 dollar just the game teir. But I can see some backers missing this step entirely.
  6. Holy cow, does that screenshot exceed my expectations! Well done, I maybe upgrading my purchase because the quality of this project is amazing.
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